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Vah Shir - Beastlord Claw Quests

As with many quests in Shar Vahl, this requires that you've already completed the Vah Shir Citizenship quest. Some helpful hints on where to locate the drops from Hollowshade Moor.

This quest results in progressive upgrades to VAH BST-only claws for both hands that are hand to hand weapons, as well as several cloak upgrades. It also requires that you work quite a bit on your tailoring.

Phase 1. Give your personal acrylia slate to Animist Poren (you will get it back) to prove your citizenship. Animist Poren will then hand you a small 4-slot stitching kit and a pattern. The kit is no drop, and works just like a sewing kit. Kill xakra silkworms or lesser shades to collect shadeline silks (worms in the pit in Shar Vahl, and in Shadeweavers Thicket, shades are in Shadeweavers Thicket). Combine 2 shadeling silks (unstacked, of course) in your kit to make a shade silk thread. Then combine 2 shade silk threads to make bandage. When you have 3 bandages, combine them and the pattern, in your kit. Failure will return the pattern. Success will return you a pair of gloves (Khati Shah handwraps, AC 2, lore, no drop, trivial >26) and some scraps. Bring the scraps back to Animist Poren for the next phase of the quest. Threads are no-fail trivial at 15, bandages are trivial at skill 21.

Phase 2. Your first set of claws. Chase down young rockhoppers in the pit surrounding Shar Vahl for their no drop claws. Obtain two claws from the beasts, and place them in your stitching kit along with forged fasteners and your handwraps.

Forged fasteners are obtained by asking Kagazz outside of the Armory "What forged fasteners". He will give you a 4-slot bag, and ask you to fill it with Scorpion Legs (his wife makes jewelry out of them). (Remember to have a container slot free before getting the bag, and remember to hit "combine" on the bag after you fill it.) In return for the filled bag, he gives you the Forged Fasteners. Scorpion Legs are a no drop item off the scorpions in the Pit.

Combine the forged fasteners with the 2 rockhopper claws and your handwraps to create your first set of claws. (damage 5, delay 35). Trivial is reported to be >40.

Phase 3. Hand your newly-made claws and the cloak that you received from the citizenship quest to Animist Poren. He will give you a your new Cloak of the Khati Shah Recruit (complete with a 1% modifier to tailoring), your upgraded claws and a seal. (claws are now damage 6, delay 35). Bring the seal to Mahron Sood (diagonally across from the bank in Shar Vahl). He will give you a map to bring to Kery Miann (upstairs, at loc 294, -348 in Shar Vahl).

Give the map to Kery and she will hand you a small stone blade (no drop). Combine the blade and a high quality rockhopper hide in your stitching kit to make some thin leather straps (no drop). Trivial is 58 for this portion. Give two leather straps, and your claws to Kery, and you will be given new claws, and a note for Rittuh Purrik. (Claws are damage 7, delay 28, STR 1, DEX 1)

Phase 4. Give the note to Rittuh, found in the Vah Shir outpost in Hollowshade Moor, and she will give you a no drop pack (remember to have a container slot free!), and will ask you to fill it with 6 no drop hopper tails from the rockhoppers in that zone. Combine the 6 tails and give the result to Rittuh to receive an "Exaggerated Report" to bring back to Kery.

Hand the report to Kery and she will give you a carved wooden box (again, have a container spot free!). Zone in to Pauldal Caverns from Hollowshade Moor and kill muckdiggers in that first tunnel until a glowing muckdigger spawns (if there's not one up already). Kill the glowing muckdigger and loot the glowing heart stone (lore, no drop). Combine the stone and your Cloak of the Khati Shah Recruit in the carved wooden box, and bring the result back to Kery.

Kery will then present you with your Cloak of the Khati Shah Apprentice (AC 6, STR 1, STA 2, HP 5, 2% tailoring modifier, lore, no drop, VAH, BST)

Phase 5. Kery tells you to bring your claws to Kaam Rahiir in the libraries near the palace, to learn how to upgrade them. Don't forget to have a container slot free again! Hand him your claws for inspection, and he will return them, and a bag. He will ask you to collect 2 molars off the sonic wolflings (also drop off pups) in Hollowshade Moor. Combine them in the bag, and bring the result back to Kaam Rahiir, who will give you claw mounts and send you to Qua and Jimis:

Kaam Rahiir says 'Excellent, the spirits have returned you to me with your tail intact! The foe that you encountered was a young creature. Their elders are much less likely to allow your passage. The packs of wolves that roam the moor have proven to be quite a problem for our scouts. I will assist you in learning a method that will allow you to build and assist others in building a weapon that bites at the very spirit of those beasts. Take these claw mounts and use them in conjunction with the tomes that Qua sells. You'll need stretching dowels to treat the lashings. Jhimis usually keeps them behind the counter of his shop. Get a set from him and read through those tomes. Return to me with your new claws and your apprentice's cloak when you have completed the task.

Your faction standing with Khati Sha got better.

You gain experience!!

Now it is time to make your Sonic Wolf Bane Claws, that require the cooperation of every class of Vah Shir.

Find Jhimis and ask him "what about stretching dowels?" He will ask for 2 owlbear claws and your apprentice cloak. Give him the claws and the cloak, and he will return your cloak, and give you the no drop stretching dowel.

Combine stretching dowel, owlbear tendons, sonic wolf tendons, kelp salts and fish oil soaked rags in any sewing kit to create toughened sinew lashings. Trivial for the combine is 135 tailoring.

Owlbear tendons drop in Hollowshade Moor off the owlbear cubs and grapplers. Sonic wolf tendons appear to drop off any wandering sonic wolf in Hollowshade Moor. Kelp salts drop off the moor tortoises in Hollowshade Moor. Fish oil soaked rags are dropped off the grimling fisherman (and their chief), also in Hollowshade Moor.

See the Sonic Wolf Bane quest writeup for further details on this quest.

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