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Iksar Shaman Cudgel Quest

Brief overview of tradeskill portions

Two of the Iksar Shaman Cudgel (or skull) quests require the use of the pottery skill. Click the links below for details on the rest of the quest. (Please post to the message boards if you have additional trivial information for this quest.)

Iksar Shamn Second Cudgel Quest

The first is the Second Cudgel Quest

A rogue shaman in Warslik Woods drops a jawless mandible. A rogue shaman in Field of Bone drops a mandible. You combine them in Pottery Wheel with Mendglow Clay (foraged item) and without water to produce a repaired Skull with II.

Pottery Trivial at skill 17

Iksar Shaman Fifth Cudgel Quest

The second is the Fifth Cudgel Quest

A frequent drop off of the frogloks in Swamp of No Hope is "A Totem Piece" - it is no drop. There are three unique pieces.

Combining them in Pottery Wheel with foraged Mendglow Clay (which is NOT no drop) and without water will produce a Ton Warrior Totem. This is NOT the Ton Warrior Totem needed for the Illusion Iksar quest . If "Identify" is cast upon this item, it reports "Lore Information: Key of Dai.|-." The Fifth Quest has you find the Dai Canoptic Jar and the two keys to open it as one of its steps. This mended Ton Warrior Totem is one of the two keys.

Pottery Trivial at skill <=122

~Forin Ironshield

An additional recommended site for further information on this quest is The Champions of Cabilis

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