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Vah Shir - Rogue Quests

As with many quests in Shar Vahl, this requires that you've already completed the Vah Shir Citizenship quest.

This is a progressive, class-specific quest for Vah Shir rogues. Many thanks to Dokomo Tunderblade for the initial details. Further details on the Hollowshade Moor drops needed.

You may wish to read through this quest carefully in advance to see which items are needed from the Shar Vahl pit, and collect them all at once. Otherwise, you're going to be returning there ... a lot.

After getting your slate of citizenship and your Initiate's Cloak of Shar Vahl (AC 4, wt 5, ALL; BAR, OGR, TRL, IKS, VAH), you are told to look for Harbin Gernawl. He is found to the right of the Registrar's office.

Hail him, if you wish.

Harbin Gernawl says 'Hello ______, it is my pleasure to meet you.

Hand Harbin Gernawl your personal acrylia slate.

Harbin Gernawl says 'Ahh, ______, I was told you'd be coming. I am Harbin, and I will oversee the next bit of your progress in the Taruun. You have bravely chosen a path that will put your every skill to the test. May your abilities be honed in the service of the noble Vah Shir. To begin, bring me the soft chitin of three of the Rhinobeetles that dwell in the crater surrounding our city.

Go down into the pit surrounding Shar Vahl and kill beetles until you have 3 chitins..

Harbin Gernawl takes the chitin and deftly fashions a buckler as he speaks, 'Your progress will be reported, ______. For your effort thus far I present you with this buckler. It will help to protect you until you become adept enough to wield a weapon in each of your hands. Meanwhile, it is time for you to practice the skill that Shar Vahl relies on to feed it's people. Following this recipe, deliver four boiled rockhopper eggs to Sergeant Tylah in Hollowshade moor. Return to me with the acrylia he will pay you.

You are rewarded with exp and the Buckler of the Beetle (shield, AC 3, wt. 5, VAH ROG, lore, no drop)

Now you must go back down to the pit and kill rockhoppers for their (no drop) eggs. They are rare drops so be prepared to wait a while to get 4 (although it's recommended to grab a couple more in case of failures). The recipie for cooking the eggs is 1 Spices, 1 Water Flask, and 1 Rockhopper Egg in an oven or spit. The trivial is reported as 46, but at 64 it was still a 1 in 5 fail rate. Go to the Hollowshade Moor, to the Vah Shir Outpost, and hand all 4 to Scout Tylah

If you wish to hail her first, you get the following response:

Sergeant Tylah says 'Good day to you ______, would you happen to have any boiled rockhopper eggs for sale? I'm so very hungry and they're my favorite food.

Give her the 4 boiled rockhopper eggs.

Sergeant Tylah devours all four of the eggs in the blink of an eye, 'Delicious! May the spirits bless you ______! Here are a few acrylia flakes for your trouble. I'll be happy to pay for more should you find yourself with any extra!

You are awarded exp and some acrylia flakes, which you bring back to Harbin Gernawl.

Harbin Gernawl says 'Your progress will be rewarded, ______. Soon all will recognize you as a recruit of the cunning Taruun! Speak with Merchant Rytan. When he is through with you return to me with his seal, your buckler, your initiate's cloak and this seal.

He awards you with experience and his seal.

Merchant Rytan is outisde the shop with fletching supplies in the South sector. Hail him for the following response:

Rytan says 'Hello ______, I trust all is well with you today. Come in and have a look around, just let me know if you see anything you like. By the way, I am in need of the assistance of an official Shar Vahl citizen. If you know of any please send them my way.

You say, 'I am a citizen'

Rytan says 'Wonderful! Please, show me your acrylia slate and I'll disclose my errand.

He, unsurprisingly, wants to see your personal acrylia slate (don't worry, he'll give it back). As is usual for questing, make sure you have a container slot free.

