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Garzicor’s Vengeance Quest

This quest has 3 rewards depending on your class. Please note that Bards and Rogues get nothing for this quest.

Reward One: Sanctum Guardian’s Earring
Magic/Lore/No Drop
Ear Slot
AC 5
STR 10
STA 10
CHA 10
HP 50
Mana 80
DR 15
PR 15
Wt .2, Tiny Size
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Monk, Beastlord
Races: All

Reward Two: Ethereal Bladed Naginata
Magic/Lore/No Drop
Primary Slot
Skill 2H Slashing
Damage 37 Delay 40 Damage Bonus 34
AC 15
DEX 10
AGI 15
HP 50
FR 11
CR 11
MR 11
Effect: Garzicor’s Vengeance (Disease DOT for 240 HP in 8 ticks, debuffs ATK by 20)
Wt 10.3, Large Size
Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Ranger, Shadowknight
Races: All

Reward Three: Pitted Iron Ring
Magic/Lore/No Drop
Finger Slot
AC 4
INT 10
HP 50
Mana 50
CR 5
FR 5
Effect: Mana Flare (Give 600 mana over 4 ticks to wearer.)
Charges: 5
Wt 0.2, Tiny Size
Classes: Wizards, Mages, Enchanters, Necromancers
Races: Human, Erudite, High Elf, Gnome, Iksar, Dark Elf

Quest Checklist

If you are considering this quest, here is a checklist of things to consider:

Class: If you are a Bard or Rogue, give up now. You get nothing from this quest.

Factions required: Maximum ally COV, apprehensive or better to Coldain, default Froststone. Your OT faction may suffer as well if you are evil.

Money: 1050pp minimum, plus tradeskill-related costs for skillups, plus purchasing flawless diamonds if you don’t have any.

Trade skills: 175 smithing, 128 pottery minimum. It’s hard to judge exactly, but we’ve been told that there is an absolute chance of a 5% failure on ANY combines in this quest. I think 175 skill will get you there. I think it’s far easier to redo this quest if you fail than to try to raise smithing any higher in any case.

Level: There is no level requirement on the quest that I know of, but obtaining help on several of the mobs required might be difficult for a sub-50 character.

Friends: You must have a single group of 3 to 6 to help you with some parts. The final battle may require from 3 to 4 groups if you are all level 60 and well equipped to 5+ groups if your friends are mid 50’s.

Quest Story:

I found the story behind this quest to be excellent and very enjoyable.

A dragon’s spirit is not at rest. The Claws of Veeshan hear this spirit at unrest, but they cannot help it, because the name of the spirit has been lost. The Claws of Veeshan ask for your help in finding out the name of this poor dragon, so that it can be made to rest in peace.

It turns out that the Coldain have some information for you about the poor dragon. This dragon was slain dishonorably by some Kromzek. You must go to the original Coldain city that is found at the bottom of the Crystal Caverns and meet a Coldain ghost, who will help you with more information.

Once the ghost is encountered, the Claws of Veeshan ask you to recover some of the Dragon’s remains from DN. Once you do this, the Claws of Veeshan decide what must be done.

You must use all your power to construct a mighty weapon. This weapon shall be infused with the spirit of the slain dragon, and once so infused, his soul now shall wreak much vengeance upon the Kromzek.

Brief Quest Outline:

  1. Skyshrine: Obtain quest. This is just a faction check to ensure items aren’t eaten later. No items are involved in this step.
  2. Thurgadin: Obtain Coldain Book of Grudges from Loremaster Sarl
  3. Froststone, Crystal Caverns: Use Book of Grudges to obtain Burdael’s Axe
  4. Skyshrine: Turn in Burdael’s Axe to obtain Dragon Urn
  5. Dragon Necropolis: Speak trigger phrase to spawn ground items. Pick up and combine in Urn.
  6. Skyshrine: Turn in Combined Urn to Oglard. Then turn in Combined Urn to Eldriaks. Get Book of Instructions and Bone Dust.
  7. All over Norrath: Collect many components for smithing. Some zones you will visit: The Warrens, The Overthere, Paineel, Burning Woods, Howling Stones, Kael Drakkal, Frontier Mountains.
  8. Perform Smithing: If you are successful, you may continue. If you fail even a single combine, return to step 1.
  9. Skyhrine: Turn in smithed components. Obtain Assembled Naginata and Vial of Kromzek Blood.
  10. Dragon Necropolis: Speak trigger phrase, turn in Vial of Kromzek Blood to spawn named dragon. Kill named dragon to spawn 2 ghostly dragons. Turn in 2 flawless diamonds to obtain more smithing components.
  11. Perform Smithing: Make the final combine of the weapon.
  12. Skyshrine: Turn in Naginata if you wish to obtain the earring or ring.
  13. Drink Heavily: Enjoy your new item!


