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Tinkering Mastery

Tinkering Mastery

So you've rolled a gnome and want to get into the tinkering business. Did you know that there are Tinkering Alternate Advancement Abilities for you to purchase? They're not like regular AAs, so many neophite tinkers miss them, but you should make sure you've got them!!


  • Level 59
  • 18 AAs available to spend

Head to Ak'Anon and find Rylin Coil, he is on find.

You say, 'Hail, Rylin Coil'

Rylin Coil says, "Yikes, Don't startle a fellow like that! Have you come to peruse my fine wares or are you looking to be taught the arts of [tinkering mastery]?

You say, 'Tinkering Mastery'

Rylin Coil says, 'Very good. We gnomes should all learn this fine art. Those that do not, I am not sure if I should even call them a gnome!'

You have been assigned the task 'Tinkering Mastery'

Create 1 Stalking Probe using Tradeskills - All

Bottle, Firewater, Gears(2), Metal Rod
In: Toolbox, Deluxe Toolbox, Collapsible Toolbox
This combine may only be made by Gnomes

Deliver 1 Stalking Probe to Rylin Coil - Ak'Anon

Rylin Coil sells the bottle, gears and metal rod. He also sells the water flask and gnomish spirits to make the firewater.

Upon delivering the Stalking Probe to Rylin Coil, you will get a Reward Window. The Reward Choice is: Three Mastering Tinkering Mastery books.

  • Mastering Tinkering Mastery I
  • Mastering Tinkering Mastery II
  • Mastering Tinkering Mastery III
These are clickable books that will open up the first three levels of Tinkering AAs to you. You must have 18 AAs available to buy these AAs.

  • Clicking on Mastering Tinkering Master I will consume 3 AAs and add "Tinkering Mastery" to the General tab in the Alternate Advancement Window at Level 1.
  • Clicking on Mastering Tinkering Mastery II will consume 6 AAs and increase you to Level 2
  • Clicking on Mastering Tinkering Mastery III will consume 9 AAs, increase you to level 3 and open Tinkering Mastery Level 4

If you do not have the full number of AAs banked you will not be able to click the books to advance your Tinkering Mastery Skill.

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