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Rallic Pack

This quest produces a 10-slot, 85% weight reduction, container that can hold giant-sized items.

Speak with Rallik in the city of Katta Castellum; he's located in the building resembling a church, with a hedge around it, right next to the Tenebrous zone (loc -101, -39). Enter the building, take the left hall to the end, turn left, he'll be the door on the left. He was indifferent to be as a Tribunal-worshipping shaman, but KOS to a Cazic Thule monk. Hail him, follow the dialog, he asks you to bring back information from a courier.

The mob you want is called 'a grimling runner'. It can be found in the Tenebrous Mtns; it spawns on the south side of the zone, right along the wall. If you're coming from the Grimling Forest, turn left after you zone and hug the wall. For me, it spawned on the hill just before the first grimling mine, and pathed toward the mine. It drops a bag, the bag is LORE and NODROP, and not really a bag (it will fit in your bags, just make sure you have a medium sized slot available). Give the bag to Rallik, he will give you the (lore) rallic pack pattern.

Next you will need a perfect owlbear pelt. Many owlbears can be found in Hollowshade Moor at the owlbear caves. The loc is approximately 2000, 1000.

Finally you'll need to head to the newbie area of Shadeweaver's Thicket, just outside of Shar Vahl, or the newbie pit in Shar Vahl. You want shadeling silks, which you can get from xakra silkworms, or the lesser shades that roam in the northern part of Shadeweavers. You'll need 8 silks total to make 1 shade silk cord and 1 shade silk thread (2 silks = thread, 3 threads = cord). Combine cord, thread, pelt and pattern into a sewing kit (a coldain tanning kit also works) and you create a Rallic pack. Trivial is <=15

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