Iustus was the original discoverer of the quest, so much thanks to him. I wish I had had the foresight to write down the exact names of all the items in the smithing section, but I didn’t.

If anyone wishes to add any corrections or comments, drop me a line at Alliliel@yahoo.com and I will fix it.

Expanded Quest Details and Commentary:

  1. SOLO or GROUP: If you kill a Kromzek and get “Your faction with ClawsofVeeshan cannot possibly get any better” then you should be all set for the COV faction part of this quest. Oglard, the quest giver in Skyshrine, has been reported to NOT respond at just ally faction. Maximum faction is needed. If you wish to double check, hail Oglard, say “thank you” and then say “yes I have done battle with dragons”. If he responds with quest text, you should be all set. The rest of Oglard's text is not needed.
  2. Oglard is a white wurm in a room of 4 wurms far up in the Skyshrine. He is past the maze. If you have never been that far up in SS, get someone to show you. If you are new to COV faction, be assured that EVERY single monster in the zone is on COV faction, excepting Lord Yelinak who is at the end of the zone.

  3. SOLO: You must have sufficient faction with Coldain to get Loremaster Sarl to talk to you. He wanders Thurgadin and will require 50 pp to help you. I found Loremaster Sarl wandering near the statues that are across from the Icewell zone. The text you need to say to Sarl is “Can you tell me the name of a slain dragon?” He will walk you to the Library and give you little bits of Coldain history along the way. Once at the Library he will ask you if you happen to know the color of the slain dragon you are looking for. Tell him “black”. He will ask you for a 50 platinum rental fee for a book about the slain dragon. (The nerve of him!)
  4. I have also heard that if you see Sarl walking around, just say “black” to him, and then he will respawn in the library. Give him the 50 pp and you will be on your way.

    You can read the book if you like, it tells the tale of how Burdael the Coldain came across a battle between Garzicor the Dragon and some Kromzek, and how he spoke to the dying Dragon.

  5. SINGLE GROUP: You must now locate Historian Baenek in the City of Froststone in Crystal Caverns. All of you must have default (non-kos) faction with Froststone. If you have never hunted there, you should be fine. Finding Froststone can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the Crystal Caverns zone. As a cleric, I was able to hire a guide with the offer of free buffs. The zone is confusing, but if a member of your group has a levitation spell, it is much easier. (You can jump down almost all the way as opposed to fighting your way through green orcs that will aggro on you.)
  6. Historian Baenek is up almost all the time, but people have despawned him by doing the first part of this quest for Froststone faction. (It’s the only way to raise it, and I hear a rumor that there is a banker and merchants down there – totally unconfirmed rumor.)

    So station yourself with the book from Loremaster Sarl at the Historian. The rest of your group should be down in the Stalag Terror area, keeping it cleared. The Stalag Terrors are green to a high level player, but will aggro you anyway. Train all that down to the room where Burdael spawns. If you have sense undead, it will lead you right to him. It’s the room down the left passage to a dead end with 5 or 6 Stalags.

    Once you turn in the book to Historian Baenek, the Ghost of Burdael will spawn in the Stalag Terror area. He is an SK undead ghost, blue to 60. He is non-aggro and will respond to hails with gibberish. He stays up only for a bit before despawning. (I estimate 5 minutes, I didn’t time it.)

    The fight with the ghost was easily accomplished with myself, a level 58 (at the time) cleric, a level 60 warrior and a level 55 wizard. Burdael is a high HP mob considering the encounter overall. I had the wizard take out Burdael’s pet and the warrior and I focused on Burdael. If you don’t have the levels, you might want to bring a full group of six.

    Once you have slain Burdael, take the Axe from his corpse. If you cast Identify on it, you will learn the dragon’s name: Garzicor.

