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Cross-Reference: LoY Spell Research Drops

This is a list of the pages, runes, words, and other components needed for researching 50+ spells, designed to help figure out what drops are worth keeping and roughly what they're worth. In the parenthesis after each spell name is the first letter of the class, and the level at which that class can use it. Thus, (M55) denotes a level 55 mage spell, while (S59) is a level 59 shaman spell. Components that can be used to tailor robes have the name of the swatch they produce noted after the spells.

Where drops have a ? before and after the name, they were only listed in the recipes for priest class spells and not for the int caster spells. I'm not sure yet if they are mistakes in game or if something got goofed when they were translated on the boards for us, so take those with a grain of salt. Also, the 60 cleric spell Blessing of Aegolism was listed with the same component twice in the recipe, so in practice it probably requires at least one more thing that's not noted for it here. Lastly, quite frankly my eyes started to glaze over as I plowed through the sea of yaeths and words and runes and toharons and zeannors, so there are probably mistakes of my own doing. If you find any, please just point em out on the message boards and I'll get em fixed.


Spells It Makes (class, level of use)


finnok's 2 left spirit of the howler (S55), zumaik's animation (E55), hammer of judgement (C56), hammer of divinity (C58), hammer of souls (C60)
finnok's 2 right zumaik's animation (E55)
keris's 5 left color slant (E52)
keris's 5 right color slant (E52), slant scribed swatch
keris's 7 left illusion: vah shir (E54)
keris's 7 right illusion: vah shir (E54)
toharon's 15 left wind of tashani (E55)
toharon's 15 right yaulp 4 (C53), wind of tashani (E55), tashani scribed swatch
toharon's 18 left glamour of tunare (D53), naltrons mark (C58), umbra (E57)
toharon's 18 right death pact (C51), mark of karn (C56), aegis (C57), umbra (E57)
toharon's 19 aegis (C57), umbra (E57)
toharon's 21 left divine intervention (C60), protection of the glades (D60), wind of tashanian (E60)
toharon's 21 right heroic bond (C52), yaulp 5 (C56), wind of tashanian (E60), fortitude (C55)
toharon's 22 naltrons mark (C58), aegolism (C60), divine intervention (C60), protection of the glades (D60), wind of tashanian (E60)
yaeth's 25 left ethereal light (C58), koadic's endless intellect (E60)
yaeth's 25 right ethereal light (C58), koadic's endless intellect (E60), intellect scribed swatch
yaeth's 26 left blessing of aegolism (C60), koadic's endless intellect (E60)
yaeth's 26 right koadic's endless intellect (E60)
yaeth's 50 left improved invisibility (E50), spirit quickening (S50), everlasting breath (D51, S51), form of the great bear (S55), talisman of the cat (S57)
yaeth's 50 right improved invisibility (E50)
yaeth's 61 left theft of thought (E51), talisman of the brute (S57)
yaeth's 61 right theft of thought (E51), improved superior camoflage (D50)
yaeth's 63 left everlasting breath (E51), cannibalize 4 (S58)
yaeth's 63 right everlasting breath (E51), girdle of karana (D55)
yaeth's 65 left levitation (E51), form of the howler (D54), talisman of the rhino (S58)
yaeth's 65 right levitation (E51)
yaeth's 70 left levitation (D51, S51), cripple (E53), antidote (C58)
yaeth's 70 right word of vigor (C52), cripple (E53), tunare's request (D55)
yaeth's 72 left gift of insight (E55), wake of karana (D56), word of restoration (C57)
yaeth's 72 right gift of insight (E55)
yaeth's 73 left torment of argli (E56), talisman of the serpent (S58)
yaeth's 73 right remove greater curse (C54, D54, S54), torment of argli (E56), primal essence (S52), argli scribed swatch
yaeth's 78 left horrifying visage (E56), regrowth of dar'khura (S56), regrowth of the grove (D58), ethereal remedy (C59)
yaeth's 78 right talisman of shadoo (S53), horrifying visage (E56), visage scribed swatch
yaeth's 80 left spirit of scale (S52, D53), augment (E56)
yaeth's 80 right cripple (S53), augment (E56)
yaeth's 81 augment (E56), regrowth of dar'khura (S56), succor (D57), marzin's mark (C60)
yaeth's 82 left enlightenment (E57), talisman of epuration (S58)
yaeth's 82 right shroud of the spirits (S54), enlightenment (E57)
yaeth's 83 enlightenment (E57), nature's recovery (D60)
yaeth's 91 left forlorn deeds (E57), talisman of the raptor (S59)
yaeth's 91 right forlorn deeds (E57)
yaeth's 92 forlorn deeds (E57), word of restoration (C57), regrowth of the grove (D58)
yaeth's 94 left bedlam (E58), form of the hunter (D60)
yaeth's 94 right bedlam (E58), spirit of oak (D59), form of the hunter (D60)
yaeth's 95 bedlam (E58), spirit of oak (D59)
yaeth's 97 left glamorous visage (E58)
yaeth's 97 right glamorous visage (E58)
yaeth's 98 antidote (C58), glamorous visage (E58)
yaeth's 102 left gift of pure thought (E59), nature's recovery (D60)
yaeth's 102 right gift of pure thought (E59)
yaeth's 103 gift of pure thought (E59)
yaeth's 104 left asphyxiate (E59), focus of spirit (S60)
yaeth's 104 right asphyxiate (E59)
yaeth's 105 asphyxiate (E59), focus of spirit (S60)
yaeth's 107 left gift of brilliance (E60), torpor (S60)
yaeth's 107 right gift of brilliance (E60)
yaeth's 108 gift of brilliance (E60), malo (S60), word of redemption (C60)
yaeth's 112 left avatar (S60), dictate (E60)
yaeth's 112 right avatar (S60), dictate (E60)
yaeth's 113 ethereal remedy (C59), dictate (E60)
yaeth's 114 left ethereal elixir (C60), khura's focusing (S60), visions of grandeur (E60)
yaeth's 114 right visions of grandeur (E60), word of redemption (C60)
yaeth's 115 khura's focusing (S60), mask of the hunter (D60), visions of grandeur (E60)
yaeth's 117 left mask of the stalker (D60), speed of the brood (E60)
yaeth's 117 right speed of the brood (E60)
yaeth's 118 left mask of the stalker (D60), speed of the brood (E60)
yaeth's 118 right speed of the brood (E60), torpor (S60)
zeannor's 12 left dementia (E54)
zeannor's 12 right dementia (E54)
zeannor's 14 left largarn's lamentation (E55), fist of karana (D58)
zeannor's 14 right largarn's lamentation (E55)
zeannor's 15 left dementing visions (E58)
zeannor's 15 right dementing visions (E58)
zeannor's 16 dementing visions (E58)


