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Shadow Haven - Register for Trading

While this quest is not really a tradeskill quest, it is an important one for tradesfolk who wish to operate out of the Shadow Haven area. The quest results in an Amulet of the Haven (magic, lore, no drop): AC 1, CHA 2. It also adjusts several factions in the area, making it easier to shop there. Some merchants will still be dubious after completing the quest, so you may need to loop it several times (or do other quests) before you can shop with all the merchants.

It starts in Shadow Haven with Trade Commissioner Henry, after you hail him ...

Trade Commissioner Henry says 'Hello there, traveler. I don't believe that I have seen you around these parts before- then again, I could have and simply forgotten since there have been so many new faces around here. However, if you are a newcomer to Shadowhaven, please make sure that you [register for trading] in the Haven. Registering with the Traders of the Haven will legitimize you in the eyes of local merchants and customers.

You say, 'register for trading'

Trade Commissioner Henry says 'It's great that you are interested _____, you will surely be glad you did. I have some simple deliveries that I need completed if you wish to be a registered trader in Shadowhaven.

You say, 'what deliveries?'

Trade Commissioner Henry says 'The deliveries are simple enough, I just need you to bring some letters to some merchants of the Haven that are currently working in other locations. Will you [deliver these letters]?

You say, 'I will deliver these letters'

Trade Commissioner Henry says 'I surely do appreciate the help, _____- clearly you understand the value of solid relations with the locals. First, I will need you to take this newsletter to Sateal. He is currently on assignment in the Bazaar and has been out of the loop on the happenings of Shadowhaven because of his heavy workload. Bring this to him and then return to me with his sales report. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Receive a newsletter and bring it to Sateal in The Bazaar (inside the large merchant area).

Sateal Deirosap says 'Ah great, I have been meaning to go and pick one of these up from the Trade Commissioner but I have been very busy with my work. I'm sure Henry has been waiting for my sales report so here it is. Please return it to him for me if you could and thanks again!

(You receive only experience for this portion of the quest.)

Receive sales report and bring it back to Trade Commissioner Henry.

Trade Commissioner Henry says 'Great to see you back so soon _____, you looked like a dependable person from the start. The next thing I need you to do is a bit more dangerous, but by the looks of you I doubt it will be a problem. Go to the Shadowhaven outpost in Fungusgrove and give Thar this book. Thar is a great merchant but I have seen his sales steadily declining, so I figured this book full of selling tips will help him regain his confidence and help him produce the kinds of numbers I know he is capable of. If his economy report is ready please, bring that back to me when you return.

(You receive only experience for this portion of the quest.)

Receive book of selling tips and take to Thar Anton in the merchant area of Fungus Grove.

Thar Anton says 'I see you have brought a book from the Commissioner. Well I'm not much for reading but I will surely try anything that may increase my sales. Anyways I'm sure you arent that interested in how bad my sales are and would like to be on your way so here you go.

You receive experience and gain faction with Traders of the Haven, House of Fordel, House of Midst and House of Stout

Receive Thar's report and return it to Trade Commissioner Henry.

Trade Commissioner Henry says 'Excellent work _____, I knew that you were someone that I could trust to get the job done. The trader's union of Shadowhaven will hear of your solid work ethic. Perhaps a courier job is in your future, I couldn't have expected anyone to make these deliveries as fast as you did! Please take this amulet as a symbol of your dedication to Shadowhaven's booming economy. While wearing this you are sure to get all the greatest deals from the merchants of the Haven both here and in the bazaar. It was a pleasure meeting, you and thanks for all of your help.

You receive experience, gain faction with Traders of the Haven, House of Fordel, House of Midst and House of Stout plus receive the Amulet of the Haven. Since the amulet is lore, if you decide to loop this quest, you will receive a duplicate lore message when you hand in Thar's report, but you will still receive the faction adjustments.

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