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Beyond Sonic Wolf Bane - Continuing Quests for Vah Shir

While the creation of a Vah Shir's class-specific Sonic Wolf Bane weapon is a major achievement, it is not the end of the quest. The continuation of the quest is available to Vah Shir who have completed all the previous steps. The remaining steps will be prety much the same, but the reward will vary based on the class of the questor.

Once you create your Sonic Wolf Bane weapon, you need to bring the weapon to the person that gave you the quest, along with your Apprentice Cloak. Bards return them to Hana Sulm, beastlords return theirs to Kaam Rahiir, rogues return theirs to Elder Taruun Ternq, members of the shaman class return theirs to Amat Luzig, and warriors return theirs to Khala Dun Kuash.

Below is the text from the warrior version of the quest. While the text will vary slightly from class to class, all will be sent to find Ahom Guzhin.

Khala Dun Kuash says 'Now ths is a nice dagger! Do you like it better than mine? I thought so. When I was looking in my storeroom for the dagger molds, I found this for you. Here take it and wear it with pride... you're now officially a Khala Dun Journeyman! Pretty exciting surprise, eh? I thought so! No, you need to take the cloak to Ahom Guzhin. He'll meet you in the moor. He's always in the moor. Bye friend!

Kuash will give you back the dagger, along with a new cloak, which is your Khala Dun Journeyman's Cloak. (Other classes will also receive their class-specific Journeyman's Cloak from their proper quest person. The shaman Cloak of the Dar Khura Journeyman is AC 7, STA 2, WIS 3, AGI 1, HP 10, 3% brewing skill modifier, wt 5.0, lore, no drop, VAH/SHM. Stats for the other cloaks are not available at this time)

It also appears that while the quests for each Vah Shir class were different up to the creation of the Sonic Wolf Bane weapon, once that weapon has been created the quest steps are the same for each class but the rewards are different. In any case, bring your Journeyman's Cloak to Ahom Guzhin, who is found just inside the tunnel from Hollowshade Moor to Grimling Forest off to the left in the cupola partly hidden behind a rock

You say, 'Hail, Ahom Guzhin'

Ahom Guzhin says 'Please do not think poorly of me, but I must see your Journeyman's cloak if you wish to converse. Be quick about it. This place is not completely safe. '

Hand him your Journeyman's Cloak...

Ahom Guzhin says 'Ah, there it is... I haven't seen one of those in a while. I remember when I first became a journeyman myself. That was many seasons and twice as many trails ago. Time becomes most deft in the period just after you figure that you've got a grasp on it. '

Ahom Guzhin says 'Well, let us get back to pebbles and tax, shall we? You displayed a great deal of bravery in coming out here and looking for me. I fear my age is beginning to show. I can't evade danger as I did in my youth. With that in mind, I would like you to take this journal back to town for me. Historian Sharar will tend to my notes for me. She is a trusted friend and a valuable scholar. Please give it to her with my thanks. '

He will hand you a journal to take to Historian Sharar, who is in the Palace Courtyard in Shar Vahl in the library area that is off to the right as you enter the Palace Courtyard from the Merchants area.

You say, 'Hail, Historian Sharar'

Historian Sharar says 'It is a pleasure to meet you, friend. Please let me know if you have trouble finding the book that you seek. If you request something that we do not have available, I can make a note to keep an eye out for it. We are getting in a great variety of interesting new material these days. Speaking of which, I need someone to take a tome to Elder Animist Dumul. He has been frantically researching something or another. I'm sure that you could pry a little and learn more about it if you were to take this book to him. Is that something that you would be interested in doing? '

Hand him the journal that you got from Ahom Guzhin.