alternation tishan's discord (W51), pillar of lightning (W54), reckoning (C54), breath of karana (D56), markar's discord (W56), acumen of dar'khura (S58)
amalgamation upheaval (C52, D51), improved invisibility (W55), torrent of poison (S55), elnerick's electrical rendering (W60), entrapping roots (D60), greater familiar (W60), sunstrike (W60)
antithesis improved invisibility to undead (C50), vengeance of al'kabor (W59), disintegrate (W60)
association evacuate (W57), eye of tallon (W57), flaming sword of xuzl (W59), entrapping roots (D60), greater familiar (W60)
cascade improved invisibility (W55), firetree's familiar enhancement (W60)
coalition sunskin (C51), call of karana (D52), eye of tallon (W57), markar's discord (W56)
complexity decession (W56), spellshield (W58), ethereal elixir (C60), firetree's familiar enhancement (W60)
conglomeration atol's spectral shackles (W51), levitation (W51), bonds of tunare (D57), circle of seasons (D58), banishment of shadows (C60), firetree's familiar enhancement (W60), word of redemption (C60)
conjunction plainsight (W55), evacuate (W57), pillar of flame (W57), greater familiar (W60)
contradiction succor (D57), spellshield (W58), banishment of shadows (C60)
coruscating ro's smoldering disjunction (D56), garrison's superior sundering (W60), moonfire (D60), sunstrike (W60)
current levitation (W51), tears of druzzil (W52), invert gravity (W59), lure of ice (W60)
divergency wake of karana (D56), pillar of flame (W57), talisman of the cat (S57), cannibalize 4 (S58), banishment (D60), ice spear of solist (W60)
draught circle of winter (D51), draught of jiva (W55), frost (D57)
druzzil tears of druzzil (W52)
ellipse circle of summer (D52), inferno of al'kabor (W53), plainsight (W55), acumen (S56), judgement (C56), retribution of al'kabor (W56), vengeance of al'kabor (W59), garrison's superior sundering (W60), ellipse runed swatch
fennin ro pillar of flame (W57), flaming sword of xuzl (W59)
flash inferno of al'kabor (W53), ro's smoldering disjunction (D56), yaulp 5 (C56), fist of karana (D58), moonfire (D60)
gale pillar of frost (W51), blizzard (D54), pillar of lightning (W54), mark of karn (C56), hammer of divinity (C58), tears of prexus (W58), ice spear of solist (W60)
glint draught of jiva (W55), enforced reverence (C58), garrison's superior sundering (W60), sunstrike (W60)
impulse translocate (W50), manasink (W58), the unspoken word (C59), winds of gelid (W60), impulse runed swatch
incendiary atol's spectral shackles (W51), translocate group (W52), decession (W56), legacy of thorn (D59), flaming sword of xuzl (W59)
incitation paralyzing earth (C56), fist of karana (D58), manasink (W58), vengeance of al'kabor (W59), disintegrate (W60), lure of ice (W60)
incitement yaulp 4 (C53), manasink (W58), spellshield (W58), voice of the berserker (S59), disintegrate (W60)
opposition paralyzing earth (C56), succor (D57), invert gravity (W59), winds of gelid (W60)
prexus pillar of frost (W51), tears of prexus (W58), ice spear of solist (W60)
scintillation garrison's superior sundering (W60)
synergy improved superior camoflage (D50), enforced reverence (C58), lure of ice (W60)
tallon zek eye of tallon (W57)
tempest retribution of al'kabor (W56), frost (D57), tears of prexus (W58), circle of seasons (D58), invert gravity (W59), elnerick's electrical rendering (W60), winds of gelid (W60), tempest runed swatch
transpose translocate (W50), translocate group (W52), stun command (C55), decession (W56), evacuate (W57)
vortex tishan's discord (W51), retribution of al'kabor (W56), elnerick's electrical rendering (W60)
zephyr elnerick's electrical rendering (W60), marzin's mark (C60), mask of the stalker (D60)