Rytan says 'Here's my dilemma, I am low on darts to sell and I need to replenish my supply. I simply cannot break away from the store so I require your help. Fill this bag with xakra teeth and return the sealed bag to me. With those teeth I can make six darts and I'll give you three.

He will return your slate, and also give you a no drop, 6-slot bag. Head back down to the pit and collect 6 Xakra teeth off the Xakra worms. Fill the bag with teeth, combine, and hand it back to Rytan.

Rytan says 'Here are the three darts I promised you and a seal of mine. I need more darts desperately, so show me your acrylia slate to take another bag and fill it as you are able. Collect four of my seals and show them to me. I will reward you by revealing my method of dart construction.

Rytan then hands you his seal, and 3 xakra tooth darts (5/26, throwing, range 75, wt. 0.1, ALL; BAR, TRL, OGR, IKS, VAH). He also hints at his progressive fletching quest. (Not yet documented, but the recipes are listed on the site.)

Go back to Harbin and hand in his seal, Rytan's seal, your cape, and your buckler.

Harbin Gernawl says 'Your hard work is pleasing to the Taruun, ______, which now accepts you as an official recruit. Wear this cloak with pride. Your buckler has been treated with a special epoxy and should protect you more effectively now. Show the buckler to Taruun Joharr and he will continue to guide you on your sacred path. I sense a strong spirit in you, young one. May it guide you to greatness!

Harbin Gernawl shouts 'Citizens of glorious Shar Vahl, lend me your ears. On this day your fellow citizen, ______, has become an official recruit of the Taruun. He has pledged an oath to hone his skills to perfection that he may better serve us all. Please join me now in celebrating his commitment to the mighty Vah Shir!

Rewards are a the Hardened Buckler of the Beetle (AC 5, wt. 5, VAH ROG, lore, no drop), and your Cloak of the Taruun Recruit (AC 5, DEX 1, HP 5, 1% baking mod, weight 5, VAH ROG, lore, no drop).

Taruun Joharr is hard to find. Head for the north gate, but just as you pass under the arch, but before you go across the bridge you can go right along the outer city wall but also along the big fall into the pit. Taruun Joharr is not far along the right wall.

Give him the buckler that you just received. Since he keeps it and replaces it with two daggers, you may not wish to do this step until you're ready to dual wield.

Taruun Joharr takes the buckler and spins it in his hand for a moment. Eventually he says, 'I suppose assumin' you were sent here by Harbin isn't too far from the reality of things. I'll try to think of a few things for you to do, but in the meantime, take these daggers and practice until you can use both of them. You need to get out of the habit of toting this shield around. If your enemy is gettin' close enough to hit you on it, you ain't doin' your job right anyway. I'll do what I can to train you from here, but I'm going to need to eat first. It's been a while since my last meal. Take this meal voucher to Cook Yalkiin. Once they fill the order bring it back and we'll start your lesson. Now scoot.'

In exchange for your buckler he hands you 2 Daggers that are 4/24, and also gives you a voucher. Cook Yalkiin can be found in the Throne room area on the first door on the left.

Cook Yalkiin says 'I'd love to fill this order, but we're out of the meat that he likes. We've been very busy today, so I doubt that any of us will be able to get out to gather more of it. If you could go out and grab us a few slabs, we could not only fill the order, I could put some away for anyone else that may come through today. This sounds like a perfect task for a young Taruun recruit. Fill this bag with the fatty meat from a young Owlbear and bring it back to me right away. I'll get Joharr's sandwiches as soon as you return with the meat.

Go to Hollowshade Moor and kill Owlbear Cubs until you have 6 Fatty Owlbear Meat. Combine and return the bag to Cook Yalkiin.

Cook Yalkiin opens the bag and immediately begins to slice the meat into thin sheets. He throws the meat on a few slices of bread and wraps the whole thing up with a hand full of vegetables. 'Here you go, friend!' He says as he hands you what appears to be a lunch bag. 'Joharr should love these sandwiches! The meat that you brought us was great. If you ever need a job as a butcher, just let us know. Take care and tell Joharr I said hello.'

