EQ Traders Corner

Item List for Mac

Found in Halas at loc 308, -179, 5 (Macs Kilts)

Tradeskill supplies sold by Mac

Item Price
Fur Lined Shoes

How To Sew: Large Sizes

How To Sew: Medium Sizes

2g 6s 2c

Large Cloth Cap

Large Cloth Cape

Large Cloth Cord

Large Cloth Gloves

Large Cloth Kilt

Large Cloth Shawl

Large Cloth Shirt

Large Cloth Sleeves

Large Cloth Veil

Large Cloth Wristband

Small Sewing Kit

5g 5s 3c

Tradeskill supplies dropped by Mac when killed

This NPC does not drop any tradeskill items when killed.

Quest items obtained from Mac

This NPC does give any tradeskill quest items.

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