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Coldain Prayer Shawl 1.0 #7: Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl

Take a deep breath. Another shawl...four more trade skills...yikes! That's right, now you'll need to get brewing, fletching, jewelcraft, and pottery all at least over 150. Here again, remember that just because an item is trivial does not mean you can't fail. I failed at one of the easy pottery steps here when my pottery skill was 188. Based on the difficulty in acquiring some of these ingredients, it is probably well worth the time to get your skills plenty high...but you still have a decent chance of success if your skill is not yet to where the item is trivial.

Quick Reference List
NPC Text
Detailed Instructions
Skill Basics
Item and Recipe Details

Quick Reference List:

Highest Skill Trivials

  • Brewing: 162
  • Fletching: 168
  • Jewelcraft: 162
  • Pottery: 162
  • Tailoring: 162

Drops to Collect

Ingredients to Buy From Vendor

Overview of the Recipes

  • Combine in Mortar and Pestle (rogue only) or Mixing Bowl: Runed Sea Shell + Small Brick of Velium = Enchanted Velium Powder (No Fail)
  • Combine in Pottery Wheel: Enchanted Velium Powder + Water = Unfired Rune (Pottery 162)
  • Combine in Kiln: Unfired Rune + High Quality Firing Sheet + Water = Blank Rune (Pottery 17)
  • Combine in Fletching Kit: Swordfish Tooth + Ulthork Tusk + Molkor Hide = Burin (Fletching 133-135)
  • Combine in Fletching Kit: Etched Rune Pattern + Burin + Blank Rune = Etched Rune (Fletching 168) (also returns burin on success or failure)
  • Combine in Fish Oil Extractor: 3 Iceclad Cutlass Fish = Cutlassfish Oil (Never Fails)
  • Combine in Brew Barrel: Rubbing Alcohol + Small Piece of Velium = Liquid Velium (Brewing 135)
  • Combine in Brew Barrel: Liquid Velium + Cutlassfish Oil + Royal Kromrif Blood = Sacred Velium Ink (Brewing 162)
  • Combine in Fletching Kit: Sacred Velium Ink + Etched Rune = Velium Etched Rune (Fletching 168)
  • Combine in Jewelry Kit: Rune Casing Pattern + Small Piece of Velium + 2 Platinum Bars = Rune Casing (Jewelcraft 152)
  • Combine in Jewelry Kit: Rune Casing + Velium Etched Rune = Encased Velium Etched Rune (Jewelcraft 162)
  • Combine in Tailoring Kit: Encased Velium Etched Rune + Runed Prayer Shawl Pattern + Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl = Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl (Tailoring 162)

NPC Text

[Give Betti Frostweaver: Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl]

Betti Frostweaver says, "Spectacular artistry! I doubt I could have done better myself. You'll have to forgive me, I know time is short and I tend to carry on. This is the pattern for the making of a rune sacred to our people. It will be our final test of your craftsmanship and will put many of your skills to the test, but I trust you'll find the finished product to be more than worth the effort. Show Gilthan the silk shawl, he will set you on the path. May Brell always be with you outlander."

[Receive: Runed Prayer Shawl Pattern & Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl]

[Give Gilthan Brittleblade: Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl]

Gilthan Brittleblade says 'So, you've been chosen to attempt the rune, eh? Been ages since anyone's even made an attempt. The rune represents the very essence of our people, our culture, and our religion. Take a sea shell runed with enduring breath and a small brick of velium and grind them together in a mortar and pestle. Add water to the powder and model the rune. Fire the rune with water and the best of firing sheets. Show the product to Trademaster Kroven."

[Receive: Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl]

[Give Trademaster Kroven: Blank Rune]

Trademaster Kroven says, "Fine piece of work there, Verdandi, especially fer an outlander. Now yer gunna need to make a burin to etch the rune with. Once that's done ye need to kneel in the chapel and recite this prayer with total sincerity in yer heart. If yer plea be heard by our Father Brell he'll bless ya with the knowledge necessary to carry on. With that knowledge you'll take the blank rune, the burin and a fletching kit to etch the rune. Show Grimthor the etched rune and he'll guide you from there."

