Tinkering Mastery AA

This quest allows gnomes to obtain the Tinkering Mastery AAs. The quest starts with Rylin Coil in Ak'Anon. He is on find. You must be level 59 or higher before he will talk to you.

You say, 'Hail, Rylin Coil'

Rylin Coil says, 'Yikes! Don't startle a fellow like that! Have you come to peruse my fine wares or are you looking to be taught the arts of [tinkering mastery]?'

You say, 'Tinkering mastery'

Rylin Coil says, 'Very good. We gnomes should all learn this fine art. Those that do not, I am not sure if I should even call them a gnome!'

You have been assigned the task 'Tinkering Mastery'.

Note: He sells all the ingredients to make a Stalking Probe, it is not necessary to bring them with you.

You have shown Rylin Coil your work.

Rylin Coil says 'That looks very good! Here are the books you will need to learn Tinkering Mastery.'

The rewards window will then display your reward: Three Tinkering Mastery books. Make sure there is room for three items in your inventory, then click on the reward to receive the books. You will get all three books at once: Mastering Tinkering Mastery I, II, and III.

NOTE: If you only receive two books, hail Rylin again and he will give you the third book.

In order to add Tinkering Mastery to your General AA tab, you must have a minimum of 3 AAs available to "learn" book 1. Ideally, you'll have 18 AAs banked so you can learn all three books at once.

Clicking on the Mastering Tinkering Mastery I book will immediately consume three available AA points and put the Tinkering Mastery AA on your General tab. This will lower your chance of failing combines by 10%.

Clicking on the second book will consume six points and give you level II. This will lower your chance of failing combines by 25%.

Clicking the third book charges nine AA points for level III. This will lower your chance of failing combines by 50%.

If you do not have enough points available for the level of mastery that book grants, you will get a message telling you how many points it requires.

From this point, the Tinkering AAs are obtained like all the other tradeskills. You save up enough AAs and click the buy button in the UI. It is possible to take Tinkering all the way to 350. There are level requirements and the AA cost per level increases with each level. Each level past 3 allows you to raise your tinkering skill by an additional 5 points. Again, this is achieved by learning unique tinkering recipes, not making the same recipe over and over.

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