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Item List for Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix

Found in Abysmal Sea at loc -190, 227, 98 (in the hold)

Tradeskill supplies sold by Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix

Item Price
Alocasia Root

1p 5s

Black Gold Ingot

6299p 9g 9s 9c


1p 6g 8s 1c

Buffing Sheets

3p 1g 4s 9c


1p 1g 5s 7c

Celestial Solvent

1g 2s 5c


1p 6g 4s 8c

Concentrated Celestial Solvent

3g 9s

Conium's Notebook Part One

6g 3s 3c

Conium's Notebook Part Two

6g 3s 3c

Constrict Suspension

1p 5s


5g 2s 5c

Creeper Ivy

1p 2g 8s 3c

Crystal Nightshade

1p 5g 1s 2c


9g 4s 5c

Dihedral Burin

31p 4g 9s 9c


8g 4s 1c

Empty Vial

2g 9c

Ethereal Suspension

2p 6g 2s 4c

Fine Hydroabrasive

52p 4g 9s 9c

Gelsemium Petals

2p 7g 2s 9c

Gelsemium Root

2p 5g 4s 1c

Ground Garlic

6g 4s 9c

Hounds Tongue

1p 1g 6s 7c


31p 4g 9s 9c

Ivory Poppy

2p 4g 5c

Jar of Acid

1g 4c

Jar of Lacquer

1g 4c

Jellico's Notes

Kaxon's Beauty Tips

6g 3s

King's Thorn

1p 3g 5s 4c


2p 1g 1c

Larent Suspension

2p 1g

Lead Sulphide

9g 4s 4c


8g 3s 9c

Lined Poison Vial

3p 1g 5s

Lined Vial Sketch

8g 4s

Lobal's Cures for Undeath

6g 3s

Mark of Aggression

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Alacrity

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Battle

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Celerity

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Dexterity

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Efficiency

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Extension

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Ferocity

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Haste

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Healing

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Potency

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Quickness

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Sight

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Sundering

1p 4s 9c

Mark of Virility

1p 4s 9c


314p 9g 9s 9c

Mercuric Ore

7p 8g 7s 4c

Mortar and Pestle

1p 4s 9c

Old Delivered Book

2p 1g

Open Letter - Part 1


Open Letter - Part 2


Poison Vial

1p 5g 7s 5c

Poisons of the Lost Continent

6g 3s

Red Hellebore

1p 7g 8s 6c

Renux's Translations

6g 3s


5p 2g 5s


209p 9g 9s 9c

Scouts Poisons

6g 3s 1c

Sealed Poison Vial

6p 3g

Sealed Vial Sketch

1p 8g 9s

Secrets of the White Rose

7g 6c

Silent Weapons of the Black Mask

6g 4s 9c

Sketch Book

Snakes Head Iris

2p 8g 3s 9c

Snowcap Amanita

6p 3g

Snowfall Algae

2p 5g 1s 9c


5g 2s 5c

The Scent of Marr

1p 5g 7s 4c

Thorny Ergot

5g 2s 5c

Vial Sketch

3g 1s 5c

White Gold Ingot

1049p 9g 9s 9c

Wood Rose

4p 2g 2c

Tradeskill supplies dropped by Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix when killed

This NPC does not drop any tradeskill items when killed.

Quest items obtained from Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix

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