[Receive: Prayer to Brell & Blank Rune]

You say, "What burin?"

Trademaster Kroven says, "You'll need a fletching kit and a fair bit of skill for this one, Verdandi. Round up a tooth from a swordfish and attach it to an Ulthork tusk wrapped in a Molkor hide."

[Give Grimthor Brewbeard: Etched Rune]

Grimthor Brewbeard says, "That looks about right. You're moving along well outlander. Next you'll be needin to brew up a sacred ink to fill the grooves in your rune. Take Iceclad Cutlass fish oil, liquid velium, and some Royal Kromrif blood, brew them in the barrel here then take the product and the rune and combine them in a fletching kit. Show Talem Tucker the resulting item if yer successful."

[Receive Etched Rune]

You say, "What cutlass fish oil?"

Grimthor Brewbeard says, "Grab a pole and fish the waters in Iceclad until you catch yourself three Iceclad Cutlass fish. Place them in this oil extractor and you'll have whatcha need."

[Receive: Fish Oil Extractor]

You say, "What liquid velium?"

Grimthor Brewbeard says, "Collect a small piece of velium and a bottle of rubbing alcohol and brew them together in a barrel. It ain't easy, but it should prove to be a minor task for the likes of you."

[Give Talem Tucter: Velium Etched Rune]

Talem Tucter says, "I've heard of your mission, Verdandi. I must admit that I had my doubts you'd make it this far. The rune's creation is nearly impossible for even the most skilled of Coldain craftsmen. You should be exceedingly proud. Many have attempted this feat and nearly all have lacked the skill, faith, patience and persistence that is prerequisite for what destiny holds in store for you. You are now ready to use this pattern to construct the sacred rune's casing and complete the runed shawl."

[Receive: Rune Casing Pattern & Velium Etched Rune]

You say, "What casing?"

Talem Tucter says, "Combine two platinum bars, a small piece of velium and the casing pattern in a Jeweler's kit. Take the completed casing and the rune and combine them in the same kit. When this is done all that's left is to tailor the rune to the shawl with the pattern. Take the finished product to Solstrin, I'm sure he's eager to speak with you."

[Give Loremaster Borannin: Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl]

Loremaster Borannin says 'Incredible! Never before has an outlander been skilled and determined enough to craft our sacred rune. You are now worthy of the Dain's most perilous task. You should seek an audience with the Dain immediately. Show him your Runed Prayer Shawl, he will give you the task that has been prepared for you. If the Dain is away show your Shawl to Chamberlain Krystorf and he will call for him.'

[Receive: Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl]

Detailed Instructions

Skill Info

Brewing: Ahhh, near and dear to my heart, my very first trade skill! Brewing is quite simple. There are no portable containers, you must use the brew barrels located in or around pubs in cities. You get the ingredients for your recipe, put the required amount of each into the brew barrel, and combine. Some recipes require foraged items, but it is possible to go all the way through brewing strictly on store bought ingredients. Just check your Recipes and Trivials and Supply Locations and have at it.

Note that there are a few varieties of liquids that can be brewed. The originals are the alcoholic brews. These must be placed in a main inventory slot and right clicked to drink. They are intoxicating and will affect your stats, your speech, and your vision. Drinking them will build your alcohol intolerance, which moderates their effects. Then there are the non-alcoholic drinks. Some of these will be automatically imbibed and fill your need for drink just like water or milk do. Others of the non-alcoholic brews cannot be drunk and are instead used in tailoring, smithing, or quests. For most of these it's a good thing that they cannot be drunk. Look at the ingredients that go into them and you'll see what I mean. Ick.

