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Spider Legs
WT: 0.5   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Stackable up to 1000
NPCs sell this at 1s
NPCs buy this at 1s
EQ item ID: 13417

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  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    • Commonlands
      • a giant spider
      • a large spider
    • Dreadlands
      • drachnids, various types of drachnids
    • East Karana
      • a crag spider
      • a carrion spider
    • Erud's Crossing
      • a kerra spider
    • Everfrost Peaks
      • gigantic wooly spider
      • wooly spiders, wooly spider, giant wooly spider
    • Feerrott
      • a jungle spider
    • Field of Bone
      • a bonecrawler hatchling
    • Firiona Vie
      • drachnids, several types of drachnids
    • Frontier Mountains
      • strathbone spider
    • Goru`kar Mesa
      • a cave recluse
      • a large cave recluse
    • Greater Faydark (also see Kelethin)
      • a widow hatchling
      • widows, large and giant widow (spiders)
      • spiders, large and giant spiders
    • Kaesora
      • bristleweb spiders
      • briarweb spiders
    • Kithicor Woods
      • a giant spider
      • a cliff spider
    • Lesser Faydark
      • a giant spider
    • Lower Guk
      • a deadly black widow
    • Mines of Nurga
      • bristleweb spiders
      • briarweb spiders
    • Miragul's Menagerie: The Forgotten Waste
      • an icy scavenger
    • Mistmoore Catacombs: Ritualistic Summoni
      • poisoncrawler
      • a deathcrawler
    • Misty Thicket
      • a giant wood spider
      • a giant spider
    • Nektulos Forest
      • an araneidae spiderling
    • North Karana
      • giant spiders
    • Qeynos Aqueducts
      • a large spider
    • Steamfont Mountains
      • yellow recluse
    • Stone Hive
      • a garden widow
    • Toxxulia Forest
      • a large wood spider
      • widows, large and giant widow (spiders)
    • Upper Guk
      • heart spiders
    • Valdeholm
      • a mature lakeskater
    • West Karana
      • giant spider

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