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The Prophecy of Ro expansion brought us a new set of quests that will allow those interested in crafting to obtain new trophies that provide skill modifiers.
These trophies are evolving and can allow you to finally obtain an item that is a 15% modifier to your skill.

If you're new to tradeskilling and aren't familiar with Tradeskill Modifiers, you can find many questions answered in this FAQ:

If you are interested in doing these quests, head over to West Freeport and find Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs.

You will need a minimum skill of 50 for her to give you any tasks.

You say, 'Hail, Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs'

Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs says 'Are you interested in taking a [test] of your Tradeskill Ability?'

You say, 'what test?'

Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs says 'I can give you a test of your tradeskill abilities in any of eleven different tradeskills. I can test you on [alchemy], [baking], [brewing], [fletching], [jewelry] making, [poison] making, [pottery], [smithing], spell [research], [tailoring], or [tinkering].'

Reply to Baublie with the Tradeskill you’d like to obtain a trophy for.


  • You will be given a quest that is relative to your current unmodified skill for each Tradeskill.
  • It is highly recommended that you get the Beginner level quest once your skill reaches 50 (or 54 if you’re doing the Crescent Reach Learn Tradeskill quests).
  • The items you need to make for each level get harder the higher your skill is (higher trivials/rarer ingredients).
  • You cannot choose which level quest to do, she assigns the appropriate level automatically.
For example: If your current baking skill level is 174, when you tell Baublie you’re interested in taking a test for Baking, she will automatically assign you the Freshman Test.

The trophy levels are:

  • Beginner 1/7 (Skill range 50-99) 1% modifier
  • Apprentice 2/7 (100-149) 2%
  • Freshman 3/7 (150-199) 4%
  • Journeyman 4/7 (200-249) 5%
  • Expert 5/7 (250-299) 8%
  • Master 6/7 (300) 12%
  • Grandmaster 7/7 15%

Once you have obtained the task, the task window then lists a number of things you need to make.
Once you make each one, it will update telling you to hand them to Judge Marion Teld'mare
Be sure to read everything you are told carefully, as you may get additional instructions and information depending on which task you are completing.

If you have been assigned the Master level task and already have an old Trophy that you have made, show it to the Coordinator [NOT the Judge!!] and she will mark it as completed. You will still have to turn in the old trophy to the judge.


  • Make all of the items on this list.
  • You may make them in any order you wish.
  • You may have friends help you with any part but the last step which creates the actual part on the list. This you must do yourself.
  • You may make the items in any order and turn them in to the Judge in any order that you wish.
  • The Judge will keep all items that she is given to defray the cost of the contest.
  • The Judge's decision is final.

The Basics of each quest:

  • Make all the items on the list.
  • Turn the items in to Judge Marion Teld’mare.
  • Receive a Scorecard from the Judge.
  • Hand your Scorecard from the Judge to Baublie.
  • Receive a Beginner Trophy from Baublie.
  • If doing a level other than Beginner: If you completed a version of the quest that is HIGHER than Beginner, you will also receive a Certificate. To evolve the Beginner trophy to the level of the certificate, equip the Beginner in your Primary slot and place the certificate in a related Tradeskill container (for example, for baking, place your certificate in an oven) and hit combine. Your trophy will evolve to the appropriate level.

Evolving the trophy

  • You must equip your trophy to evolve it.
  • Only successful combines will evolve your trophy.
  • Your trophy will not evolve if you're attempting/making recipes that are more than 100 points away from your current skill level until you reach 250.
  • Your trophy will stop evolving if it reaches the next level before your skill does (For example, your trophy evolves from Expert (skill level 250 – 299) to Master (300) while your unmodified skill is only 290. It will not start evolving again until your unmodified skill reaches 300).
  • Your trophy will "catch up" quickly if you reach the next level before your trophy evolves (For example, your skill reaches 200, but your trophy is still at Freshman, your trophy will evolve faster to reach Journeyman so that the trophy level and unmodified skill levels align).

Here are links to the individual quest details for each Tradeskill:

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