  7. SOLO: Just a turn in Axe to Oglard in Skyshrine, get 2 slot Urn back.
  8. SINGLE GROUP: Do NOT do this step until you have the Dragon Urn from Step 4! The parts you will get are NO RENT.
  9. Dragon Necropolis is a pain! Undead and non-undead mobs are mixed together with lots of traps. Some people have reported doing this solo, but I don’t think it is advisable. I took a small group of 4. Someone who can disarm traps is useful. If you have a small group, this step takes a whopping 10 minutes from the time you zone in. If you summon up some dragon constructs, it helps to have the firepower to take them down.

    Head into DN, and go to the Paebala Tunnel. It’s the large sliding door in the ground to your left, as you walk into DN. Go to the bones at about +1500, +1100 and say “Remember, Garzicor”. Keep moving around and spamming in that area, until you see a voice start to speak. It will utter some stuff like “Must spill blood. Vengeance! Home!” While the voice is talking, look on the ground and you will see some bags spawn on the ground. There are 2 of them and they are both NO DROP. One called something like Dragon Bone Powder and the other is called Dragon Skin.

    I do advise that as soon as you pick up the ground spawns, that you do the combine in the Urn. The ground spawn pieces are NO RENT, so it’s best to combine them in the Urn right away in DN.

  10. SOLO: Turn in combined Urn to Oglard, get another Urn back, and turn that Urn into Eldriaks Fe’dar. Eldriaks can be found in the jail area of Skyshrine. You passed right by him (He was to your right.) as you went up to Oglard. (Note that the Urn you get back from Oglard is slightly different than the one you gave him. Don’t try to bypass this step.)
  11. Eldriaks will take the Urn from you, and give you back a book of instructions and some Sanctified Bone Dust. The book is in some other language, I think Elder Dragon. It’s not needed for the quest as an item; it’s just to give you some directions.

    Eldriaks will give you extensive instructions that are pretty much straight forward as to how to construct the weapon. Follow his quest text. Log it and print it out, you will need it. (If you forget to do this, you can always go back later and start him off with “Yes, I am a master smith.”)

    Essentially, the weapon consists of 4 parts. The shaft, blade and tsuba we need to worry about now. The fittings we will do later.

  12. Collecting Items for Staff, Tsuba and Blade. Ok, I’m going to go through all the parts and comment on them individually.
    1. Bronzewood Staff. This is the only real “camp” in this entire quest.
    2. Head to Burning Woods and locate the Giant Fort in the middle of the zone. Inside the fort, there are little “huts” that hold 1 or 2 giants. Giant Carpenter Grundo spawns in the 2-spawn hut. If there are 2 other giants in there, keep them cleared.

      The other giants will aggro you at 60 if you get too close. Kill them if you wish, but the only ones that you need to keep clear are the 2 in the 2-spawn hut. This step took me several days, as the Carpenter is rare. If he spawns, he will always have a Bronzewood Staff in his inventory. (You won’t see him wielding it.)

      He is not harder than the common named Giant, Gorgul Paclok. A 60 cleric and a 45 bard were able to slay him with little trouble. A group of low 50’s should be fine.

    3. StarMetal. Comes from Cliff Golems in The Overthere. You get 2 pieces of ore for each split of the starmetal. Therefore, with perfect luck, you will need 1 piece of starmetal [b]if[/b] you don’t fail any smithing combines. Even at very high smithing there is a fair chance of failure during smithing, therefore I strongly advise that once you get a group to come help you kill OT cliff golems, you get at least 3 pieces of starmetal. That way if you fail the smithing and have to redo it, you won’t have to redo this step.
    4. My group consisted of 3 when I did this: a 60 warrior, a 60 druid, and a 60 cleric. We are pretty well equipped. A full group is a much better idea. The Cliff Golems are very MR. One tip is to wait until nighttime to pull the golems, as the Dragoons go out on patrol and they won’t add. During the day, a dragoon added to one of my golem fights and I landed Trepidation on him every time he came back. Once you get 5 or more pieces of starmetal, you will be all set. Cliff Golems seemed to drop the Starmetal every time. (Yes, you do get bad OT faction for killing these, btw.)

