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Item List for Scribe Garp

Found in Gukta (in Rathe Mnts) at loc -1658, 375, 1

Tradeskill supplies sold by Scribe Garp

Item Price
Spell: Abolish Disease

Spell: Agility

Spell: Alacrity

Spell: Alluring Aura

Spell: Assiduous Vision

Spell: Befriend Animal

Spell: Blinding Luminance

Spell: Blizzard Blast

Spell: Cannibalize

Spell: Cannibalize II

Spell: Celerity

18p 9g 2s

Spell: Charisma

Spell: Charm Animals

Spell: Chloroblast

88p 7g 7s 3c

Spell: Chloroplast

Spell: Companion Spirit

Spell: Creeping Vision

Spell: Deftness

Spell: Deliriously Nimble

71p 1g 5s 4c

Spell: Dexterity

Spell: Envenomed Bolt

Spell: Envenomed Breath

Spell: Form of the Bear

Spell: Frenzied Spirit

Spell: Frost Strike

Spell: Furious Strength

Spell: Fury

Spell: Gale of Poison

Spell: Glamour

Spell: Greater Healing

Spell: Guardian

Spell: Guardian Spirit

Spell: Harnessing of Spirit

Spell: Health

Spell: Ice Strike

77p 6g 1c

Spell: Incapacitate

Spell: Insidious Malady

Spell: Invisibility

Spell: Kragg's Mending

119p 5g 8s 2c

Spell: Listless Power

Spell: Maniacal Strength

95p 8g 6s 7c

Spell: Mortal Deftness

101p 7g 1s 9c

Spell: Nimble

Spell: Plague

Spell: Poison Storm

Spell: Protect

Spell: Quickness

Spell: Rage

Spell: Raging Strength

Spell: Regeneration

Spell: Regrowth

65p 3g 7s 2c

Spell: Riotous Health

77p 6s 5c

Spell: Rising Dexterity

Spell: Scale of Wolf

Spell: Scourge

Spell: Shifting Shield

Spell: Spirit of Bih`Li

Spell: Spirit of Cheetah

Spell: Spirit of Monkey

Spell: Spirit of Ox

Spell: Stamina

Spell: Strength

Spell: Superior Healing

7p 2s 6c

Spell: Swift like the Wind

40p 7s 4c

Spell: Tagar's Insects

Spell: Talisman of Altuna

Spell: Talisman of Kragg

137p 4g 7c

Spell: Talisman of Tnarg

12p 5g 9s 7c

Spell: Togor's Insects

Spell: Turgur`s Insects

60p 1g 3s 7c

Spell: Unfailing Reverence

112p 1g 9s 4c

Spell: Venom of the Snake

Spell: Vigilant Spirit

Spell: Winter's Roar

Tradeskill supplies dropped by Scribe Garp when killed

This NPC does not drop any tradeskill items when killed.

Quest items obtained from Scribe Garp

This NPC does give any tradeskill quest items.

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