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Shar Vahl - Register for Citizenship

NOTE: This quest for Vah Shir starts with the "newbie note" - the note that every young Vah Shir starts out with when they enter the game for the first time. The example here is for the beastlord version of the quest, but every class of Vah Shir has the same quest. The only difference is that you will be handing in parts to your guildleader (instead of Elder Animist Sahdi), and the fact that upon completion, your guildleader will tell you to go to someone else in your guild to start your next set of quests.

My thanks to the Wrath of the Ancients folks who put together the original information, and made it available to the site.

Elder Animist Sahdi says '_____, welcome to the Animist's guild. You have grown strong in the safety of our city and it is now time for you to register for official citizenship of Shar Vahl. The Khati Sha, explorers of this hostile land, have granted your request of inclusion and deem you to be worthy of our training. Take this application to Registrar Bindarah and return to me with proof of your citizenship.

Elder Animist Sahdi says 'I know that you may be nervous right now... after all, this should be a very exciting first step for you. If you happen to get lost while looking for the registrar, just ask one of the other citizens or guards for directions. They will most likely know where to find the place or person that you are looking for.

You gain experience!!

Receive an application and take it to Registrar Bindarah.

Bindarah is at roughly N372 P149, a little north of the South Gates (to Shadeweaver) in the square. Give the application to Bindarah.

Registrar Bindarah says 'Young _____, I will be happy to process your registration for you. While I etch your name on our people's book of records I will require you to run a couple of errands. Take this certificate to the tax collector and obtain his seal. While you're out doing that, have Mignah create your personal Acrylia slate for you. Bring both the seal and the slate to me as soon as you can.

You gain experience!!

Receive the certificate and take it to the Tax Collector.

The Tax Collector is in the bank, due east of Registrar Bindarah. Give the certificate to the Tax Collector

Tax Collector Khugra places his seal on the certificate before returning it to you, 'Ahh, a new taxpayer, wonderful! You must always remember that it is a distinct priveledge to contribute to the upkeep of our noble society and not merely a duty or a burden. I look forward to collecting your honorable taxes in the future. May the spirits prosper you, _____.

Receive the Tax Collectors seal to return to Registrar Bindarah (after you get your slate from Mignah).

Mingah is upstairs in a building on the north end of town (a spot many folks forget to look), but the helpful guards will tell you where to find him ...

You say, 'Hail, Khati Sha Jaarin'

Khati Sha Jaarin says 'Greetings, how may I assist you?

You say, 'where is Mignah?'

Khati Sha Jaarin says 'You can always find ol' Mignah right above the tavern right next to the North Gate that leads to Hollowshade. Say, if you are headed there, you may want to purchase a bandage first.

Once you have found Mingah (loc 483, -283) ...

You say, 'what acrylia slate?'

Mignah Cahru pulls a smoldering piece of forged acrylia from a nearby oven and, before you can react, presses your hand into the still soft metal, 'This may hurt a bit, but it'll heal.' He then etches your name and the date into the slate and plunges it into a bucket of water before placing it into your stinging palm.

You bow before Mignah Cahru.

Receive your acrylia slate
Acrylia Slate of Shar Vahl
WT: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

IMPORTANT: This slate is your identification. DO NOT DESTROY IT! You will need it for many other quests.

Return to Registrar Bindarah and hand him the Tax Collectors seal and your slate. See notes below about multiquesting this step.

NOTE: He will keep the slate for now. You will get it back later

Registrar Bindarah says 'This item, by itself, means nothing to me.

Registrar Bindarah says 'Ahh, there you are. I was about to send someone looking for you. Everything seems to be in order here, only one task remains. You must gain audience with the king and swear fealty to his highness by handing him this document. Return to me when this is done.

You gain experience!!

Receive a document and take it to the king.

King Raja Kerrath says 'Your humility and willingness to serve shall not be wasted. There is much to be done, _____, and our people thank you in advance for your selfless service.

You gain experience!!

Return the item the king hands you to Registrar Bindarah.

Registrar Bindarah says 'Well done, _____, I am honored to be the first to welcome you to citizenship of Shar Vahl! May you serve our society as well as it serves you. Return to your guildmaster and present both the slate and the application to him. The acrylia slate shall henceforth serve as proof of your citizenship.

You gain experience!!

Receive your slate and an application to take to your guildmaster.

Elder Animist Sahdi says 'Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Khati Sha, lords of the beasts. Accept this cloak, young initiate. It is a symbol of your loyalty to our noble people. May it serve you as you serve us all. Present your acrylia slate to Animist Poren and he will give you instruction. May the spirits of the beasts guide you and keep you safe.

You gain experience!!

Note: for non-Vah Shir who wish to perform any of the progressive quests in Shar Vahl, this quest can be multiquested if you can find someone willing to create a throwaway Vah Shir (or have a second account with a character slot free). Have the Vah Shir complete every step of this quest up to getting the slate from Mignah. The person who needs the citizenship slate ("the questor") then asks Mignah for the personal acrylia slate. The Vah Shir hands in the tax collector's seal to Registrar Bindarah, then "the questor" gives the slate they just received to Bindarah. Then "the questor" gives the document to the king, and hands the resulting item to Bindarah in order to receive the proper personal acrylia slate needed for future questing. Remember to do this multiquesting ONLY with a Vah Shir that never ever plans to do their newbie quest, or any other quest that requires the personal acrylia slate. If the seal gets handed back with the message that Bindarah doesn't need the item, someone has already handed in a seal without handing in the slate. Hand in the kitty's slate to clear out the unfinished quest to be safe, then have the kitty hand in the seal, then the quester hand in the slate.

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