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Skyshrine - Draconic Instruments Quests

These quests originate in Skyshrine, and require the Scars of Velious expansion. They are given only to those with the proper Claws of Veeshan faction. Several tradeskill combines are needed for these quests, and further details, including trivials, will be added as they become available.

You say, 'Hail, Mercutius Del Torre'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'Good day, night, or whatever the time is. I am Mercutius Del Torre, minstrel of the Draconic Loyalist Fellowship. The great crystalline dragon goddess, Veeshan, has blessed my life with the opportunity to live among her children here in the Skyshrine. I have learned more of the dragons history, lore, and heritage than I ever could have dreamed of knowing back in my younger days in Qeynos. If you are privy to the musical arts and a friend of the dragons and kin I have developed a method of crafting [draconic instruments] and would craft some for you given I am provided with the necessary materials.'

You say, 'What draconic instruments?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'I have a collection of instruments that I have crafted during my stay here in the Skyshrine from materials that can be found here on the continent of Velious. I presented my crafted instruments to the dragon scholars and they decorated them with runes in the ancient dragon script that enhances the magnificence of their sounds. I will craft either a [draconic drum], [draconic lute], or [draconic horn] if you bring me the materials in order to do so.'

You say, 'What draconic drum?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'The frame of the drum must be crafted from Kromrif Bones and the skin of the drum must be crafted from a [Cured Brontotherium Hide]. If you bring me those items I will craft the drum for you and have it inscribed with the dragon script runes.'

You say, 'What Cured Brontotherium Hide?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'First you must hunt down a brontotherium and skin its hide. Once you have the hide it needs to be cured with a [special tannin] in a tailoring kit.'

Brontotherium hides drop off the brontotheriums in Western Wastes.

You say, 'What special tannin?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'The tannin used to cure the brontotherium hide must be created by a brewer from a Flask of Water, an [Oily Goo Secretion], and one [Melted Glacier Whiskey].'

You say, 'What Oily Goo Secretion?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'In the caves of the Geonids in the Wakening Lands can be found Tar Goos. These Tar Goos secrete a sticky oily substance that makes an excellent preservative.'

As mentioned above, the oily goo secretion is dropped by the tar goos in the geonid caves in Wakening Lands. They can be found at the southern end of the zone. The secretion is no drop.

You say, 'What Melted Glacier Whiskey'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'Melted Glacier Whiskey is a strong alcohol that can be purchased from the Coldain brewers of Thurgadin.'

Melted Glacier Whiskey is sold by Celtir Gronbak (119, 405) in Thurgadin. Combine the oily goo secretion, the melted glacier whiskey and a flask of water in a brew barrel. Brewing trivial >90 <=185. Then combine the Glacier Oil Tannin with the brontotherium hide in a sewing kit or loom (trivial <=35). Hand the cured hide and kromrif bones to the NPC. The bones drop off various giants in Kael Drakkel.

Draconic Fellowship Drum
Size: Medium
Weight 3.0
+5 int +5 dex +10 cha
Testing has rated the drum to be roughly a 30% modifier to percussion songs.

You say, 'What draconic lute?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'The strings of the draconic lute must be crafted from Siren Hair and the body of the lute must be carved from a Brontotherium Femur treated with a [special shellac]. If you bring me those items I will craft the lute for you and have it inscribed with the dragon script runes.'

Siren hairs drop off the sirens in Cobalt Scar. The femur drops off brontotheriums in Wakening Lands

You say, 'What special shellac?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'The shellac used for the instruments must be created by a brewer from a Flask of Water, an [Oily Goo Secretion], and one [Kromrif Spit Vodka]. Once you have the shellac fire the old dragon horn or brontotherium femur in a kiln with the shellac.'

Again, get an oily goo secretion from the tar goos mentioned above, and combine it with a water flask and Kromrif Spit Vodka in a brew barrel. Brewing trivial <=134. This special vodka is sold in Thurgadinby Bixx Bartleby (41, -378). Combine the shellac with the brontotherium femur in a kiln to create a treated brontotherium femur. Pottery combine is trivial <=122. Hand in this treated femur and the siren hair to the NPC.

Draconic Fellowship Lute
Size: Medium
Weight 3.0
+5 int +5 dex +10 cha
current estimates are that this grants 20% to stringed songs

You say, 'What draconic horn?'

Mercutius Del Torre says 'The horn must be crafted from the horn of a dragon, but you must not slay or participate in the slaying of a dragon to acquire this item. The horn must be from a dragon of no prominent social status that died from natural causes. The old dragon horn must also be treated with a [special shellac] before it is returned to me. I will also require a black sapphire that will be cut into a mouthpiece for the horn. If you bring me those items I will craft the horn for you and have it inscribed with the dragon script runes.'

Old dragon horns drop off rats in Dragon Necropolis. The shellac recipe is listed above. Combine the horn with the shellac in a kiln, and then hand in the treated horn and a black sapphire to the NPC.

Draconic Fellowship Horn
Size: Medium
Weight: 3.0
+5 int +5 dex +10 cha

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