abrogation breath of karana (D56), banishment of shadows (C60, N60), gangrenous touch of zum'uul (N60), zefveer's theft of vitae (N60), abrogation scribed swatch
agony dead men floating (N49), chill bones (N55), bane of nife (S56), pox of bertoxxulous (S59), banishment (D60)
anguish scent of terris (N52), augmentation of death (N55), conglaciation of bone (N55), tigir's insects (S58), arch lich (N60), funeral pyre of kelador (N60)
annihilation sacrifice (N51), judgement (C56), malosini (S56)
apparition remove greater curse (C54, D54, S54), shroud of the spirits (S54), servant of bones (N56), trucidation (N60)
aptitude transon's elemental renewal (M60)
asylum dead men floating (N49), death pact (C51), shadowbond (N54), quivering veil of xarn (N58), asylum scribed swatch
awareness demi-lich (N56), sedulous subversion (N56)
banshee conglatiation of bone (N55), arch lich (N60)
capacity monster summoning 2 (M50), muzzle of mardu (M56), yaulp 5 (C56), talisman of the brute (S57), acumen of dar'khura (S58), greater voceration fire (M58), talisman of the rhino (S58), velocity (M58), greater voceration air (M59), greater voceration water (M60), shock of fiery blades (M60), capacity scribed swatch
comprehension shadowbond (N54), infusion (N55), talisman of the brute (S57), hammer of souls (C60)
constancy improved invisibility to undead (C50), infusion (N55), conjure corpse (N57), gangrenous touch of zum'uul (N60)
control thrall of bones (N54), emissary of thule (N59), enslave death (N60)
covert defoliation (N52), conjure corpse (N57), death peace (N60), entrapping roots (D60)
decision convergence (N53), death peace (N60)
distress torrent of poison (S55), tigir's insects (S58), mind wrack (N58), gangrenous touch of zum'uul (N60)
divergence crippling claudication (N56), arch lich (N60)
domination bristlebane's bundle (M52), quiver of marr (M53), scars of sigil (M54), vocerate water (M54), call of the hero (M55), rage of zomm (M55), wrath of the elements (M55)
edification scent of terris (N52), devouring darkness (N59)
energy thrall of bones (N54), quivering veil of xarn (N58), focus of spirit (S60), malo (S60)
eventide sacrifice (N51)
exhilaration sedulous subversion (N56), cannibalize 4 (S58)
expedition sunskin (C51), augmentation of death (N55)
expertise acumen (S56), dyzil's deafening decoy (M56), mark of karn (C56), bonds of tunare (D57), blessed armor of the risen (C58), tigir's insects (S58), transon's phantasmal protection (M58), legacy of thorn (D59), manastorm (M59), banishment (M60), aegis of ro (M60), expertise etched swatch
holding bonds of tunare (D57), devouring darkness (N59)
immunity enforced reverence (C58), quivering veil of xarn (N58), talisman of the raptor (S59), death peace (N60)
intent chill bones (N55), acumen of dar'khura (S58), trucidation (N60)
invigoration mind wrack (N58), talisman of epuration (S58), the unspoken word (C59)
knowledge acumen (S56)
misery bane of nife (S56), judgement (C56), conjure corpse (N57), devouring darkness (N59), funeral pyre of kelador (N60), trucidation (N60), misery scribed swatch
obliteration crippling claudication (N56), banishment (D60), banishment of shadows (N60), obliteration scribed swatch
pain defoliation (N52), insidious decay (S52), funeral pyre of kelador (N60)
potence moonfire (D60), shock of fiery blades (M60)
propriety voice of the berserker (S59)
recall levant (N55), mind wrack (N58), the unspoken word (C59), zefveer's theft of vitae (N60)
recourse levant (N55), blessed armor of the risen (C58), divine intervention (C60), zefveer's theft of vitae (N60)
restraint gift of xev (M51), bandoleer of luclin (M54), burnout 4 (M55), pouch of quellious (M55)
retention malo (S60), zefveer's theft of vitae (N60)
revenant demi-lich (N56), servant of bones (N56), emissary of thule (N59), pox of bertoxxulous (S59), enslave death (N60), torpor (S60)
sapience sedulous subversion (N56), talisman of the serpent (S58), torpor (S60)
stimulation convergence (N53), talisman of the rhino (S58), enslave death (N60)
tenancy minion of shadows (N53), nature walker's behest (D55), demi-lich (N56), servant of bones (N56), emissary of thule (N59), tenancy scribed swatch
tenure talisman of jasinth (S51), minion of shadows (N53)
torment funeral pyre of kelador (N60)
virtue malosini (S56), eye of tallon (M57), ethereal light (C58), avatar (S60), form of the hunter (D60), maelstorm of electricity (M60), mala (M60), transon's elemental renewal (M60), virtue scribed swatch
voiding cripple (S53), crippling claudication (N56), banishment of shadows (N60)


