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There are many expenses that come with running EQTC and EQ2TC, and as the years go by, the costs have gone up, and the income generated has gone way down. I don't begrudge the money spent on it, truly I don't. However, things can/will/do get tight at times since Mum's health won't allow for a "real" job.

There are now THREE* methods for donating to the sites - a straight donation via Paypal, donations and/or "subscription" through Liberapay that allows for more currencies and a more secure Stripe payment processing and the purchase of merchandise from our Zazzle site. (*Technically three. The fourth is to make sure any ad blocker software you use has www.eqtraders.com and subdomains whitelisted, so we can receive the tiny dribble of advertising revenue. We don't allow popups, so these will all be normal google ads, not things opening up windows all over on you.)


Paypal - donations go directly to the DemMother to help cover the hosting costs for the boards and the sites, software/hardware expenses, etc. If there's ever any left over (there usually isn't),it will go to cover things for Niami like painkillers, chocolate, massage therapy, ... and hair color to hide the grey hairs that the sites have caused ... consider it her 'pay' for the amount of work put into the sites over the years. ;)

As a thank you for at least checking out this page, even if you do not donate, here is a link to some lovely EQTC wallpaper for you to save to your computer for use as desktop wallpaper. This image was made and donated by J. Waller of WTF Comics.


This "subscription" service should allow you to do one-time donations as well as recurring donations. It can accept Stripe payments in multiple currencies, for those who do not want to deal with PayPal. If you run into any issues with it, let me know, as it is still pretty brand new to me. (Set up May 1, 2020.)


So far, I have three images that I can offer on various Zazzle products. A couple more will be incoming shortly, due to the phenomenal talents of a friend. If you would like different wording to go with an image, let me know on the site forums and I'll see about custom-generating it for you.

The link for folks in the U.S. to use to shop our site is http://www.zazzle.com/eqtraders*

However, we have an international community - which is part of the reason I set things up on Zazzle, so they wouldn't feel left out!:

If you are shopping from outside the United States, please use the appropriate international link:

Etc. If your country isn't listed above, use any of the above links, then find the "International" tab at the top of the page to see if there's one for your country. Then add /eqtraders* to the end of the proper international link to browse our site.

Domino (former EQ2 Tradeskill Dev), modeling the Hand Over the Chocolate apron at the 2010 SOE Fan Faire)

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