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As with many quests in Shar Vahl, this requires that you've already completed the Vah Shir Citizenship quest. Also, as with all the class-specific quests in Shar Vahl, it requires that a young Vah Shir focus on a specific tradeskill. For warriors, this skill is smithing. Further details on the Hollowshade Moor drops needed.

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After completing your citizenship quest, return to the warrior Guild Master. He will tell you to find Guard Hebijeb (Note: He is labeled Khala Dun Hebijeb. He can be found guarding the entrance to the arena.) and show him your personal acrylia slate.

Give Khala Dun Hebijeb your personal acrylia slate (he will return it to you):

Khala Dun Hebijeb says 'I was told to expect you, Grekas. It is my duty to supervise this stage of your training, which will help strengthen you in preparation for your life of service to our people. There is much to do in very little time so let us begin. There are creatures that roam freely at the base of the rock on which we live. You are tasked with demonstrating a basic understanding of combat by defeating skeletons of grimlings and delivering to me four of their femurs.

Go to the pit surrounding the city and hunt Grimling Skeletons. Collect four femurs and return them to Guard Hebijeb. (Note: the grimling skeletons seem to only spawn at certain times so it might take awhile to collect all the femurs you need.)

Khala Dun Hebijeb looks at you with an expression of approval, 'Your completion of the assigned task has been noted. Accept this weapon as a token of the Khala Dun's gratitude. You will find the Khala Dun to be very generous to it's humble students, quick to reward obedience. I have been notified that one of our citizens needs some assistance, bring me proof that you have aided Dronqam Runghi.'

You are rewarded with faction, XP and a Crude Bone Short Sword (Lore, primary/secondary, 1HS, 4/25, wt 6.5, VAH, WAR)

Find and hail Dronqam Runghi (he can be found in one of the buildings to the right of the palace)

Dronqam Runghi says 'Good day friend! Im glad you've stopped by. I am in need of some assistance. Please direct anyone seeking work to me.

You say, 'I am looking for work'

Dronqam Runghi says 'Excellent! I practice the art of alchemy and I am currently working on some new recipes. I require a few special ingredients. Fortunately they grow in the crater just outside our city walls. Bring me a redcapped mushroom, a pinch of scarlet moss and a bluecapped mushroom. I'll be most grateful.

These can also be found in the pit. (Note: As soon as you go down to the pit walk around where the wall meets the ground and look for the ground spawns. Did not take me to long to find them. The pinch of scarlet moss looks just like the chunk of mud ground spawn.)

Dronqam Runghi says 'Wonderful! I have little to offer you for your trouble aside from my gratitude. Here is a pinch of acrylia dust. I know it's not much. If you have no need for it go to Mignah, he can always use all kinds of acrylia.

Take the dust and give it to Guard Hebijeb.

Khala Dun Hebijeb takes the acrylia dust and places it in a vial already half full of the metal, 'You are nearly finished with the task at hand, Grekas. I now need you to begin your training in the art of blacksmithing, an essential aspect of the life of the Khala Dun. Combine this mold with three metal bits and a flask of water to fashion a buckler frame. When this is done bring it to me with the Crude Bone Short Sword and your initiate's cloak.

Take the mold with the metal bits and a flask of water and put them all into the forge. Combine them to receive a buckler frame. Trivial is >24 for this combine, and you receive the mold back upon failure. (Note: If you're facing Khala Dun Hebijeb turn to your left, go toward the buildings your facing go into the last one on your right to buy small a piece of ore to make the metal bits with. Then go back to the first building in the row of buildings and go through the door then turn right and go behind the stairs for a forge.)

Give Khala Dun Hebijeb the buckler frame, your initiate's cloak, and the crude bone short sword:

Khala Dun Hebijeb says 'Your progress pleases our order young one, and I am proud to promote you to the rank of recruit within the Khala Dun. Wear this cloak with pride, ______. I have completed your buckler as well as enhanced your sword. The blade will now be more effective when used against the skeletons from which it was constructed. Show the buckler to Armsman Khaigesh and he will instruct you further.

Khala Dun Hebijeb shouts 'Fellow citizens of Shar Vahl, help me welcome _____ to the rank of recruit in the honorable Khala Dun. May his actions henceforth reflect the strict sense of loyalty to our king that defines our order. May he exhaust his every resource in glorious defense of our proud people!

You receive faction, xp, and the following rewards:
Cloak of the Khala Dun Recruit, lore, no drop, AC 5, 1% blacksmithing modifier, STR 1, HP 1, wt 5.0, VAH WAR
Skeletonbane Short Sword, magic, lore, no drop, 1HS, 4/25, bane vs skeleton 2, wt 5.0, VAH WAR
Buckler of the Recruit, lore, no drop, AC 5, wt 8.0, VAH WAR

Give your buckler to Armsman Khaigesh (he will return it). Make sure to have a container slot free. (Note: Armsman Khaigesh can be found upstairs of the same building with the forge. Go upstairs and around the corner and through the door into the next room.):

Armsman Khaigesh says 'I can see by your armaments, that Hebijeb has started you along the path of bravery. That's a very good foundation for a young Khala Dun recruit to build upon. Bravery is an important trait, but you will need to learn discipline and patience. The blacksmithing that we do as Khala Dun helps to reinforce and reflect upon those traits. Take this bag and I will help you with your next lesson.

You say, 'What lesson?'

Armsman Khaigesh says 'A warrior must learn to be patient and pay attention to detail. Take the bag that I've just given you and fill it with Acrylia flecked nuggets. When hunting the moor, we often found rocks and ore wedged in the shells of the beetles that roam there. Kill the beetles that walk near the city's gates and pry their shells apart. You should be able to gather a decent amount of ore that way. Once you've filled the bag that I've given you, return here with the bag and your Skeletonbane short sword and I'll teach you something new.'

