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Catfish Croak Sandwich Quest

This iskar quest has been around since the launch of Kunark, but was not solved until June of 2003. It contains a smithing combine detailed below that is good for smithing skillups for young iksar, as well as a baking combine. Please note the lore status of the cutting disk, and don't try to make a second of these while you still have the first one on you.

This quest starts with Klok Foob in Lake of Ill Omen (ruins near West Cabilis, upstairs at loc 6130, -6454)

You say, 'Hail, Klok Foob'
Klok Foob says 'Buy, buy, buy. Go ahead, make a purchase. I am not here to talk. Go to Cabilis for talk. Come to Foob for armor. Now hurry and.. Ooh.. Foob is starvings. Foob wish he had his [munch break favorite].'

You say, 'what is your munch break favorite?'
Klok Foob rubs his tummy. 'Oh!! Catfish croak sandwich is my favorite, it is. Can only eats on my break. I haves one and one is what the Haggle Baron says to Foob. Only thing is Foob gets way tired from standing. Foob needs some broodling to [fetch the catfish croak sandwich] for him.'

You say, 'I will fetch the catfish croak sandwich.'
Klok Foob says 'What?!! You dus gets Foob his sandwich for his munch break!! You be a good tail. Gets me two sandwiches, one fer break and one fer work, then me pay you something for the troubles. But it be no trouble. Foob is sure you know [how to make sandwich].'

You say, 'how do I make the sandwich?'
Klok Foob chortles loudly in disbelief. 'How you not know? It da best food. You gots to get a sewer catfish which swims in da Cabilis, and find lizard who have thin sliced froglok. Then all you need is shrub lettuce and honey mush bread. All dis in da oven makes a good sandwich.'

Honey mush bread is sold by Klok Sargin, also in Lake of Ill Omen, in the same building as Klok Foob (second floor, loc 6019, -6334). The bread is a meal, so be careful to not accidentally eat it! (Also found on Klok Bygle in Swamp of No Hope)

Next, find Klok Ephmir in East Cabilis at Location 122, -117

You say, 'Hail, Klok Ephmir'
Klok Ephmir stares at you with a wicked smirk. 'So you share the Brood's love of frogloks, do you? Alive, they provide much trouble. Dead, they provide much delight. I have found many uses for the frogloks. From fine meat to fine mats. Be sure to ask if you do not see something you desire.'

You say, 'I need thinly sliced froglok'
Klok Ephmir says 'I can provide thin sliced froglok meat, or rather, I used to. First, I need to [sharpen the dull cutting disk].'

You say, 'I can sharpen the dull cutting disk'
Klok Ephmir says 'That would be good. If you are a blacksmith, I am sure you can find a sharpening stone and bring life back to my disk. If you sharpen this I shall gladly provide you with some thin sliced froglok.'

Dull Cutting Disk
WT: 0.5   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Nearby you will find a forge and Klok Toren who sells the Sharpening Stones for 3cp.

Combine in forge: Dull Cutting Disk + Sharpening Stone. On failure, the dull cutting disk is returned. Upon success you receive:
Sharp Cutting Disk
WT: 0.5   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Sharp Cutting Disk, Lore, NoDrop, wt 0.5, size small, all/all, nonstackable. Trivial for the combine is 26.

Give Klok Ephmir the sharp Cutting Disk

Klok Ephmir takes the disk and attaches it to an odd device powered by a foot pedal. He takes a froglok leg and begins to slice it as chunks of gristle flies into your face. When he is done he hands you some thin sliced froglok. 'There you are. Run along.'

Receive between 1 and 4:
Thin Sliced Froglok Meat
This is a Meal
WT: 1.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Shrub lettuce drops off man eating shrubs in Swamp of No Hope, especially around the first outcast iksar camp.

Once you have everything together, combine sewer catfish, shrub lettuce, honey mush bread and thin sliced froglok meat in an oven to make a catfish croak sandwich, no drop, meal, wt 0.1, small, all/all. Trivial is somewhere between 22 and 35. Once you have the first one made, then rinse and repeat to make a second one.

Hand Klok Foob two of the completed sandwiches.

Klok Foob says "Me thanks you very much!! Now me stop da tummy grumbles. You have this. And you takes dis. Foob make special, not sold yet, you test it. It is not toughest, but it take a little bashing just like you. It is called Foobscale!!"
Your faction standing with Cabilis Residents got better.
Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.

You will receive a foobscale helm (AC 7, STR 1, WIS 1, INT 1, wt 3.0, small, lore, magic, no drop; WAR, CLR, PAL, SHD, SHM; ALL).

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