You gain experience, positive faction with the Guardians of Shar Vahl, and a Food Bag. Take the Food Bag back to Taruun Joharr. As usual, make sure that you have a container slot free.

Taruun Joharr takes the bag and takes a huge bite of the sandwich. 'This sandwich is almost worth the wait.' He says as he rubs the crumbs from his mouth. 'I hope that you've been practicin' with those daggers. Elder Ternq came by while you were away. He stated that I, well... you... need to go scout the caves around the thicket. Gather the skulls of any Shak Dratha that you may... um... run into while you scout. Once you've filled this backpack, return it to me and I'll fill out a report for Ternq.
[Sat Dec 08 12:32:21 2001] Your faction standing with Taruun got better.
[Sat Dec 08 12:32:21 2001] You gain experience!!

You receive experience, positive faction with Taruun, and a Worn Scout page (6-slot bag, small, wt 2.0, lore, no drop). Head to Shadeweaver's Thicket and kill Shak Dratha Senthians in the upper to middle caverns, or the Shak Dratha Assassins and Raiders outside the caves. Collect 6 Shak Dratha Skulls. Combine them in the bag and return the result to Taruun Joharr.

Taruun Joharr says 'Very good, ______! Elder Ternq will be very pleased with the results of your patrol. Take this regional status report to him and see if he has anything else for you to do. Your skill as a hunter is really starting to show. You can keep the daggers that I gave you. Make good use of them. I'm sure that you're going to be too busy to come back this way for a bit. Take care.

You receive experience, positive faction with Taruun, and a regional status report.

Elder Taruun Ternq can be found on top of the 3 story building by the south gate. Give him the report.

Elder Taruun Ternq says 'I see that Joharr introduced you to our cavern dwelling friends. This report shows that you were very successful on your last patrol. Your progress as a Taruun is most pleasing. You have shown us that you are ready to advance to the level of apprentice. I will send someone for your new cloak in a moment. While I am doing that, please use this bowl to prepare some spicy fish stew and take it to Kerr Tiparr in the Hollowshade outpost. It's not often that they get good food out there. If you don't remember the recipe, just ask cook Mylis. When you are done, please return with your old cloak and the empty pot. Always remember... Service to the community should always precede any thoughts personal advancement.

You receive experience, positive faction with Taruun, and a large stewing pot (lore, no drop).

Ask Cook Mylis, 'what spicy fish stew'

Cook Mylis says 'Ohhh, I love fish stew and it's fairly simple to make. If you're looking to make a large pot of it, you'll want to be sure that you have enough ingredients ready from the start. Gather up a flask of water, a jug of sauce, some spices and two wetfang steaks. Cook them in an oven in a large stewing pot. For being so foul, those wetfangs sure taste good. Throw all of that in to simmer for a bit and you're ready to go!

Kill Large Wetfangs at the big lake in the Paludal Caverns for the steaks. The recipie is trivial at <=79 Baking. Hand the Pot of Spicy Fish Stew(lore, nodrop) in to Kerr Tiparr who returns to you an Empty Stew Bowl (lore, nodrop) which you then give with your Recruit cloak to Ternq.

Elder Taruun Ternq says 'Very well done, ______. Take this cloak and wear it with pride. May it keep your silhouette hidden from our enemies and keep you safe from those things that may walk in shadows darker than ours. Your work is being noticed, young Taruun. Please keep a clear eye on the path that lies before you. Speak to Elam Arruk when you are ready to continue your training. You will need only to show him the cloak that I just gave you. He will know how to instruct you from there. Be well.

Elder Taruun Ternq shouts 'Hear me fellow Vah Shir! The Taruun have seen fit to escalate citizen ______ to the rank of apprentice. He grows in strength and wisdom daily. We are proud as should you all be. May this student of our ways continue to progress and live worthy of our noble heritage.

