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Skill: Mod%: Mod Cap: Trivial: Prime Stat:
Tradeskill: Tradeskill AA: no   1   2   3

It matters if the tradeskill has an alternate optional prime stat other than int or wis. (Smithing, Fletching and Make Poison)

Skill : Put in the unmodified skill of the tradeskill you are using.
Mod%: Put in the percentage of any modifying item you have that applies to the tradeskill you are using.
Trivial: Put in the trivial of the item you are attempting to combine.
Prime Stat: The prime stat is the higher of Int or Wis. OR if you are doing smithing it is the higher of int/wis/str. If you are doing fletching or poison making it is the higher of int/wis/dex.

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