bolts of tallon scars of sigil (M54), eye of tallon (M57), blessed armor of the risen (C58), spirit of oak (D59), maelstorm of electricity (M60)
card of bristlebane monster summoning 2 (M50), bristlebane's bundle (M52), talisman of shadoo (S53), aegolism (C60), banishment (M60), mala (M60), mask of the hunter (D60)
coin of xev gift of xev (M51), talisman of jasinth (S51), quiver of marr (M53), nature walker's behest (D55), girdle of karana (D55), marzin's mark (C60)
dew clover upheaval (C52, D51), levitation (D51, S51), spirit of scale (S52, D53), eye of tallon (M57), frost (D57), word of restoration (C57), regrowth of the grove (D58), talisman of epuration (S58), talisman of the raptor (S59), ethereal elixir (C60), greater voceration water (M60), mask of the hunter (D60), mask of the stalker (D60), nature's recovery (D60), dew clover etched swatch
etched signet spirit quickening (S50), tunare's request (D55), breath of karana (D56), circle of seasons (D58), naltrons mark (C58), talisman of the serpent (S58), velocity (M58), aegis of ro (M60), blessing of aegolism (C60), khura's focusing (S60), transon's elemental renewal (M60)
flame of fennin burnout 4 (M55), fortitude (C55), rage of zomm (M55), greater voceration fire (M58), shock of fiery blades (M60), aegis of ro (M60)
flake of lodestone circle of summer (D52), insidious decay (S52), spirit of the howler (S55), stun command (C55), hammer of judgement (C56), paralyzing earth (C56), ro's smoldering disjunction (D56), ethereal remedy (C59), manastorm (M59), pox of bertoxxulous (S59), banishment (M60), moonfire (D60), shock of fiery blades (M60), lodestone etched swatch
mist of povar call of karana (D52), primal essence (S52), vocerate water (M54), muzzle of mardu (M56), velocity (M58), greater voceration water (M60)
primordial substance monster summoning 2 (M50), circle of winter (D51), glamour of tunare (D53), form of the howler (D54), bane of nife (S56), muzzle of mardu (M56), antidote (C58), greater voceration air (M59), maelstorm of electricity (M60)
runed emblem blizzard (D54),regrowth of dar'khura (S56), wake of karana (D56), talisman of the cat (S57), greater voceration fire (M58), transon's phantasmal protection (M58), aegolism (C60), marzin's mark (C60), protection of the glades (D60)
scales of veeshan wrath of the elements (M55), aegis (C57), greater voceration air (M59), legacy of thorn (D59), manastorm (M59)
sliver of moonstone everlasting breath (D51, S51), reckoning (C54), dyzil's deafening decoy (M56), voice of the berserker (S59), mala (M60)
staff shard of luclin heroic bond (C52), bandoleer of luclin (M54), call of the hero (M55), form of the great bear (S55), dyzil's deafening decoy (M56), hammer of judgement (C56), hammer of divinity (C58), hammer of souls (C60), malo (S60)
writ of quellious word of vigor (C52), pouch of quellious (M55), transon's phantasmal protection (M58), blessing of aegolism (C60), transon's elemental renewal (M60)

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