Fletching: Fletching is one of the easiest skills to raise because it's relatively cheap and you can go from 0 to over 200 in front of a single vendor. There are two purposes to fletching: making bows and making arrows. Bows are much more difficult and expensive and totally unnecessary to skill for the shawl, so don't worry about them. Look at the Fletching Supplies page for a vendor that has "arrowheads (3), shafts (4), fletch (3), vane (3), groove nock (3)" and a fletching kit. Be careful, as many vendors have all of the components but no kit. For which recipes to use, many recommend Aoenla's Guide to Raising your Fletching Skill (site currently down), See EQ Traders Fletching Guides. Basically, there are four parts to an arrow: point, fletch, shaft, and nock. Don't be confused by vanes, they are just another kind of fletch. You just put one of each of the four ingredients into your kit and combine them, to make a batch of arrows. Each of the four components come in varying qualities. The higher quality (and therefore more expensive) the components, the better the arrow will be. The progression of trivials is messier than in some skills because there are so many variables, so just watch your charts.

Jewelcraft: Yes, the much maligned jewelcraft. It's more expensive than many skills, but not as bad as some might claim. I went from 0 to 185 in about 2.5kpp. Everything you need for shawl skill can be found on merchants in many cities, although most ingredients are also drops. Only the few most valuable gems are available as drops only. There are two basic kinds of jewelry merchants and they are usually found right next to each other in the jewelry shop or casters guild of a city. See the Jewelcraft Supplies page for specifics. Typically one vendor has 18 gems starting with malachite, the cheapest and easiest, and running up through rubies. These are the ones you will want to focus on while practicing. All of these also drop from various mobs throughout Norrath. The other standard vendor has the very important Jeweler's Kit and the four old world metals: silver, electrum, gold, and platinum. I believe one or more of these metals are also extremely rare drops off of the muddites in Beholder. In a few levels of hunting there I got one electrum bar once, so either they very rarely drop or someone was being silly and fed it to the muddie. Either way, it is definitely not an adequate way to acquire your metal for our purposes here. The jewelry merchant in Thurgadin is the only source of velium bars for jewelcraft, but you won't have to go anywhere near that stuff for the shawl quest.

To actually make jewelry, all you do is put one bar of your chosen metal and one of your chosen gems in the Jeweler's Kit and combine them. In order to make jewelry with stats, you must first have an enchanter magically enchant the metal via their line of spells for that purpose. Jewelry that is made with plain metal that has not been enchanted has absolutely no stats and is only worth anything to a vendor, who will usually pay just a smidgen less than the ingredients. If you use enchanted metal, the vendor will give you back a smidgen more than the cost of the ingredients. However, given the time involved in enchanting even a single stack of metal, the mind-boggling number of stacks of metal you'll be using, and the meditation time required to keep regaining enough mana to do the enchanting, you'll almost certainly want to stick to unenchanted metal for practicing. You could regain the money lost more quickly by spending that time hunting rats. This is, of course, assuming that you do not intend to sell your successes to players, as I suspect most shawl jewelers do not.

The jewelry kit has four slots but you will never have more than two ingredients, at least not for existing recipes. Items get progressively harder by the metal you are working with. Within the recipes for a metal, they also get progressively harder by the gem. Silver is the easiest metal, then electrum, gold, platinum, and velium, in that order. Gems increase in difficulty according to the price of the gem. So, the cheapest gem (malachite) plus the cheapest metal (silver) is the easiest thing you can make. The most expensive gem (blue diamond, not sold on vendors) plus the cheapest metal (silver) is only slightly easier than the cheapest gem (malachite) plus the next metal (electrum). If I've confused you, see the Jewelcraft Trivial Chart for a more obvious visual display. You will probably also want to print this chart to refer to while working, as it is one of the best available for printing purposes.

Just in case you're wondering, Imbued Jewelry works along the same principles as regular jewelry except that only certain gems can be used. Each Norrathian diety (excepting Veeshan) has a specific gem which can be imbued by one of their followers of the right class, and which then gives unique stats. As it is more complicated than regular jewelcraft and does not fill any particular gap in trivials, however, you won't need to deal with it for the purposes of the shawl.

