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Block of Acrylia Ore
WT: 18.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Stackable up to 250
NPCs sell this at 103p9g4s9c
NPCs buy this at 31p4g2s9c
EQ item ID: 10420

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  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    • Acrylia Caverns
      • a grimling warlord
      • a grimling deathguard
      • a grimling high priest
      • a grimling spiritist
      • a sanctum corpsemaster
      • an elite grimling deathguard
      • a grimling deathspeaker
      • a sanctum deathpriest
      • a grimling bloodpriest
      • a sanctum spiritslaver
      • a grimling prison guard
      • a grimling primalist
      • a spirit guard
      • a grimling soulsoother
      • a sanctum bloodguard
      • a spirit caller
      • a grimling deathpriest
      • a spirit speaker
      • a grimling arch sage
      • a skeletal minion
      • a grimling spiritslaver
      • a spirit healer
      • a grimling arcanist
      • a grimling ritualist
      • a grimling bloodguard
    • Hollowshade Moor
      • a grimling mystic
      • a grimling thief
      • a grimling guard
      • a grimling bodyguard
      • a grimling lookout
      • a patrolling grimling
      • a grimling tribal leader
      • Grurn No Eyes
      • a grimling chieftan
    • Maiden's Eye
      • a goranga hunter
      • a goranga lookout
      • a goranga seer
      • a goranga tribesman
      • a goranga spiritseer
      • a goranga shaman
      • a goranga scout
      • a goranga savant
    • Scarlet Desert
      • a bloodtribe warrior
      • a bloodtribe shaman
      • Bloodtribe Sneakster
      • bloodtribe shaman
    • Tenebrous Mountains
      • a grimling laborer
      • a grimling runner
    • The Deep
      • a parasite larva
      • an Enthralled Underbulk
      • a stone carver
      • a core burrower
      • an enthralled outcast

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