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Vah Shir - Shaman Quests

As with many quests in Shar Vahl, this requires that you've already completed the Vah Shir Citizenship quest.

This quest is restricted to members of the shaman class only and results in cloak and buckler upgrades as well as a ceremonial strainer needed to make the shaman portion of the Sonic Wolf Bane Weapons. It relies heavily on the brewing tradeskill. Further details on the Hollowshade Moor drops needed.

Give your personal Acrylia Slate to Spiritist Fehril. He is in the Shaman guild in Shar Vahl (loc 60, 140). He asks you to bring him 3 hairless hopper hides. These hides drop from Needle Clawed Hoppers in the Pit in Shar Vahl.

Hand the 3 pelts to Spiritist Fehril. In return you will receive a Hopperhide Buckler (AC 4, wt 2.0). Fehril will also hand you a No Drop cask (make sure to have a container slot free!) and tell you to fill it with 2 Sweet Waters. Sweet Water is made by combining Xakra Bile, Scorpion Blood, and a flask of water in a brew barrel. Xakra Bile drops from Xakra Larva in the Pit in Shar Vahl. Scorpion Blood drops from Scorpions and Whiptail Scorpions in the Pit in Shar Vahl. You can purchase the flask of water from Chille, a merchant at the city side end of the South bridge in Shar Vahl (or from other merchants that sell water). Brew up 2 of the Sweet Waters and put them in the Cask. (Note that the cask has 4 slots, but only 2 are required for the combine to be successful.)

Hand the combined Cask to Spiritist Fehril. In return you will receive a vial of Hide Treatment. Fehril will ask you to do a task for Merchant Ayyad and return Ayyad's seal to him. Merchant Ayyad is located right outside of the Palace walls in Shar Vahl (loc 245, 0). Hand Ayyad your Acrylia Slate and you will be handed a bowl and a reusable jar sketch (don't forget to have a container spot free for the bowl). You will be asked to create a Grey Clay Bowl for Ayyad. First, you will need to create Grey Clay. This is made by combining 2 grey mud (dropped from rhinobeetle hatchlings in the Pit in Shar Vahl) with 1 Xakra Bile (dropped by Xakra Larva in the Pit in Shar Vahl). Combine the Grey Clay in a pottery wheel with the reusable jar sketch and a flask of water to create an unfired gray jar. Combine the unfired gray jar with a firing sheet in a Kiln to create the Gray Jar. Hand the Gray Jar to Ayyad and you will receive his Seal.

Hand Ayyad's Seal, the Hide Treatment, and your Initiate's Cloak to Spiritist Fehril. You will receive a Treated Hopperhide Buckler (AC 5, sv poison 2, wt 3.0) and a Cloak of the Dar Khura Recruit. You will also be told to show your shield to Fharra Cawfeet to continue your training. Fharra is located in the North District of Shal Vahl.

Hand your Treated Hopperhide Buckler to Fharra Cawfeet (loc 460, 360). In return you will receiver your shield back as well as be given a 4 slot container. (Again, have a container slot free.) Fharra will ask you to create 4 soothing potions. Soothing Potions are made by combining 2 Muck Digger Hearts (dropped by Muck Diggers in Paludal Caverns) with a flask of water in a brew barrel. Combine 4 soothing potions in the 4 slot jar to create Fharra's Soothing Tonic.

Hand the Soothing Tonic to Fharra Cawfeet. She will hand you a another treatment for your Treater Hopperhide Shield. She will also ask you to speak with Mydi for further instructions. Hand Mydi your shield and she will offer to help you treat your shield. She will hand you a cloth and tell you to soak it in gray liquid and wrap the cloth around the shield with the treatment. To do this, she instructs you to first create the gray liquid by brewing a Dulfis Mushroom in a flask a water. The Dulfis Mushrooms are a ground spawn found near the Shadeweaver's zoneline in Paludal Caverns. Combine 1 mushroom with 1 flask of water in a brew barrel. Next, combine the gray liquid with the cloth given to you by Mydi in the brew barrel. This will change the cloth into a container. Place your Treated Hopperhide Shield and your treatment into the cloth and combine them. This will result in an upgraded shield.

Hand Mydi your new shield and she will tell you she has another task for you to complete. She will hand you an 8 slot bag and ask you to fill it with Wetfang Eyes. These eyes drop from Large Wetfangs in Paludal Caverns. Combine the 8 eyes in the bag.

Hand the Bag of Wetfang Eyes to Mydi and she will give you her Seal. Take this Seal back to Spiritist Fehril.

Turn in the Seal, your Recruit Cloak, and your buckler to Fehril. In exchange, he will give you an Apprentice Cloak and ask you to speak to Jaima Seyel. Jaima is in the Shaman's Guild in Shar Vahl.

Hand Jaima your Apprentice Cloak. She will hand you a 4 slot bag and ask you to fill it with Sonic Wolf Paws. These paws are the stackable, droppable kind that drop from all kinds of Sonic Wolves in Hollowshade Moor. Please do not confuse these with the No Drop Sonic Pup Paws which also drop from Sonic Wolves. Combine 4 paws in the bag to create a Bag of Sonic Wolf Paws.

Hand Jaima the Bag of Sonic Wolf Paws. In return you will be given a note and your Ceremonial Strainer.

This concludes the part to get your strainer, but it does not conclude the quest for the Sonic Wolf Bane weapons. To continue on, hand the note given to you by Jaima to Amat Luziq. Amat is located in the library right outside of the Palace in Shar Vahl. Amat will give you a spear shaft and ask you to speak with Qua. Qua supplies the books which describe how to make the different parts of the Sonic Wolf Bane weapons, but you can save yourself the plat and just read about them here at EQTraders.com. Qua also sells the weapon kit which you will need to combine each of the parts in with the spear shaft to create your Sonic Wolf Bane spear.

Further details on the Sonic Wolf Bane weapons can be found.

Your completed sonic wolf bane spear is magic, lore, no drop, piercing, 4 dam, 21 delay, 3 bane damage vs sonic wolves, wt 4.0, VAH/SHM

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