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Dar Forager Lumun's Pelt Conversion

You can convert bear, cat, and wolf pelts from low to medium and medium to high quality by visiting Dar Forager Lumun in the city of Gukta, in Rathe Mountains. The quest does not actually require tradeskills, but is just a way to turn lower quality pelts to higher quality. You must give him three low quality pelts to get a medium quality pelt, or three medium quality pelts to get a high quality pelt. Skins and pelts from other animals do not work.

Dar Forager Lumun is under a small lean-to tent at -2078, 200. Non-guktans, even of good races, may need to improve your faction and/or use an illusion potion before he will talk to you. Amiable should work. There are some reports of people having success at indifferent faction so it may be that he will not deal with someone who has low indifferent faction but will with someone who has high indifferent faction. The easiest way to tell whether your indifferent faction is high enough is to hail him. If he insults your race, you're not high enough.

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