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Restock the High Quality Ore

Qeynos/Kaladim/Bazaar/Plane of Knowledge/Crescent Reach

While this quest does not require any tradeskill ability, it is how you prompt the merchants that sell high quality ore to restock their limited supply.

This quest can be done with five different vendors:

  • Gliblixl Rocktok in the Bazaar
  • Yakum Oreslinger in Qeynos
  • Harnoff Splitrock in Kaladim
  • Yeril Imsin in Plane of Knowledge
  • and Smith Gyasi in Crescent Reach

The text will vary based on which vendor you choose to restock, and the faction portion of the reward will also be different, depending on which merchant you choose.

Note: When talking to Smith Gyasi in Crescent Reach, you will be offered a task to use to complete this process. However, if you accept the task, upon completion you will receive only the experience and not the money. If you ignore or decline the task and just use the box she gives you and turn it in, you will get both the experience and the money. Hopefully this will get fixed.

Below is the text from the original conversation with Gliblixl. Text will vary a bit for the others, but they all ask for the same items.

Gliblixl Rocktok says 'Hail _____! I sell the finest quality ore imported from the mines of Norrath! It's difficult to keep enough ore available with the demands of the local smiths however and could use some [assistance] restocking my supplies.'

This has apparently changed, according to recent reports, and he no longer responds with the above text. In order to trigger this quest, you may have to ask him "What assistance?" or "May I offer my assistance?" to earn the following response:

Gliblixl Rocktok says 'Hooray! Fill this crate with either four Small Bricks of Unrefined Ore or Four Large Bricks of Unrefined Ore from Norrath and I will pay you for your assistance in keeping me in business.'

Place either 4 large or 4 small bricks of unrefined ore in the provided (no drop) box and combine before returning it to him. The ore can be found dropping off most goblins in Permafrost, Solusek A, and High Keep. Additionally, it can drop off the Janitor and Sporali in Runnyeye, as well as various mobs in Togiran Mines and miners/tunnelers in the Crypt of Nadox.

Large Brick of Unrefined Ore
WT: 10.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Small Brick of Unrefined Ore
WT: 5.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

The quest results in xp, faction and coin (44pp for the large bricks, 14pp for handing in the small bricks.) Handing the combined box back to one of the four vendors will cause them to despawn and respawn with a fresh inventory of high quality ore.

Small Brick of High Quality Ore
WT: 7.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Large Brick of High Quality Ore
WT: 14.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Block of High Quality Ore
WT: 18.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

The Qeynos version of the quest results in positive faction with the Citizens of Qeynos.

The Bazaar version results in positive Traders of the Haven, House of Fordel, House of Midst, and House of Stout factions.

The Kaladim version results in positive Merchants of Kaladim, Storm Guard, Miners Guild 249, and Kazon Stormhammer factions, and negative Miners Guild 628 faction.

The faction reward for the Plane of Knowledge version results in positive Inhabitants of Tanaan faction.

The Crescent Reach version of the quest results in positive Circle of the Crystalwing faction.

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