Item and Recipe Details

Runed Sea Shell: The shell that you need only drops off of sirens in Siren's Grotto and has one charge of Enduring Breath. There is a necklace that drops in Cobalt Scar and maybe also in SG that has multiple charges of EB, but it will not work. Likewise there is a shell also called a Runed Sea Shell that drops in CS that has charges of Cloud. That also will not work. You need the item called a Runed Sea Shell that has one charge of Enduring Breath and can only be found in Siren's Grotto. They are not no drop, so buying them might be a good option if you can afford it and cannot get a group sufficient to tackle the sirens in SG. They're not easy. Because I was given my shell, I did not have to fight the sirens so I cannot give any firsthand info on how to find and fight them. I do know that they are at the bottom of the well and cannot be pulled out of the water to the area above the well. You must go down to them to fight them, although I believe it is possible for a sufficiently high level person to single pull them away from their spawn locations. They are tough and the shell is a somewhat rare drop. If you have trouble getting one to drop or getting a group together to attempt them, try auctioning in the zone. At least they have no use outside this quest, so you have a reasonable chance of getting one from others in the zone who get one and don't need it. Once you have your shell and are ready to attempt the first combine, be aware that the trivial is very low so it is unlikely to fail...but the possibility is there. This was so reliable that it was thought to be unfailable until a very recent report that it had in fact failed on someone. Unfortunately, there haven't been any reports on attempts made at very low skill, so it may take a while to find out more specifics. Be aware that the mortar and pestle container used for the first combine is not a pottery item but is used in poison making. See the Poison Vendors for the one nearest you.

Small Pieces and Small Brick of Velium: See the Fourth Shawl Details for the scoop on how to get these.

Etched Rune Pattern or How do I use this infernal Prayer to Brell?? First, go to the Temple of Lore and stand facing the stage. See how there are steps on either side of the stage that lead up to it? Go stand in the area to the left of the stage at the base of the steps on that side. Then recite the prayer that Trademaster Kroven gave to you. Make sure you are saying it in /say and without any misspellings and that you do not have anyone targeted. Don't put it into a hotkey on the five different lines, it must be typed out all in one big long shot. You will get the message "You have been inspired!" and the pattern will appear on the ground in front of the stage...NOT at your feet . There are reports that it is on a timer, so it is possible that you might do everything right and still not get inspired if someone has done it within 45 minutes or so. Try coming back later. Note also that there seems to be a problem getting the pattern to appear if the Grand Historian Thoridain is not in his usual spot on the stage. If he is out of place you may need to petition for him to be escorted back before Brell will see fit to provide you with the pattern. For reference, since you can't read the prayer scroll and type it at the same time, the prayer is:

"Oh Brell, Thank you for protecting me and seeing me through my trials. Forgive me for the things I think and say and do that displease you. Please reveal to me your will and bless me with the patience and obedience to do that which you desire. Amen."

Swordfish Tooth: These only drop from the swordfish in Siren's Grotto. They are found in a few different places, but are often in the company of the seahorses. Seahorses are are quite a handful because of their nasty stuns, so I recommend going for the spawns up top where it is possible to single pull one swordfish. Using invis, from the West Wastes zone follow the tunnel turning right when it branches. When you reach the open area, hug the right wall and move up to the edge of the water. The little corner of land against the wall next to the water is reported to be a safe spot if you sit all the way back. We only found one swordfish there but I do not know for sure whether there are ever more than that, so plan accordingly. You'll probably have to move out into the middle of the pool to get close enough to pull, so make sure your puller is careful to watch the wanderers that come near the water out there. Also while pulling and fighting, be careful not to get too close to the two static spawns on the far side of the pool opposite our little ledge. My group of three 54+ took out the fish but it was a tough fight. We fought on the underwater ledge at the base of the little waterfall, but tried to stay away from the far side of it to avoid agroing the static spawns just across the water. The tooth does not drop every time, but they are reasonably common.

