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Item List for Slewar Belsgog

Found in Abysmal Sea at loc -121, -235, 98

Tradeskill supplies sold by Slewar Belsgog

Item Price
Spell: Armor of Faith

Spell: Breath of Tunare

Spell: Brell's Mountainous Barrier

Spell: Brell's Steadfast Aegis

Spell: Bulwark of Faith

Spell: Calm

Spell: Celestial Cleansing

Spell: Center

Spell: Daring

Spell: Dismiss Undead

Spell: Divine Aura

Spell: Divine Favor

Spell: Divine Glory

Spell: Divine Vigor

Spell: Expel Undead

Spell: Expulse Undead

Spell: Force

Spell: Frenzied Strength

Spell: Greater Healing

Spell: Guard

Spell: Halo of Light

Spell: Hammer of Striking

Spell: Healing

Spell: Healing Wave of Prexus

Spell: Heroism

Spell: Holy Might

Spell: Instrument of Nife

Spell: Invisibility vs Undead

Spell: Pacify

Spell: Reanimation

Spell: Reckless Strength

Spell: Reconstitute

Spell: Renewal

Spell: Reparation

Spell: Resolution

Spell: Restoration

Spell: Resurrection

Spell: Revive

Spell: Root

Spell: Shield of Words

Spell: Soothe

Spell: Spirit Armor

Spell: Stun

Spell: Superior Healing

7p 2s 6c

Spell: Symbol of Marzin

Spell: Symbol of Naltron

Spell: Symbol of Pinzarn

Spell: Symbol of Ryltan

Spell: Symbol of Transal

Spell: Thunder of Karana

Spell: Valor

Spell: Valor of Marr

Spell: Wave of Life

Spell: Words of Tranquility

Spell: Yaulp II

Spell: Yaulp III

Tradeskill supplies dropped by Slewar Belsgog when killed

This NPC does not drop any tradeskill items when killed.

Quest items obtained from Slewar Belsgog

This NPC does give any tradeskill quest items.

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