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Neriak Shadowknight (Bone Mail) Armor

This is one of many new youngling armor quests. The resultant armor is lore, no drop, and DEF/SHD only. The combines are no-fail, but can gain you skill increases. Stats for the armor are not yet available, nor is the exact hail text. However, the resulting armor is silver in color. Please note that while the bracers are not lore, the bracer materials often are, so make your first bracer before you get the parts for a second one

Talk to Ulraz S'Lon in the SK/Nec guild he will give you a quest for a weapon and shield as well as the starting point for the bone mail armor.

For the weapon from Ulraz:
leathered zombie flesh
a petrified humeus bone
a petrified rib bone

For the shield from Ulraz:
4 petrified femurs

Now for the bone mail armor. Ulraz gives you a letter to take to Krivn S'Tal at the Blue Flame. Hand the letter to Krivn and he wiil talk to you about the bone mail armor quest. He will give you a kit to combine the items in and will give you a pettern and recipie for each piece you ask about.

Combine all ingredients pluss the pattern in the kit Krivin gives you.
For gloves:
2 silk thread
ruined wolf pelt
2 calcified finger bones

2 silk thread
2 ruined wolf pwlts
2 calcified foot bones

1 silk thread
ruined wolf pelt
calcified ulna bone

2 silk threads
ruined wolf pelt
calcified skull

3 silk threads
low quality wolf pelt
2 calcified tibia
calcified pelvis

2 silk threads
low quality wolf pelt
2 calcified humerus bones

4 silk threads
medium quality wolf pelt
calcified sternum
calcified ribcage

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