Historian Sharar says 'I see that you've found the codger. He really should settle down and come in from the weather. I often find myself worrying about him these days. Adventure takes its toll on everyone. I'd like to see him settle down before the moor takes a final toll from him. '

Historian Sharar says 'Well, I can't say that it isn't a pleasure to have his journal. He's documented the moor with such splendid detail. I cannot wait to see what he's written in these last few seasons. It is all so very helpful. Just take a look at these earplugs. They are a product of his last set of notes. He came up with the idea, while hunting owlbear in the moor. They are supposed to keep the sound they make from harming you. You can keep them, if you take this note to General Avilah for me. '

Historian Sharer hands you an Earring of the Owlbear, and a note to take to General Avilah. The Earring of the Owlbear is a NO DROP earring with no stats, and a right click effect of Immunity to Owlbear Screech. Take the note to General Avilah who is in the North section of Shar Vahl, towards Hollowshade, in a room on the 3rd floor of a building (use the outside stairs).

You say, 'Hail, General Avilah'

General Avilah says 'Thank you for delivering this. While I have you here, perhaps you can help. We are in dire need of assistance in the moor. All of the reports from our Taruun are indicating the same thing. The area has to be swept clear of the factions that currently inhabit it. The land itself seems defendable, we need someone to gather some soldiers and clear the area. '

General Avilah says 'If you accomplish this mission for us, I will be able to reward you for your actions in this leadership role. You will need only to return this box to me to collect your reward and promotion. It will need to contain a grimling chieftain staff, an owlbear guardian talon, a sonic wolf guardian fang, and your Journeyman's Cloak. Good luck too you, should you elect to accept this challenge. '

You gain experience!!

General Avilah gives you a long wooden box (lore, no drop, wt 0.3, 4-slot giant capacity container) in which to collect the needed items. Each of the needed items drops rarely from grimlings (grimling chieftan staff, lore, magic, no drop, wt 2.0, medium, none/none), owlbears (owlbear guardian talon, magic, lore, no drop, wt 0.2, tiny, none/none), and sonic wolves (sonic wolf guardian fang, lore, magic, no drop, wt 0.1, tiny, none/none) in Hollowshade Moor. Once you have all three items, place them in the box along with your Journeyman's cloak, and hit combine. Take the combined box of war trophies (magic, lore, no drop, wt 3.0, medium, none/none) back to General Avilah.

General Avilah says 'You have proven to be a great leader and excellent soldier. Please accept this cloak as a symbol of your accomplishment. We would be proud to have you as a member of our ranks. You can choose to stay within the ranks of your sect or you can work with us was a member of the Shar Vahl Garrison. If you wish to continue your work as a member of the garrison, please take this form, sign it in triplicate and give it to Captain Darznel. Either way, please stand still, while I offer you our formal salutation. '

General Avilah shouts 'Ahem... Citizens of Shar Vahl, Attention! It is my duty and honor as commander of the Shar Vahl Garrison to thank Tnar for their fine work. Give 'em your complete respect and salute 'em when you see them in passing. We enjoy our freedom, because of brave citizens like Tnar. Thank you for your time... Carry on! '

General Avilah will hand you a form to take to Captain Darznel, along with your new Garrison Cloak.

  • The new warrior cloak is called a Khala Dun Garrison Cloak, and it is AC 9, STR 6, DEX 4, STA 4, AGI 2, HP 30, with +3% to blacksmithing skill. (lore, no drop, VAH/WAR only)
  • The new beastlord cloak is called a Khati Sha Garrison Cloak, and it is AC 9, STR 4, STA 6, WIS 4, AGI 2, HP 3, with a 3% skill modifier to tailoring. (lore, no drop, BST/VAH, BAR, TRL, OGR)
  • The new rogue cloak is called ___?____, and it is AC 9, STR 4, DEX 6, STA 4, AGI 2, HP 30, with a 3% skill modifier for baking. (lore, no drop, VAH/ROG only)
  • The new bard cloak is called a Jharin Garrison Cloak, and it is AC 9, STR 4, , STA 4, CHA 6, AGI 2, HP 30, with a 3% skill modifier for pottery. (lore, no drop, VAH/BRD only)
  • The new shaman cloak is called a Dar Khura Garrison Cloak, and it is AC 9, DEX 2, STA 4, WIS 6, AGI 4, HP 30, with a 3% skill modifier for brewing. (lore, no drop, SHM/VAH, wt 5.0, medium)

Now it's time to trek back to Grimling Forest and hand the form to Captain Darznel...

