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PoK Recharge Item Quest

(Note that this quest requires the Planes of Power expansion.) It is possible that other items can be recharged, but at this time, we only have information on the Mystic Cloak, which is a quested item that starts in Najena. This quest was found by a 250 skill jeweler who was wearing a mystic cloak, so it may indicate that there is a check for both the item and the necessary trade skill ability. Cadelawin Browan can be found next to a tree at 7, -9.

You say, 'Hail, Cadelawin Browan'

Cadelawin Browan says 'Wow, you have a Mystic Cloak! I was just reading a book about cloaks with similar enchantments. I'm studying to try and learn how to make magical and enchanted armor. I'm pretty sure I have figured out a way to [recharge] a Mystic Cloak.'

You say, 'how do you recharge mystic cloak'

Cadelawin Browan says 'Well, in the case of the Mystic Cloak at least, the true enchantment is in the brooch that you use to clip the cloak around your shoulders. The cloak itself cannot run out of magic, the brooch, however, can. When it no longer has the ability to cast spells you should be able to attach a [new brooch] and regain the magic the cloak once possessed.'

You say, 'what new brooch'

Cadelawin Browan says 'I figured that would be your next question. Each enchanted cloak has its own brooch, and you need to know the specifics of the brooch for your cloak in order to replace it. You happen to be in luck today as I happen to know the specifications for the cloak associated with the Mystic Cloak. First you will need talisman made from Chrysoberyl. That talisman will need to be affixed inside a Planar Jeweler's kit by a skilled jewelcrafter to an enchanted platinum bar with a magic scroll of steelskin and a vial of distilled mana. Once you have the brooch simply attach it to your cloak in one of the looms you can find in Jeral, it shouldn't be terribly difficult.'

In a Planar Jeweler's Kit, combine: Crysoberyl Talisman, Enchanted Platinum Bar, Scroll of Steelskin, Vial Of Distilled Mana. You will receive a Mystic Brooch, MAGIC ITEM, LORE ITEM, Effect: Steelskin (Must Equip. Casting Time: Instant), WT: 0.0, Size: TINY, Class: None, Race: None

In the Tanaan Loom at 85, 1470 in Plane of Knowledge, combine the Mystic Brooch and your Mystic Cloak. You will receive back your Mystic Cloak, with 10 charges of steelskin.

The person reporting in the quest information says that the jewelcraft combine was trivial with her 250 skill, and the tailoring combine was trivial with her 69 tailoring skill. It is possible that both are no-fail combines.

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