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This is a Snack
WT: 0.6   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Stackable up to 20
NPCs will not buy this item
EQ item ID: 13419

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  • This item is Foraged:
    • Abysmal Sea
    • Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
    • Barren Coast
    • Bazaar
    • Blackfeather Roost
    • Blightfire Moors
    • Broodlands
    • Buried Sea
    • Butcherblock Mountains
    • Commonlands
    • Crescent Reach
    • Dagnor's Cauldron
    • Dreadlands
    • East Commonlands
    • Estate of Unrest
    • Forgotten Halls
    • Goru`kar Mesa
    • Greater Faydark (also see Kelethin)
    • Guild Hall
    • Katta Castrum
    • Lake Rathetear
    • Lavaspinner's Lair
    • Lavastorm Mountains
    • Lesser Faydark
    • Loping Plains
    • Multiple Zones
    • Neriak Fourth Gate
    • Permafrost Caverns
    • Plane of Nightmare
    • Plane of Storms
    • Plane of Tranquility
    • Qeynos Hills
    • South Qeynos
    • Southern Desert of Ro
    • Stillmoon Temple
    • Surefall Glade
    • The Accursed Nest
    • The Steppes
    • Thundercrest Isles
    • Tower of Solusek Ro

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