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Crescent Reach features a set of quests that enable you to improve your ability in any tradeskill up to a skill of 54. They are much like the Freebie versions of the Progressive Conversion Quests, except that you do not learn to convert anything in particular when you are done. The sole purpose is to facilitate skilling up to 54. The only expense you will have is in acquiring any portable containers that may be required.

You will be unable to get these quests if your skill is already 54 or higher. If you try it then, you will be told:

'While we appreciate the offer to help, your skills are high enough that it would be better for you to seek training in a skill where you have less ability.'

Alchemy - Alchemist Garai in Crescent Reach @ -1425, -1588, 38, Second floor of Crescent Reach in Vorlig's Herbs and Medicines, he is on find.
Baking - Baker Sanura in Crescent Reach @ -1440, -1537, 34, Second Floor of Crescent Reach in Redloe Bakery, she is on find.
Brewing - Brewer Mesi in Crescent Reach @ -1193, -1583, -85, First floor of Crescent Reach in Fireheart Tavern, on find.
Fletching - Fletcher Fenuku in Crescent Reach @ -1411, -1409, 16, Second floor of Crescent Reach in a small hut, he is on find.
Jewelcraft - Jeweler Chuma in Crescent Reach @ -1238, -1648, 34, Second floor of Crescent Reach in The Jeweled Serpent, he is on find.
Make Poison - Poisoner Kamuzu in Crescent Reach @ -1239, -1352, 14, Second floor of Crescent Reach beside a small hut, he is on find.
Pottery - Potter Safiya in Crescent Reach @ -1222, -1500, 14, Second floor of Crescent Reach sitting next to hut in front of Forge of Nokk, she is on find.
Research - Researcher Akila in Crescent Reach @ -1425, -1471, -53, First floor of Crescent Reach in The Written Word, she is not on find - Go to Researcher Junna who is on find and go up the ramp inside The Written Word to find her at the top of the ramp.
Smithing - Smith Wamukota in Crescent Reach @ -1098, -1503, 14, Second floor of Crescent Reach in the Forge of Nokk, he is on find.
Tailoring - Tailor Nabirye in Crescent Reach @ -1465, -1472, 34, Second floor of Crescent Reach inside Second Skin, she is on find.
Tinkering - Matrum Geerlok in Crescent Reach @ -1276, -1258, -85, First floor of Crescent Reach in the back room of The Crescent Coin, he is on find.

More Details

  • The rewards of each quest, and the tasks that compose it, are the free skillups and faction with Circle of the Crystalwing. You also get a minute amount of experience that is only noticable under level 4 or 5.
  • As part of each quest, different tasks are offered for the level ranges 0-30, 31-37, 38-45, and 46-53. The task you receive depends solely on your skill.
  • Each task has you make and turn in 20 of an item. If you fail and lose some ingredients, you can ask the quest giver for that skill for more "supplies" and get another batch.
  • If you have not yet reached the upper skill range for that task by the time you have made all 20 items, you have a choice. You can complete the task by handing in the 20 finished items and then start the task over and do another 20. Alternatively, you can refrain from handing in the finished 20 and just ask for more supplies to combine until the recipe trivials. Then hand in 20 of the finished items to complete the task, and start that for the next trivial range.
  • Where stationary containers exist for a combine, they should be located near the quest givers.

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