    5. Chromium Ore. You will need to kill the Armors of Zek in Kael. These were not terribly hard by themselves. However they will be hard to get if Derakor the Vindicator and the Statue of Rallos Zek are not killed regularly. Since this quest is so rarely done, there is probably not much competition for the ore. If your guild cannot kill the Statue of Rallos Zek, I advise asking politely if you might be allowed to accompany another guild killing him for the sole purpose of looting this quest item. (I’ve had good luck with this, many guilds are happy to let a healer tag along, especially one who doesn’t want any loot but a quest part that no one else wants anyway. Your mileage may vary.)
    6. Mist that Freezes. Ground spawn in Frontier Mountains on top of a mountain. The location is negative 260, negative 300. Try to get a DMF or some sort of levitation spell before you go in. It helps! The item is called “Gray Colored Ice” or something similar.
    7. Mandala Sketch. Well, first I had to get a HS key! (I’m such a slacker, I know. I had to get a key just to do this quest.) The HS key quest I did solo, although I had to get someone to show me how to get to Xalgoz in Kaesora. It’s not an easy zone to figure out.
    8. For the sketch itself, you only need a single group. I didn’t feel bad about asking for help on this part because it’s great experience for your group!

      The location of the ground spawn in Howling Stones is positive 140 negative 510. That’s in the East Wing. The item is found on a table, not on the floor so don’t get confused.

    9. Paineel Toolset. Easy. If you have access to a spare account, make yourself a level 1 Evil Erudite and you can have him buy it for you from Taralani Rahnta in Paineel for 1000 platinum. If you don’t have a spare account, just get a friend to make a level 1 evil erudite for you. Just for clarification, the quest guy in Paineel is a merchant, but the item is not in his merchant inventory. (You are not buying the toolset; it’s a quest turn in.)
    10. The Warrens. Nothing here aggroed me at level 60. It’s all very low-level kobolds. Once you get the Mandala Sketch from HS and the Paineel Toolset, and the Chromium Ore, you will need to smith something before going to the Warrens.
    11. I don’t pretend to know if stats affect combine success, but I had 255 STR and 255 WIS before making this combine. (The Shaman buffs Focus & Avatar help a lot.)

      In a forge, combine the Chromium Ore (from the Armor of Zek in Kael), a flask of water and a FORGING hammer. You should get a Chromium Plate if you are successful.

      Now you can head to The Warrens with your Chromium Plate, Mandala Sketch and Paineel Toolset. Find Koajin, who is a Kerran in the Jail area. Say “I need your help” to trigger his quest text. Hand him the three items, Paineel Toolset, Chromium Plate and the Mandala Sketch, and you will get a Tsuba in return. THE TOOLKIT IS A CONTAINER BUT DO NOT PUT ANY ITEMS INTO IT!

      Now you should have the Tsuba and if you’ve done the Burning Woods part, you will have the staff as well. Just the Blade remains before you can turn it in to Eldriaks.

  13. SMITHING. Some general notes on smithing this quest. I did this quest at 175 skill, and I failed once the first time. I redid the quest and was successful the second time at 175. Both times I had 255 Wisdom. The first time, I had only 185 Strength when I failed. The second time I had 255 STR with Shaman buffs. (Focus and Avatar)
  14. I also want to say that this quest is FAR easier to do now that incorrect recipes do not combine. Sometimes the way the instructions are written, it’s unclear what the exact steps are. But that’s ok because the forge won’t let you combine the wrong parts.

    You need to get pottery to the 120’s for this quest. Pottery is the easiest trade skill to raise. It took me 2 hours in West Freeport to raise it from 1 to 129 with only a small cash investment. (Far less than 50 pp.)

    Now remember that if you fail almost any of the smithing, (with the exception of just splitting the starmetal) you will have to redo the entire quest starting at Loremaster Sarl. (You lost the Bone Dust when you combined it in one of the early steps. The “Remaining Bone Dust” will not combine as the original did.

    Starmetal + Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel = 2 Pieces of Starmetal Ore

    Piece of Starmetal Ore + Bonedust (from Eldriaks) = Dusty Starmetal Block + Remaining Bone Dust

    Repeat 5 times: Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel + Dusty Starmetal Block

    Forging Hammer + 5th Fold Block = Core

    Put the Core away in the bank.

    Remaining Bone Dust + Piece of Starmetal Ore = Folded Blade Skin

    Repeat 10 times: Folded Blade Skin + Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel = 10th Fold Blade Skin

    10th Fold Blade Skin + Core (from earlier step) + Forging Hammer + Smithing Chisel = Raw Blade

    Raw Blade + Forging Hammer = Raw Naginata Blade

    Now head to the pottery wheel.

