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Neriak Necromancer (Unholy Silk) Armor

This is one of many new race- and class-specific armor quests. The resultant armor is for dark elven necromancers only, is no drop, and all pieces other than the bracer is lore. The tailoring combines are no fail, and the robe graphic is a plain black robe. Please note that while the bracers are not lore, the bracer materials often are, so make your first bracer before you get the parts for a second one.

This quest starts at the top of the necromancer guild, with Talorial D'Estalian (-1272, -1228)

You say, 'Hail, Talorial D`Estalian'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'On what grounds do you think you are welcome to address me like that vermin? I am afraid you will have to prove yourself to me before I can treat you with any respect. Do you feel that you are [worthy] to stand before me? '

You say, 'i am worthy'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'Very well then, you are lucky that I have been looking for some sort of an apprentice to help me out in gathering some hides from those nasty halflings. I did have a young one as yourself working for me before but unfortunately they didn't work out as you can see by looking at this autopsy table. I would hope that you will complete my [tasks], for your sake. '

You say, 'what tasks'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'If you are willing to [gather some items] that are needed for specific halfling hides I can offer you with the resources necessary to fashion your own armor.'

You say, 'i will gather some items'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'Excellent Legion. Please take this Old Enchanted Tailors Kit. It contains magical power that is able to fashion specific components into a magical version of whatever the core material is. If you are a Necromancer you will need to gather halfling hides that have been infused with many different elements that you will collect and combine in this box. Simply tell me what pattern you [want] and I will present you with the recipe necessary for [Gloves], [Robe], [Trousers], [Sleeves], [Skullcap], [Bracers] and [slippers]. I would recommend you fashion your Robe last due to the difficulty and complex nature that is involved with finding the items necessary.'

You say, 'I want a gloves pattern'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'If you are interested in making your own Unholy Silk Gloves you will need to gather 3 Halfling Hides, 2 Snake Eggs, 2 Spiderling Silks and a Cask which can be found in town.'

Completed gloves are AC 2, INT 2, mana 2, wt 0.9

You say, 'I want a robe pattern'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'Your Unholy Silk Gown is your most important and symbolic item you that will be able to craft on your own. I would recommend that you have already gone through the steps of crafting your other pieces before your Gown. If you think that you are ready you will need to collect 4 Halfling Hides, 1 Black Wolf Pelt, 2 Embalming Dusts, 1 Halfling Toe, 1 Bear Meat and 1 Fish Wine. Combine all of these in your box to create the Infused hide used with the Robe pattern to fashion your Gown.'

You say, 'I want a trousers pattern'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'To make your own Unholy Silk Trousers you will need to collect many items in the forest along with a few in town. The halfling hide that you will need along with a pattern to craft together these Trousers will need to be infused with 4 Halfling Hides, 2 Bone Chips, 3 Spiderling Silks and 1 Raw Bamboo. All of these items will be collected in the field with the exception of the Raw Bamboo which can be bought in town.'

Completed trousers are AC 4, CHA 1, INT 2, mana 2, wt 1.5

You say, 'I want a sleeves pattern'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'If you wish to fashion together your own Unholy Silk Sleeves you will need to gather 3 Halfling Hides, 1 Fire Beetle Leg, 4 Bone Chips and 2 bandages. Once you have collected these items combine them in the Old Enchanted box to fashion your Infused halfling hide. Return to me when you are ready for the Sleeve Pattern.'

Completed sleeves are AC 3, INT 1, mana 2, wt 0.7

You say, 'I want a skullcap pattern'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'In order to fashion your own Unholy Silk Skullcap you will need to collect a few things and then combine them in the kit I presented you with earlier. Gather 1 Halfling Hide, 2 Deathfist Scouts Scalp and a bottle of Red Wine. After you have done this you will receive an Infused Halfling Hide. Return to me then and ask for your [Skullcap pattern] and I will present you with the pattern necessary to craft your Skullcap.'

You say, 'I want a bracer pattern'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'To make your own Unholy Silk Bracer you will need to gather 1 Halfling Hide, 1 Deathfist Scouts Scalp, 1 Snake Egg. Combine all of the items that you have collected and return to me when you need the [Bracer pattern].'

Completed bracer is AC 1, INT 1, HP 3, wt 0.5

You say, 'I want a slippers pattern'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'If you wish to craft your own Unholy Silk Sandals you will need to collect a few things in order to fashion the applicable hide in your Old Enchanted Box. You will need to gather 2 Halfling Hides, 2 Fire Beetle Eyes and 2 Malachites. Once you have fashioned your material ask for me for the Sandal pattern.'

Completed sandals are AC 3, INT 1, CHA 1, mana 3

you say 'what final test'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'The final test that I require one to complete before I am content with them being knowledgable in the early ways of Necromancy is one that will test your determination. Are you ready to be tested?'

You say, 'I am ready to be tested'

Talorial D`Estalian says 'Very well child. There is an ancient tome of Necromancy called the Writ of the Fallen. I have kept the binding of this sacred tome for a very long time however I have never searched for the pages that form the writ. If you are able to recover the 4 pages of the writ I have faith that you posses the power to bind them to this empty tome that I carry. Seek out these pages and bind them to this tome. I assure you that you will learn much from this writ shall you construct it once again. I believe the pages were in the hands of spirits that haunt the Ultricle still to this day. Good luck and excellent work.'

(receive ancient book of binding)

Go to the undead section of nektulus forest

Kill the undead steward there he drops a page every time. Collect all 4, place in box, then combine to receive:

Writ of the Fallen
AC: 3
STA: +5 INT: +5 HP: +10 MANA: +20
WT: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: NEC
Race: DEF

Additional notes:

  • Blood Drenched Capes - off the arcane guys in white robes near wizzy pyramid in Nektulos, usually a pair per spawn clear
  • Ashen Drakling Scale - rare, off ash drakes
  • Bone Chips - off various skeletons everywhere
  • Black Mamba Skin - off snakes of the same name in Nektulos, seemed semi rare
  • Fire Beetle Eye - off new pyre beetles in Nektulos, the fire beetle replacement mob
  • Snake Scales - off most of the smaller snakes in Nektulos: moss snake, garter snake etc.
  • Ruined Bear Pelt - kill bears in Nektulos or elsewhere, could even skin any quality pelt down for this.
  • Garter Snake Tounge - off Garter Snakes in Nektulos
  • Spiderling Silk - off new areanedia (sic) spiders, the spiderling replacement mob, in nektulos
  • Fire Beetle Eye - same as fire beetle legs
  • Black Wolf Pelt - kill black wolves in Nektulos, you will get one soon enough
  • Deathfist Scalp - off any of the new orcs in Nektulos, pretty common
  • Ruined Wolf Pelt - just like bear but off wolves, will probably find before the balck wolf skin
  • Basilisk Eye Stalks - have seen these drop off the basilisks in Lavastorm before, an adjacent zone to Nektulos
  • Embalming Dust - seen off mummies in the Ros, also could drop off the rare mummy pops in Nektulos
  • Large Snake Skin - off the bigger snakes, like tree snake, in Nektulos
  • Orc chief prayer beads - Orc chiefs are rare spawns in 3 orc camps in Nektulos
  • halfling toes - off Leatherfoot Scout, spawns & paths just north of the guard bridge

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