You say, 'Hail, Captain Darznel'

Captain Darznel says 'Well met, friend. May I be of assistance? '

Hand him the form you got from General Avilah...

Captain Darznel says 'Let's see, yes... yes... It looks like you signed everything in the correct spot. That can only mean that you're not only brave, but you have some wits as well. If you have all of your teeth and can stand on one leg until the count of five, I think we can make use of you. '

Captain Darznel says 'Take this Polished Acrylia Sphere and give it to Scout Husman. He's been leading raiding parties against the grunt camps. Adventurers are great, but we need a real soldier to assist him this time. Perhaps we will get better results with your help. '

Captain Darznel says 'After you complete that raid, please go with Scouts Danarin and Derrin. Once you secure those camps, bring me any grimling intelligence reports or documents that you may have found. Place the documents and your Garrison cloak in this bag and bring them back to me. Complete this task and you may even get a promotion. '

Captain Darznel will hand you a 4 slot box, and a Polished Acrylia Sphere. You will need to complete the raids given by each scout, and loot the Captured Grimling Documents that each officer drops. They will appear as Captured Grimling Documents I, II, and III. Be sure to also loot the body part dropped by the officer and hand it back to the scout, so you will have the medals that you will need for the next part.

Once you have completed the three raids (bring friends - it can be tough to keep the scout alive), place the three Captured Grimling Documents in the box, along with your Garrison Cloak, and hit combine. Hand the combined box back to Captain Darznel.

Captain Darznel says 'This documentation is a great start. Judging by the amount of material here, we'll be able to formulate a new battle within the week. It shouldn't take our linguists too long to decipher this scribble. '

Captain Darznel says 'I cannot help but think that your presence and leadership are what made those missions such wonderful successes. I have been authorized to give you a field promotion for your valor and bravery in combat. You're ability to lead was the keystone in the success of those engagements. Welcome to the rank of Garrison Officer, Tnar! '

Captain Darznel says 'We can celebrate your promotion when we make it back to the rear. Right now, I need you to lead another set of missions into the grunt occupied territory. Speak to Captain Necin and show him the Soldier's chest that you've filled with the medals that you earned from the first set of raids. He will direct you through the next several mission. Once you have completed the missions, combine the Medallion of the Hero of Shar Vahl and your Officer's cloak in this Satchel. Take the Locked Satchel to Sergeant Cursah. He will assist you from that point forward. '

Captain Darznel will hand you a 2 slot container, and your new Garrison Officer cloak!

  • The new warrior cloak is called Khala Dun Officer's Cloak, and it's stats are AC 12, Str +10, Dex +8, Sta +8, Int +3, Agi +5, HP +50, with +3% to Blacksmithing. Lore and no drop, of course. ;)
  • The new beastlord cloak is called the Khati Sha Officer's Cloak, and it's stats are AC 12, STR 8, DEX 3, STA 10, WIS 8, AGI 5, HP 50, mana 50, with 3% modifier to tailoring. It is lore, no drop, and is wearable by all BST races.
  • The new shaman cloak is called Dar Khura Officer's Cloak, AC 12, STR 3, DEX 5, AGI 8, STA 8, WIS 10, HP 50, mana 50, skill mod: brewing 3% (wt 5.0, medium, lore, no drop, VAH/SHM)
  • (details are not available for the other class rewards at this time)

There is mention of needing several more wars and a large raiding force in order to receive the Hero Medal of Shar Vahl. Further writeup on the quest is not available at this time. We have found some information on what looks to be the next cloak in the series for the beastlords, but as of yet, nobody's gotten together a writeup for this site. If you have additional information, please post to the message boards.

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