    1 small block of clay + 1 flask of water = Clay

    Clay + Raw Naginata Blade (COMBINED AT POTTERY WHEEL) = Clay covered Raw Naginata Blade.

    Now head back to the Forge.

    Clay covered Raw Naginata Blade + Gray Colored Ice (from Frontier Mountains) (COMBINED IN THE FORGE) = Naginata Blade

    I just want to say, that when I was doing the smithing, I had been working this quest for months already, and it was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done in Everquest. (I was literally wincing when I clicked the Combine button. I don’t mind losing out on the quest myself, but I would have hated myself for asking people for help a third time.)

    If you have done everything correctly, you now have a Naginata Blade, Staff and Tsuba.

  15. SKYSHRINE. Turn in Staff, Blade and Tsuba to Eldriaks Fe’Dar. He will return to you two items: Assembled Naginata (It has no stats.) and A Vial of Kromzek Blood.
  16. DRAGON NECROPOLIS. Before doing this step you must acquire two Flawless Diamonds. These are the same items that are used to make Velious Breastplates for melee classes. If you or any of your friends don’t have any, you could try in your favorite auction zone or your server trade board. I understand there is a good drop rate for these in Siren’s Grotto as well.
  17. Take your two flawless diamonds and your Vial of Kromzek Blood to Dragon Necropolis. You must also bring your friends. I did this part with about 25 people, all of whom were level 60 and it was easy. I’ve heard about it being done with less, as well. Head down into the Paebala tunnel and leave your army back where the tunnel makes a bend to the left. I don’t advise brining your army right to the spawn spot because someone may not have good COV faction or someone may get a little too much bloodlust and attack the turn-in mobs at the end.

    Get some rogues on the traps; get a DMF or a Levitate on yourself and head down to the same spot you used earlier to trigger the pieces for the Urn, +1500, +1100. Make sure you have NPC names ON for this!

    You must go to the same spot you went to earlier and now you will speak the phrase “You are one but two. Your vengeance shall find a home.” Spam that around a bit and eventually an invisible mob will spawn. It’s just a name floating there called “a ghostly presence” and it has no model. If you have NPC names off, you won’t be able to see it.

    Give your Vial of Kromzek Blood to “a ghostly presence”. There are a few other truly invisible mobs with no names near the ghostly presence. Make sure that you see the name “a ghostly presence” in your trade window. If the name isn’t there, you are screwing up. If you do it wrong this will happen. Look here to see how to do it the right way.

    Once you hand in the Vial of Kromzek Blood, a named construct will spawn. Garzicor’s Remains is not terribly hard. Pull it back to your army and kill it. It was hitting me for 140’s, if I recall correctly. Make sure your army understands not to waste mana on Garzicor’s remains.

    Once Garzicor’s Remains is defeated, Garzicor’s Wraith spawns in the exact spot where you killed the Remains.

    The Wraith looks like a giant translucent looking Phara Dar/Harla Dar. It hit in the 300’s and had an AE Cold based Slow and the typical Dragon MR Fear. We guesstimate that he had around 150000 hit points.

    The Wraith and the Remains have no drops. Once the Wraith is slain, get your rogue friend on the traps and move down the tunnel.

    There will be 2 very green, COV faction miniature Garzicors in the tunnel. Give a Flawless Diamond to each. They will despawn upon turn-in and you get back two slightly different diamonds. One is called something like a Magical Darkened Diamond and the other is called something like a Golden Diamond. These are NO DROP, by the way.

    Thank all your friends, and head to your favorite forge.

  18. FORGE. Get all your stats up, if you think they help, and hold your breath for the final smithing combine.
  19. Assembled Naginata + Golden Diamond + Magical Darkened Diamond = Ethereal Bladed Naginata.

  20. SKYSHRINE. Make sure your COV faction is still at maximum ally first by killing a Kromzek. Head up to Eldriaks and hand him the Ethereal Bladed Naginata. He will congratulate you and hand it right back.
  21. If you wish to have the earring, hand the Naginata in for the Earring. Hand in the Earring for the Ring if you are a caster. If you give Eldriaks the ring, he will eat it.

  22. INN. Enjoy your new item and thank all your friends for helping you outing!

-Alliliel Archfalcon

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