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EQTraders Corner (EQTC) was created at the launch of EQ by a stubborn redhead named Niami DenMother (aka 'Mum), in an attempt to make sense of the often-bewildering world of EverQuest tradeskills.

Since it was launched in March 1999, there have been many changes to tradeskills as well as to this website. We've gone from being run on 'Mum's personal AOL webspace to a several million hits per month website and message board setup. We've gone from flat files tracking a few recipes and some vendor and mob drop information to multiple database tables tracking thousands of recipes, mobs, drops and so forth.

One thing hasn't changed, though. We're still privately owned and run by 'Mum (with the technical help of her husband and some phenomenal volunteer staff, led by Aanuvane). Why is this point important? It means that this is basically a labor of love. It's not some huge profit-making site. There is no premium membership. There are no annoying popups. There is no begging in your mailbox asking you to help keep us running. There's just this dedicated staff trying to make sure that tradeskill information is freely available to all and sundry.

We finally broke down and added targeted banner ads to the sites to help pay for them. Just a little extra space taken at the top/bottom of the page. Easy to ignore if you want. {grins} Running the two sites is a pretty time-consuming, and bandwidth-consuming process these days, and donations alone generally don't do the trick.

We do try, very hard, to ensure that the ads that go through block things like plat sales sites and suchforth, but once in a while one slips through our filters. If you see any ad of questionable legality, please post in our forums so we can get it blocked ASAP.

Please be aware that we do strongly monitor and moderate our message boards, and make sure to read the posts in the Visitor's Corner section of the forums before posting. While the tradeskill information on the site is freely available to all, we DO enforce rules of conduct on those posting to the message boards, and we can/will ban folks from posting if they can't accept our "our house, our rules" decision for the forums. We've seen too many message board forums turn into total chaos, and we're not going to let it happen here - especially now that we have SOE devs regularly stopping in to check on things, based on our reputation for relative sanity. ;)

Image above provided/created by J. Waller of WTF Comics

Obligatory legalese: "FTC guidelines require that we disclose to you that Niami DenMother's RL husband is an employee of SOE. Nonetheless, the opinions and other posts expressed here are those of the EQtraders staff and not of anyone at SOE."

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