You receive experience, positive faction with Taruun and the Cloak of the Taruun Apprentice. Give the cloak to Elam Arruk. (Once again, make sure you have a container slot free.)

Elam Arruk says 'I see that you have experienced some training from Elder Ternq. He is an amazing scout and very exciting to watch in combat. Years prior to being commissioned to act in this role, I served with the young Scout Ternq. Of course we were both much younger and more agile back in those days. Much like you are now. Ah well, enough with this chatter. Take this bag and stow it somewhere safe. I have a task for you.

He will give you a Black Cloth Bag (lore, no drop, 6-slot container)

Ask him, 'what task'

Elam Arruk says 'You will need to begin familiarizing yourself with the moor and its inhabitants. As a scout, there is one creature that roams the moor that you are going to need to focus on in particular. These creatures are wolf-like in their appearance, but have no need for sight and show absolutely no fear of the tactics that we usually use to scare off animals. They move in packs and attack swiftly. To learn their behavior, you will need to track a few down. Fill that bag with a few of their tongues and bring it back to me. Once you have seen them, I will be able to teach you more.

The tongues can drop off any Sonic Wolf in Hollowshade Moor. Fill the bag with six tongues, combine, and bring the result back to Elam Arruk.

Elam Arruk says 'Very good ______, not only have you had a chance to see the creatures, you have also provided me with lunch. I hope that you learned something from your encounter. Those wolves, or sonic wolves as the Dar Khura call them, have destroyed more than a few scouting expeditions. Over the years, our research into the origins of these beasts has proven fruitful. We have found a means of making a weapon that reacts to their flesh. These items will assist you in making that item.

Elam Arruk hands you a dagger hilt and a mortar and pestle and says, 'Those items are to be used to not only produce your personal weapons, but to aid any other citizen that may be in need of the component that we, as Taruun, are best suited to produce... the poison. I understand that you are still young and new to poisons, but this will be an easy process for you. You will need only to grind the ingredients up in that mortar and pestle. Then heat the resulting powder in an oven by placing the powder and some water in a poison vial. Be sure not to over cook it.

Elam Arruk says 'You will need to visit the Library of War History and purchase a book on the construction of this weapon. Read it and construct the weapon. I recall that the scholar that sells the book was also working on a construction kit for the weapons. Please take your finished weapon and your apprentice cloak to Elder Taruun Ternq. I am sure that he will be curious about your progress.

You now have a new cloak that is 6 AC 2 Dex, 10 HP, 2% Baking as well as a Taruun Hilt Piece

The next step is the creation of the Sonic Wolf Bane dagger, which requires the cooperation of every Vah Shir class. (Each class has a specific part they are able to create, using the quest tools given them by their guild quests.)

The ingredients for the Sonic Wolf Bane Poison are:

Digested Salass Moss: An uncommon drop off any Owlbear in Hollowshade
Sonic Wolf Blood: An uncommon (bordering on rare for the number of people that need this) drop off any Sonic Wolf in Hollowshade
Poison Dart Felts: Uncommon drops off Grimling Spiritists in Hollowshade (a good camp is the one with the chief)
Tortoise Saliva: Uncommon drop off Moor Tortises

These must be combined in your acrylia mortar and pestle. The result must then be baked in an oven along with a flask of water and a poison vial.

Buy the Weapons Assembly Kit from the Arms Historian and combine all 5 pieces from each class and the Taruun Hilt Piece and you will recieve a Sonic Wolf Bane Dagger but not the Assembly Kit. Further details on the Sonic Wolf Bane quests are found here.

After you show your cloak and dagger to Elder Taruun Ternq you get a new cloak, which is 7 AC, 3 Dex, 15 HP and 3% Baking. Elder Taruun Ternq then suggests you head out into Hollowshade Moor and hand the dagger to Ahom Guzhin in Hollowshade Moor.

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