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Coldain Prayer Shawl 1.0 #1 & 2: Burlap & Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawls

I lump these two shawls together because they both involve killing the exact same creatures and are therefore most easily done at the same time. They are both also quite simple, by far the easiest quests in the entire shawl series. They are also the only ones that do not require any tradeskills at all, which may be part of what lures in unsuspecting folks who think that the whole thing is a breeze just because the first two steps are easy peasy. These aren't just the appetizers to the main course quests to come...these are the glass of water that's already on the table when you get there. Enjoy it while it's easy!

First Shawl: Frost Giant Toes

Go to Loremaster Borannin, located in the Temple of Lore in Thurgadin. The temple is at -320, 720. To get there, when you enter Thurgadin and come in past the guarded walls and reach the city itself, turn left. Go past the bank, and when the path forks take the left branch down the slope. The impressive building with pillars all the way at the back is the Temple. Borannin is inside on the stage and off to one side.

You say, "I wish to perform duties for the crown."

Loremaster Borannin says "Those eager to prove their loyalty to the Dain may do so by completing tasks that I have been commissioned to assign. If you wish to begin your service, return to me with four toes of our enemy, the Kromrif."
[Give Loremaster Borannin: 4 Frost Giant Toes]

Loremaster Borannin says, "Ahh, well done! On behalf of the Dain I thank you for making a dent in the number of our sworn enemy. Please accept this as a token of our appreciation. It is trivial, I know, but if you are as loyal as you claim to be, it will increase in power over time. It just so happens I have a [task] to further demonstrate your loyalty, Verdandi."

[Receive: Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl]
Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

The toes drop off of any Frost Giants in Iceclad, East Wastes, Kael Drakkel, or Great Divide. My experience has been that they are less common in Kael than in the other places. So if you are trying this at a level where you get experience from the giants in other zones you might want to stay there and get some experience and faction in the process. Or, to bypass all of the actual work (and the faction hits if you're friendly with the big brutes), you could try buying them, since they are not No Drop. People sometimes save them to sell to folks doing this quest, so this may be the fastest route for you if you can afford it.

Second Shawl: Kromrif Heads

Return to our friend Borannin and...

You say, "what task?"

Loremaster Borannin says, "Every year the Dain replaces the trophies in his trophy room. There is a reward given for the best new trophy obtained. I intend to win this year and I will upgrade your prayer shawl for assisting me. Fill this box with ten Kromrif heads and bring me the combined contents along with the burlap shawl. I will submit the best one for the Dain's consideration."

[Receive: Preservationist's Box]

Go get ten heads and put them in the box. Hit the combine button to make it into a "Preserved Kromrif Heads" and give it to Borannin.

WARNING: The combined box of Preserved Kromrif Heads is NO RENT! If you combine the heads in the box and then camp (or go LD for more than half an hour) you will LOSE it. I recommend waiting to do the combine until you are standing right in front of Borannin, and *immediately* handing it to him.

[Give to Borannin: Preserved Kromrif Heads & Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl]

"Loremaster Borannin says, "Ahh, some fine specimens indeed, Verdandi. I will have the best of these mounted at once, wish me luck in the contest! Here is the Cloth Prayer Shawl of our people. Before I forget, the council has issued yet another [chore] for you to complete."

[Receive: Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl]

Your faction standing with Coldain got better
Your faction standing with DainFrostreaverIV got better
Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse
Your faction standing with Kromrif got worse
You gain experience!!

The heads generally drop off of the same giants that drop the toes, with the exception that they do not drop in Kael. These are not No Drop so you can buy them from people. As noted above, the combined box of heads is No Rent, so be extremely careful not to camp out with it on you! The Preservationist's Box that you collect the heads in will stay around until you do something with it, however. As both the box and the heads themselves are pretty heavy, you might want to consider having room for the box in the bank and storing it and your heads there until you have them all to turn in. Or, you could destroy the box when Borannin gives it to you and then prompt him with "what task?" to get another box when you are ready to turn them in.

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