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Learn How to Perform Practice Spell Research

Creation of the Practice Runes is done in the Concordance of Research (a book/container obtained through a quest) and requires no skill whatsoever. Research Skill increases are only obtained by combining pairs of runes (Azia and Beza) in your classes actual research tome (bought in most any spell casterís guildhall or obtained via a quest in Gulf of Gunthak).

Wizards: Lexicon or Sorcerer's Lexicon
Enchanters: Tome Of Endless Enchantments or Phantasmal Tome
Necromancers: Book Of Dark Bindings or Warlock's Book Of Binding
Magicians: Elemental Grimoire or Arch Magus Grimoire


  1. You can start skilling up in Spell Research beginning at level 16
  2. Spell Research is no longer a level-capped skill.
  3. The maximum level you can currently reach through Practice Research skill-ups is 184. After that, you will have to combine Advanced (50+ spells) Research recipes.

All Practice Runes require a Quill and a piece of Parchment, in addition to other specified components, which can be purchased at a vendor in most castersí quilds. The recipes and trivial levels are listed below:

Trivial 21

  • Practice Azia - Lapiz Lazuli, Bat Wing, Bone Chips
  • Practice Beza - Turquoise, Fire Beetle Eye, Any Rusty Slashing Weapon

Trivial 41

  • Aprentice Azia - Hematite, Bixie Wing, Froglok Eye
  • Apprentice Beza - Cats Eye Agate, Large Snake Rattle, Any Rusty Piercing or Bludgeoning Weapon

Trivial 62

  • Training Azia - Bloodstone, Wasp Wing, Zombie Skin
  • Training Beza - Onyx, Spiderling Silk, Raw Hide Armor - Any Size (Cap, Mask, Gorget, Tunic, Shoulderpads, or Cloak)

Trivial 95

  • Journeyman Azia - Jasper, Pixie Wing, Bat Fur
  • Journeyman Beza - Star Rose Quartz, Burned Out Lightstone, Raw Hide Armor - Any Size (Belt, Sleeves, Wristbands, Gloves, Leggings, or Boots)

Trivial 122

  • Study Azia - Amber, Giant Bat Wing, Giant Scarab Eye
  • Study Beza - Amber, Giant Snake Fang, Ring Mail - Any Size (Coif, Visor, Neckguard, Coat, Mantle, or Cape)

Trivial 142

  • Expert Azia - Jade, Faerie Wing, Fire Drake Scales
  • Expert Beza - Jade, Giant Snake Rattle, Ring Mail - Any Size (Skirt or Belt, Sleeves, Braclet, Gloves, Pants, or Boots)

Trivial 162

  • Master Azia - Pearl, Griffon Feather, Undead Froglok Tongue
  • Master Beza - Pearl, Giant Fire Beetle Eye, Any Fine Steel Slashing Weapon

Trivial 182

  • Magi Azia - Topaz, Shark Skin, Brownie Parts
  • Magi Beza - Topaz, Giant Toes (Hill, Fire or Frost), Any Fine Steel Piercing or Bludgeoning Weapon

Trivials for Wizard Research spells:
(as found in Graffe's Library Forum)

Level 16 Spells - Trivial at 26.
Level 20 Spells - Trivial at 46.
Level 24 Spells - Trivial at 71.
Level 29 Spells - Trivial at 96.
Level 34 Spells - Trivial at 120.
Level 39 Spells - Trivial at 140.
Level 44 Spells - Trivial at 166.
Level 49 Spells - Trivial at 184.

A listing of Trivials for Mage and Necro and Enchanter Research spells was not found in the respective forums, however the class forums and other resources do have useful spreadsheets/checklists to help you track your collection of research components.

Additional comments: as many may point out, practice runes are a lot of trouble. It may just be easier to combine ACTUAL research components for skill-ups. However, with the advent of Celestial Essence, research runes, pages and words may no longer be as easily obtainable as in the past.Itís up to the researcher to decide the best path for him/her self.

Good luck and may your skill-ups be plentiful and your failures few and far between.
Maevenniia Fateweaver
Trigger-Happy High Elf Wizardess (56)
Carpe Nocturnus, Rodcet Nife

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