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Skyshrine - Lost Draconic Artifacts Quest

This quest was introduced with the 19 November 2002 patch. This quest requires you be non-KOS with Claws of Veeshan, but exact faction level needed is unknown at this time.

Iago Sabuela can be found on the second floor of Skyshrine, at loc 297, -638.

You say, 'Hail, Iago Sabuela'

Iago Sabuela says 'Salutations dragon friend ____. I am Iago Sabuela archeologist, enchanter, and proud member of the [Draconic Loyalist Fellowship]. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy your visit to Skyshrine.'

You say, 'what draconic loyalist fellowship?'

Iago Sabuela says 'The Draconic Loyalist Fellowship is people like myself of a non-draconic heritage that have pledged obedience to the dragons and dragon-kin of Skyshrine. We have proven that we can provide valuable services and resources to the dragons and dragon-kin that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them to obtain. Among the occupations I pursue here in the Skyshrine is the acquisition of lost [draconic artifacts].'

You say, 'what lost draconic artifacts?'

Iago Sabuela says 'The dragons and their kin have an ancient and complex culture like any intelligent creature in Norrath. I have spent the majority of my years studying the ancient dragon civilizations of Norrath and recovering lost draconic artifacts. There are several artifacts I am currently searching for and could use the assistance of a capable group of adventurers. Are you interested in [hunting for lost artifacts]?'

You say, 'I am interested in hunting for lost artifacts'

Iago Sabuela says 'Excellent. With the help of the texts provided me by the dragon-kin here in Skyshrine I have narrowed my search down to a few locations where I believe the artifacts I seek may be hiding. Before the artifacts may be recovered however you will need a special container in which to store them in. They are quite old and who knows what condition they may be in. I am missing some materials that are necessary for the insulation of the container thus it would be appreciated if you could provide me with a [crystalline silk mesh] and two [oily goo secretions] I will finish the construction of the artifact container and provide with the information I have obtained of the lost artifacts.'

You say, 'what crystalline silk mesh?'

Iago Sabuela says 'An experienced tailor must craft the woven crystalline spider silk mesh in a tailoring kit out of four crystalline silks.'

The exact trivial level for this combine is unknown at this time, but is reported as being <=76. Oily goo secretions are a rare drop from the tar goos in the geonid caves in the southern end of Wakening Lands. They are no drop.

Hand in the crystalline silk mesh and two oily goo secretions to receive:

Empty Artifact Container
Lore, No Drop
WT: 3.0 Weight Reduction: 0%
Capacity: 4 Size Capacity: Large

Iago Sabuela says 'Thank you Xeonio. Here is the container that artifacts must be stored and returned to me in once they have been recovered. the artifacts I seek are a [Crystal Dragon Eye], a [Dragon Scripture Tablet], and a [Platinum Dragon Scale]. When all the items have been recovered, seal the artifact container and return it to me. You shall be rewarded well for your assistance, I assure you.'

You receive positive Claws of Veeshan and Yelniak faction, and negative Kromzek faction.

You say, 'What crystal dragon eye?'

Iago Sabuela says 'I have uncovered some texts here in the Skyshrine that speak of a crystal carved in the visage of a Dragons eye. the dragon sorcerer, Xervolithax, who was slain by enemies of the Dragons several centuries ago in the Great Divide, crafted this crystal dragon eye. As it was an artifact of some sifnificant undisclosed magical power it believed to now be hidden somewhere in the labyrinth of the kromzek sorcerer, Velketor.'

Icepaw sorcerors in Velketor's Labyrinth drop the crystal dragon eye.

You say, 'What golden dragon claw?'

Iago Sabuela says 'Draconic legends mention a hollow golden dragon claw artifact that would fit over one of the fore-flaws of a dragon. This dragon-crafted jewelry was more than a simple adornment. The legends claim that the dragon that wore this claw had the ability to swiftly carve powerful runes into the surface of any object. These runes were apparently some form ancient spellcrafting art and it is said the dragon, Ulvaxazoviak, who for a time possessed the claw would carve runes of protection and power into his own scales. When Ulvaxazoviak's spirit finally fled this realm he was buried in the Dragon Necropolis, which is where I believe the golden dragon claw has rested to this day.'

The golden dragon claw drops off chetari runemasters in Dragon Necropolis.

You say, 'What dragon scripture tablet?'

Iago Sabuela says 'Certain dragon scholars engraved their writings onto tablets of Velium, believing the magical ice that is found throughout velious to have been formed by the breath of Veeshan herself. There are accounts of one such tablet that was lost many decades ago in the Eastern Wastes. I have visited the Coldain city of Thurgadin many times during my stay here in Velious and I do not believe that the tablet is in the possession of the dwarves. It may however have fallen into the hands of the Ry'Gorr clans orcs that man a keep in the eastern wastes.'

The dragon scripture tablet has been reported to be a rare drop of an Oracle of Ry'gorr in the orc fort.

You say, 'What platinum dragon scale?'

Iago Sabuela says 'There are tales among the dragon-kin of a platinum dragon scales marked with mystical runes in the ancient dragon script. Whether this scale was crafted from platinum ore, encased in platinum, or is actually from a lost species of dragon is unknown. the last written accounts mentioning the scale place it in the vicinity of the Cobalt Scar. It is my assuption that the magically adepts sirens of Sirens Grotto may now be in possession of the scale.'

The platinum dragon scale can be dropped by siren sorceresses in Sirens Grotto.

Place the items in the artifact container, hit combine, and return the result to Iago to receive:

Mask of Draconic Enhancement
Slot: FACE
AC: 10
Effect: Truesight (Worn)
STR: +5   DEX: +5   STA: +5   CHA: +5   WIS: +5   INT: +5   
AGI: +5   HP: +25   
Recommended level of 40
WT: 1.0   Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot type 7:empty

(Exact response text not available at this time.)

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