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Gravel Leaf Tea

This involved quest results in faction and a tiny bit of xp, as well as a ceremonial strainer used for some of these quest brews.

Feb 4, 2003: The number of gravel leaf teas needed by Guard Jabbar has been increased from 6 to 8.

Speak with Merchant Ahlam in Shar Vahl (2nd floor of the tavern at loc -201, -178). He will ask if you have come to help. Give him your personal acrylia slate and he will give you a 10-slot wrist pouch and return your personal acrylia slate. (Remember to have a container slot free for the pouch before you do this.)

Merchant Ahlam says 'Ah good I was hoping you'd be along soon. I need you to collect some Gravel tea leaves from below the city. I need these leaves to make some tea for the guards under the arena. I need 10 of these leaves to brew enough tea for the guards. Take this pouch and fill it with leaves and return it to me.

Fill the bag with ten gravel pit leaves, which are a rare drop off the young rockhoppers in the pit around Shar Vahl. Combine it, and return the pouch to Merchant Ahlam. He will give you his seal and ask if you are interested in Vah Shir brewing.

Merchant Ahlam says 'Many thanks Krishin, I'll be going to brew this tea up for the guards now. Take this seal as proof of your helping me. You wouldn't happen to know anyone who would be [interested] in learning the art of Vah Shir Brewing would you? I could really use the help in these hard times, I can barely keep up with all the demand.

If you say that you are interested, he tells you he will only teach those who have his seal. Hand the seal back to him, and he will give you an Acrylia sand filter with which to purify water.

Merchant Ahlam says 'Well done Krishin, it is now time to start down the path of learning the art of Vah Shir brewing. You'll need a steady hand if you are to master the brew barrel. The first thing you'll need to learn is how to purify the water we use for all our finest brews. Take this Acrylia filter and use it to [purify water]. Bring me 4 flasks of crystal clear water and I'll teach you how to make the tea from the gravel tea leaves.

Ask him how to purify water and he says that the only water that can be used must come from Gamali, who is in Hollowshade Moor on the shore north of the zone to Paludal Caverns (loc 1092, 2523). You must by hand her an empty bottle and in return you get a bottle of fresh water (no drop). Combine your filter and the water in a brew barrel and receive back your filter and a flask of Crystal Clear Water (trivial 36).

Give Merchant Ahlam 4 flasks of crystal clear water, and he will mention that Guard Jabbar under the arena needs a shipment of gravel leaf tea to help sedate the prisoners. He will give you an eight-slot container in which to place the tea to bring to the guard (and as of a recent patch, he now wants 8 teas in the container, not 6). The tea is made by combining a gravel pit leaf and a crystal clear water in a brew barrel. Trivial is greater than 94.

Merchant Ahlam says 'Very good Krishin, this water is perfect for making Gravel leaf tea. I've just received a message from Guard Jabbar under the arena needs a shipment of [Gravel leaf tea] to help sedate the prisoners. Fill a crate with bottles of Gravel leaf tea and take it to Guard Jabbar.

Bring the container with the 8 teas in it (combine it before handing it in!) to Guard Jabbar. Guard Jabbar will then give you his seal, which you then bring back to Merchant Ahlam.

Guard Jabbar says 'Ah the tea! I've been anxiously awaiting your arrival Krishin, we'd almost run out of that wonderful Gravel leaf tea. Take this seal back to Ahlam, and give him my thanks.

Upon giving the seal to Merchant Ahlam, he will give you a no drop metal strainer, and he will ask you to make Hollow Palm Tea.

Merchant Ahlam says 'Very good Krishin, the guards had been waiting for that tea all day. I think you're ready to move on to something a bit more challenging now. Take this strainer, it will allow you to create some very potent brews from some of the more rare herbs to be found near the city. You'll want to start by making some [Hollow palm tea] to get used to how the strainer works.

Merchant Ahlam has the following to say about Hollow palm tea:

Merchant Ahlam says 'You'll need some Crystal water, just as you do with all of our teas, and some Hollow palm roots. You can find Hollow palms out in the moors, watch out for the grimlings though. Once you find the roots just use the strainer to control the flow of water over the leaves. If you do it correctly you'll create a very potent brew. When you get it right bring the strainer back to me with a sample of your work.

Hollowshade palm roots are found in Hollowshade Moor, over on the islands that Gamali stands near. They are a ground spawn under the trees, and grimling herders path right through there, so if you can't take them on make sure none wander near you. Combine one root, crystal clear water, and the strainer in a brew barrel. It is not trivial skill 142, and every failure gives back the strainer. Result was Hollow Palm Tea, nothing special about it except that it was no drop. Hand the tea and strainer to Ahlam and he says:

Merchant Ahlam sips the tea. A bit of a glazed look comes across his face. Ahlam says, 'Mmmmm, I do so love Hollow palm tea. This is a bit mild for Hollow palm tea though, you might want to try adding some spices next time for a bit more flavor. Here's your strainer back, I etched some runes into that should add to the potency of your brews. I hear the grimlings make a very potent sort of tea from the grimroot out in the forest, but the thought of drinking anything made from grimroot makes my stomach churn. At any rate, tinker a bit with that strainer and don't be afraid of trying some new brews with it. If you create anything interesting that you think I might like bring it to me so I can taste it.

He then gives you back a runed metal strainer. Adding the spices like he suggests results in Spice Hollow Palm tea. (It's a whistle wetter that adds 2 wis and 10 Disease Resist). There seems to be no quest for it, but it's a known brewing variation. There are two versions of this recipe: hollowshade palm root, crystal clear water, runed metal strainer OR hollowshade palm root, water flask, acrylia handled strainer. (Received in the next step of the quest, in the paragraph below.) Trivial is 162.

Then it's time to make Spiced Grimroot Tea. (Grimroot, spices, crystal clear water, runed metal strainer.) Grimroots can be found as a ground spawn inside the grimling huts in Hollowshade Moor. Give Merchant Ahlam a Spiced Grimroot Tea, and he will give you seal of approval. He then asks for that seal and the strainer. Give both items to him and you will recieve an Acrylia Handled Strainer, which allows you to use normal flasks of water in the teas in place of crystal clear water. After you have received this strainer, you can make further spiced grimroot tea by either the above recipe OR can use grimroot, spices, water flask and acrylia handled strainer. Brewing trivial is 162.

In the barracks of Katta Castellum, there is a sick legionnaire (Legionnaire Neville). Hail him for the following response:

Legionnaire Neville coughs a bit and looks up at you with tired, bleary eyes, 'Ugh, I have not had such a cold as this since I was a boy. I have heard of a tea-maker in the city of the Vah Shir that makes a stamina enhancing tea. I would like to try some and see if it might help.'

Asking him "what tea maker?" brings the following response:

Legionnaire Neville says 'ACHOO! Excuse me. It was some kind of root tea... saucy greyroot... sparkly greenroot... something like that I think. The brewer's name was... Adam... Lama... Oh I just cannot think straight.

Feeding him the spiced grimroot tea results in faction and a small amount of experience.

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