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Shar Vahl - Progressive Smithing Quests

Purchase a carapace shield frame from Master Barkhem in Shar Vahl. Fill it with 8 small bloodling carapaces and combine. Hand the result to Master Barkhem and he gives you Bloodling Carapace Plate. Repeat the quest a second time.
Then create a Bloodling Plate Mail:

Bloodling Plate Mail:
Components: Bloodling Carapace Plate(2), Mail Sectional Mold, Nepeta Oil Extract
In: Forge, Tanaan Forge, Forge - Floor (Placeable), Forge - Standing (Placeable), Guild Forge
Notes: EQRecipeID: 9983
(Smithing Trivial 31)
Yield: 1

Bloodling Plate Mail
AC: 13
WT: 7.5   Size: MEDIUM
             ROG SHM BER
             HEF IKS VAH FRG

Hand the completed Bloodling Plate Mail to Master Barkhem. He will return it and give you a Vah Shir Apprentice Mallet. Should you ever lose your apprentice mallet, you may hand in the tunic again to receive another one.

Then ask Master Barkhem "what repair order?" He will give you a (lore) work order to repair the shields of the 4 bridge guards (the two guards on the far end of the North and South Bridges). Hand the note to one of the proper guards. (Make absolutely sure before you hand in the note to the guard, that the guard's shield is visible. If you cannot see their shield, then someone else is running the quest with that guard, and handing in the note to that guard will cause him/her to despawn.) The guard will give you a dented shield, which starts the timed portion of this quest. Combine the dented shield and the Vah Shir apprentice mallet in the forge. (If you fail the combine, you must let the timer run out before you try to repair another shield for him, as he'll think you already have his shield, and will depop on you if you try to hand him another note.) A successful combine will return an Immaculate Shield, and lists the guard's name in the description, so that you remember your delivery target. Return the shield to the guard to receive a completed repair order. If the guard already has a shield on him, you either took too long, or something caused the guard to respawn. You will need to have someone else hand in a work order to that guard so that you may then give the guard the Immaculate Shield. (Note: while the despawning problem has been reported as "fixed", there are apparently still issues with guards despawning, respawning.) Trivials are as follows: Bohk's Immaculate Shield -- triv 31; Koby's Immaculate Shield -- triv 31; Jasir's Immaculate Shield -- triv 31; Aihjin's Immaculate Shield -- triv 34

Repeat the above paragraph four times, one for each of the four guards, until you have completed work orders for all four guards. Then give the 4 completed work orders back to the Master Barkhem and he will give you a spirit anchor anvil, called a Vah Shir Anvil.

After a bit more conversation with Master Barkhem, you can learn about making Shadow Disk. He will give you an 8-slot "Barkhem's Box" in which to combine 8 Shadow Disk.

Shadow Disk:
Components: Metal Bits, Swirling Shadows, Vah Shir Anvil, Vah Shir Apprentice Mallet
In: Forge, Tanaan Forge, Forge - Floor (Placeable), Forge - Standing (Placeable), Guild Forge
Also Returns: Vah Shir Anvil(1), Vah Shir Apprentice Mallet(1)
On Failure Returns: Vah Shir Anvil, Vah Shir Apprentice Mallet
Notes: Vah Shir smithing quest
(Smithing Trivial 108)
Yield: 1

Return the filled and combined box back to Master Barkhem along with your Vah Shir Apprentice Mallet and receive a Luclinite Mallet. Then make 3 Humming Orb using the following recipe:

Humming Orb:
Components: Luclinite Mallet, Metal Rings, Shrieking Substance, Vah Shir Anvil, Wailing Substance
In: Forge, Tanaan Forge
Also Returns: Vah Shir Anvil(1), Luclinite Mallet(1)
On Failure Returns: Vah Shir Anvil, Luclinite Mallet
Notes: Vah Shir smithing quest
Reported Trivial at 156
(Smithing Trivial 168)
Yield: 1

Return 3 Humming Orb and your Luclinite Mallet to Master Barkhem for a Humming Luclinite Mallet, with which you can make shadowscream steel armor.

If you are a glutton for punishment and are willing to loop this ad nauseum, ask Master Barkhem "what boots" and he will task you with delivering a pair of boots to Rakutah (leader of the rogue guild in Shar Vahl). Giving the boots to Ratukah will cause him to give you a 6-slot quest container and the boots. He asks you to fill the box with 6 pairs of shadowscream steel boots. Boots are made with the following recipe (in a forge): 2 swirling shadows, humming luclinite hammer, vah shir anvil, humming orb, (medium) banded boot mold, water flask (Trivial >239). Completion of this quest gives you postive faction with the Guardians of Shar Vahl, as well as Ratukah's Seal (lore, no drop).

Return the seal to Master Barkhem and he gives you a pair of Barkhem's Fancy Pantaloons (lore, no orop) STR 4, STA 2, WIS 2, SvMagic 10, Wt 4.0 WAR ROG SHM BST; VAH, BAR, TRL, OGR, IKS (note there is no AC to them). While Barkhem seems to indicate that there may be other things he may teach you in the future, there did not appear to be a continuation to this quest at this time.

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