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GoD Resource Refinement for Non-Questers

With the release of Gates of Discord, each of the tradeskills (other than fishing and spell research) obtained two raw materials specific only to that tradeskill. In all cases, the materials are mob dropped and require conversion/refinement by an NPC or player. The refined materials have varying levels of usefulness, with some being extremely valuable and others only marginally so. The refined materials from make poison do not yet have a known use.

For players to be able to refine these raw materials, they must complete quests with the appropriate NPCs before they can be taught the refinement process. However, that's a lot of work if you just want one or two items, so it helps to know which NPC will refine what. All of the below refinements will return two refined materials per raw material provided. Tradeskillers who have learned and practiced the refinement process sufficiently will get three refined materials per raw material.

Note that all the raw materials listed below that need to be refined are mob drops in GoD zones.

Any of the below listings in italics are included for completeness's sake, but are not currently used in any tradeskill recipes.

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