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Shar Vahl - Progressive Pottery Quests

The final steps of this quest are currently unknown ...

(Note: the runequill sets are downward compatible - anywhere it calls for a basic runequill set, you can use the novice or finely crafted sets; where it calls for the novice set, you can also use the finely crafted set)

This quest originates with Merchant Ayyad (loc 240, -187) in Shar Vahl. Give him your personal acrylia slate and he says '

Some of my wares are spoiling and I must place them in a container to preserve them. I cannot afford to take the loss that would result if they were to rot. Please _____, take this bowl and combine two lumps of gray mud with a flask of water and xakra bile. Take the resulting clay and this sketch with another water flask to fashion an unfired gray jar. Fire it in a kiln with a firing sheet and return to me with the product as soon as you can.

He then hands you Ayyad's Clay Bowl (4 slot medium container), and a reusable Grey Jar Sketch. (As always, make sure you have a container spot free.) Take 2 lumps of gray mud, 1 xakra bile, 1 flask of water, and combine in Ayyad's Clay Bowl. Then take the resulting grey clay and throw it, a flask of water, and your Grey Jar Sketch onto a pottery wheel. Fire the resulting unfired gray jar in the kiln with a firing sheet. (Lumps of gray mud are a ground spawn in the pit surrounding the city of Shar Vahl, as well as a drop off rhinobeetle hatchlings in the pit.) The firing sheet is returned on a successful combine, and NOT returned on a failed combine.

Bring the resulting Grey Jar to Merchant Ayyad.

Merchant Ayyad says 'Excellent! Please accept this knapsack as payment for your trouble. Here is my seal as well. I can always use more jars and if you give me four of my seals I will share with you a family secret.

He will give you Ayyad's Knapsack, a 4 slot medium container (LORE ... as usual, make sure you have a container spot free before you hand in the jar to him). He will also give you Ayyad's Seal.

Continue making and handing in grey jars until you have 4 seals, then give the 4 seals to Merchant Ayyad.

Merchant Ayyad says 'Excellent, ___ few of our kind show a true interest in the more refined arts of pottery these days. It is very good to see the young people taking interest in the old arts. Here is a Basic Runequill Set. Take the instruments in the set and practice marking runes on the gray jars that you previously brought to me. To etch the runes, simply cover a gray jar with some Xakra bile and use the Runequill Set to etch the runes on to the jar. You'll want to fire them in a kiln when youre finished. When those jars become trivial come back and give me those basic tools and we'll see about upgrading them.

He will then give you the Basic Runequill Set (no drop, of course!). Get your pottery skill up over 100, either by making rune grey jars, or other pottery recipes, then hand him back the Basic Runequill set to receive your next tool upgrade.

Merchant Ayyad says 'You're progressing nicely, ____ take this sculpting tool and add it to the set you already have. This new quill set will be able to make some very nice urns that should help ease the burden of moving all that heavy clay around. Take a gray jar and use the new set of tools I've given you to etch Xakra blood into runes on the side of the jars. These should prove to be very useful in your labors in the future. Once you have mastered those runes, bring back your runequill set to me for another addition.

Merchant Ayyad will then hand you your Novice Runequill Set (yes, no drop, did you expect differently? ;D) Work your pottery skill up some more, either on xakra runed jars or other pottery items, then hand him back the Novice Runequill Set to trigger the next tool upgrade.

Merchant Ayyad says 'You continue to amaze me with your progress, ____. Here is the final pen to add to your set of runequills. I have just received word that the king has need of your particular talents. Take this note to Guard Fareed and he will instruct you further. Also, this runequill set is able to mark a set of runes on the Grey Jars with Sonic Wolf Blood. This will enchant the jar and make a great container. I trust your artistic instincts to guide you. You should also tell me when youre ready for some [additional instructions].

He will hand you a Finely Crafted Runequill Set (did we mention it's no drop?) and Ayaad's Letter to Fareed.

Guard Fareed will tell you that he needs 10 Vah Shir Figurines for a game of the King's (Brehad). He will give you a 10-slot container Padded Brehad Case for them.

Tell Merchant Ayyad, 'I am ready for additional instructions'

Merchant Ayyad says 'Mastered those runes already, ___? You're learning very fast indeed. Your next lesson will be in the molding of a new type of item. You'll need to gather some gray mud from below the city and mix it with some Rockhopper blood to make a block of reddish clay. Take this block of reddish clay and combine it with a Vah Shir model sketch to create an unfired Vah Shir figurines. Fire the model in a kiln with a firing sheet to create a Finished Vah Shir figurine. Finally, use the Runequill Set to etch grimling blood into runes on the figurine.

Note: While the quest text mentions gray mud, it's actually grey clay that is needed for this step. Combine 2 lumps of grey mud with a flask of water and no drop xakra bile in Ayyad's Clay Bowl to make your grey clay.

First, mix grey clay and rockhopper blood in a pottery wheel to make a block of reddish clay. Then put the block of reddish clay back in the pottery wheel, a water flask, and a Vah Shir model sketch. Combine the resultant unfired Vah Shir Figurine with a high quality firing sheet in the kiln. Finally, take the finished Vah Shir figurine, your finely crafted runequill set, grimling blood and a water flask, and combine them in the kiln. The result is a CHA 5 ranged item for large races. Note that you currently lose your finely crafted runequill set and the figurine on a failed combine.

Make 10 figurines and place them in the Padded Brehad Case from Guard Fareed. Combine, and return the result to him. He will reward you with an 8-slot, 50% weight reduction, lore, no drop urn that holds large items.

Khala Dun Fareed says 'Well done ______, this is a fine, fine set of Brehad figures. I'm sure the king will be very pleased. Here, take this note to Ayyad; he has instructions on how you should be rewarded. '

Bring the note that he gives you to Merchant Ayyad.

Merchant Ayyad says 'Welcome back _____, I trust you behaved well in the presence of the king's servants. It seems Fareed was very impressed with your work, as he has instructed me to give you a very nice reward. Here, take this Urn, it will surely prove very useful to you as you continue your study of the molding of the earth. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, Grilo the mason was here earlier looking for you, he has heard of your talents and believes that you might do well in the school of masonry as well. Seek him out. '

At this time, we have been unable to locate any information regarding Grilo...

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