Ulthork Tusk: Ulthorks are found in East Wastes and in Siren's Grotto. The tusks are tradeable but valuable because they can also be turned in to one of the Othmir in Cobalt Scar for a quest that sometimes results in a high end gem reward. This is good because it means people might hang onto them and not just destroy em immediately, but it also means that they might cost you a bit if you try to buy. Ulthorks are very common in Siren's Grotto, but are also much tougher. So, if you're in no particular hurry and want some exp, that's a great place to try. The ulthorks in East Wastes are equally common and much easier, so that's a faster source. I was given my tusk so I never had to actually hunt for it, but my understanding is that you while they don't drop every time, you shouldn't have to nearly exterminate the species to get one tusk. I believe the ulthork are most common in the northeast portion of East Wastes. Just follow along the water north from the bridge.

Molkor Hide: Here again I was given my hide so I don't have any first-hand experience with getting one. As far as I know, molkor are only found in Siren's Grotto where they are very common. The hides are tradeable and not good for much else, so you could probably get one from other folks if you can't round up enough troops to do them yourself. I don't know how exactly how common they are, but the friend (/wave Xlint) who gave me mine gave me five all at once, so I'm guessing they're not terribly rare.

Iceclad Cutlassfish: These must be fished out of the water in the Iceclad Ocean but can be fished even if you start with 0 skill. In order to fish, you must buy a fishing pole and some bait from one of the many vendors in just about any city that have them. You have to use a skill hotkey out of the banks of hotkeys that come premade, same as the ones for kick or hide or forage. Equip your fishing pole in your primary hand, sit or stand in front of water, hit your hotkey, and if you have any bait on you, you will cast your line. After a pause of maybe 20 seconds or so, you will get a message saying whether or not you caught anything If you did catch something it will appear on your cursor. In addition to fresh fish, you will also sometimes get tattered sandals, rusty daggers, or fish scales. Sometimes you might lose your bait, and each time you catch something you will use up one bait, so be sure to bring along at least a few stacks, maybe even a whole bag full. Some zones also have other special things that you can fish up. For our purposes in Iceclad, the only thing you need to save will be the Cutlassfish. You may get a lot of other stuff before you get the ones you need, just keep on a-fishin' and eventually they'll come. In Norrath as in anywhere else, fishing is a hobby best suited to the patient. So sit back, pop open a short beer, and contemplate the waves. Of course, you might first want to find somewhere relatively out of the way from wandering mobs to avoid any unpleasant interruptions. I used a nice little clearing at the water's edge just a wee bit north of the bridge. It's steep getting down there but very secure and serene.

Royal Kromrif Blood: Get thee to Kael, and bring along some help. The blood only drops off of either of the two Iceshards, Klaggan Iceshard or Vorken Iceshard. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting either of them, but I am told they spawn in the "Keep area". Klaggan is on the throne and Vorken is to his right. They apparently have long respawn times compared to the other giants in the area, and both sometimes have placeholders up. They do not always drop the blood but it is quite common. If the giant has any on him, it can be pickpocketed by a non-kos rogue with very high skill. Pickpocketing always runs the risk of creating agro, however, so make sure your rogue is aware of the danger and prepared to flee. I am told that if it is successfully pickpocketed the giant's loot table will eventually reset after an unknown period of time, perhaps half an hour or more. It seems that a sufficiently talented single group of level 55-60 can crawl their way to the area and kill these giants. A 60 wiz friend of mine also had a 60 shadowknight feign-pull one of them to the zone where the two of them killed it. So it seems that the giants themselves are not as much of a problem as getting to them. The blood, however, is not no drop. So, if you cannot find a way to get it off the giants yourself, you can always try to buy. I am told that the going rate is 5k though, so that won't be an option for everyone. This ingredient and the runed seashell are the ones that holds up the seventh shawl for most folks.

Rubbing Alcohol: Praise Brell! Rubbing alcohol is now available in Thurgadin! Go pay a visit to the bartenders of The Icy Mug at -50, 100 in Thurgadin for your very own locally sourced rubbing alcohol. While you're there have a drink in memory of the mortician in Cabilis, whose sales have dropped off rather suddenly.

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