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Item List for Reaver Thirlan

Found in Plane of Knowledge at loc -34, 733, -92 (In Myrist, The Great Library)

Tradeskill supplies sold by Reaver Thirlan

Item Price
Spell: Convoke Shadow

Spell: Dark Empathy

Spell: Deadeye

Spell: Endure Disease

Spell: Engulfing Darkness

Spell: Feign Death

Spell: Heat Blood

Spell: Lifedraw

Spell: Restless Bones

Spell: Spook the Dead

Spell: Vampiric Embrace

Spell: Ward Undead

Spell: Wave of Enfeeblement

Tradeskill supplies dropped by Reaver Thirlan when killed

This NPC does not drop any tradeskill items when killed.

Quest items obtained from Reaver Thirlan

This NPC does give any tradeskill quest items.

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