You'll find the acrylia flecked nuggets on rhinobeetles outside the gate in Hollowshade Moor. While you're there, you may want to collect rough ore pieces, as you will need them later. Fill the bag with 8 acrylia flecked nuggets, combine, and hand the result to Armsman Khaigesh.

Armsman Khaigesh grins at you as he takes the items. 'You're scruffy and you smell, but you're a fast enough learner.' He says as he pulls a leather strap out of his waistband and carefully wraps it around the hilt of your sword. He hands the sword back to you hilt first and says, 'Wrapping the hilt in that manners allows you to grip the sword better and hit harder. Take the sword and show it to Noril Galoon. He will instruct you further.'

You will receive faction, xp and a Leather Gripped Short Sword (lore, magic, no drop, primary/secondary, 1HS, 5/25, bane vs skeletons 2, DEX 1, AGI 1, wt 5.0, VAH, WAR)

Noril Galoon can be found in the North side of town in the bridge area.When you enter the gate area from the Arena area turn left and follow the wall till you get to the last building you will see stairs that go up. Once up the steps you will see a guard to your right with another set of stairs that go up. Go up these steps then walk across to your right to the walkway that leads to the next building. Noril will be standing next to the door once you cross the walkway.) Hand him the leather gripped short sword. (He will return it.). Make sure you have a container slot free.

Noril Galoon examines the hilt for a moment and hands the sword back to you. 'This looks like it will work fine.' He says. 'If you are up to doing me a favor, I can teach you how to modify your shield as well. Take this bag and these files and come back to me when you have some spare time and want to learn more about shields.'

You say, 'I have spare time.'

Noril Galoon says 'Shields and bucklers are very versatile. They can be used to deflect blows, knock your opponents off balance, and even offer a secondary form of attack. If you want me to help you to modify your shield, I'll need you to gather some rough ore pieces. They can be taken from the rhinobeetles that reside in the moor. Place them in a forge with a flask of water and your set of files to create bolts. Combine the full bag of bolts and return the product and the buckler to me.'

If you did not collect rough ore pieces, go back out to Hollowshade Moor and kill more rhinobeetles.

To construct the bolts, combine 1 rough ore piece and a flask of water in the forge. Once you have filled the bag with 8 bolts, combine and return the result and your buckler to Noril Galoon. Trivial for the combine is 68. (You will receive an upgraded buckler back in a later step)

Noril Galoon says 'Thanks for the Bag of Bolts Grekas.'

Noril Galoon says 'Thank you for making those for me. I was almost out. I'll modify your buckler immediately after I finish what I am doing here. Meanwhile, take this shopping list to Friaz. Do what you can to assist her. I need the bag of beetle horns she will give you if I am to work on your shield today.'

Noril gives you a shopping list. Bring the list and give it to Friaz - she will add items to the list. Make sure, as usual, to have a container slot free.

Friaz Ompir says 'Ahhh... I see that Noril is trying to get out of work. That lad is a lazy one. Not a problem though... you'll do all the same. Here, let me add a few more things to that list, since you look nice and strong. Take this list and my grocery bag and I'll see about scrounging up the beetle horns that Noril's been bugging me about.'

The shopping will have changed to: 2 Bluetoe Mushrooms, 1 Bottle of Grinning Grimling, 1 Bottle of Rockhopper Red Ale, and 4 Fatty Owlbear Meat.

Bluetoe Mushrooms are a ground spawn in Paludal Caverns. Enter Paludal Caverns from Hollowshade Moor (when you zone into Hollowshade Moor turn right and follow the wall till you see an outcropping of rocks. This is the zone into Paludal Caverns) After you zone into Paludal Caverns go through the first room once you get to the tunnel. Start searching the white mushroom patches for the Bluetoe mushrooms (there are 4 different patches which seem to contain this ground spawn).

Fatty Owlbear meat is found on Owlbear cubs in Hollowshade Moor - they look like Owlbear guts. The Grinning Grimling can only be bought in Katta Castellum in the bank area at "Nectar of Unity Brewery and Tavern". The Rockhopper Red Ale is sold in Shar Vahl inside building 3 from the EQAtlas map. Combine everything together, and return the result to Friaz Ompir.

Friaz Ompir says 'I thank you, ____. I should make Noril come get these horns himself, but I guess that I can understand what it feels like to be too busy to get everything done. You've been a great help to me today. Give these horns to Noril and tell him that I thank him for your assistance. Take care, young one.'

Take the bag of Beetle Horns and give them to Noril Galoon.

When you give Noril the Bag of Beetlehorns he gives you back your upgraded shield, then tells you to go back and see Armsman Khaigesh and give him your buckler, cloak and sword.

You will receive faction, experience and a Horn Covered Buckler (lore, no drop, secondary, piercing, 6/35, AC 7, wt 8.4, VAH WAR)

Return to Armsman Khaigesh and give him your buckler, sword and cloak (DenMother's note: Apparently, he returns the buckler and sword, and gives you an upgraded cloak)

Armsman Khaigesh says 'Excellent work! You're progressing nicely, young warrior. You are well suited to the path of the Khala Dun. Take this new cloak and wear it proudly. You have earned the right to consider yourself an Apprentice of the Khala Dun. Please speak to Guard Kuash and show him your new buckler.'

Armsman Khaigesh shouts 'Citizens and travelers, please welcome, ____ to the rank of Apprentice to the noble Khala Dun! We should all serve our people in such an honorable fashion!'

You will receive experience and the Cloak of the Khala Dun Apprentice (lore, no drop, AC 6, smithing modifier 2%, STR 2, DEX 1, HP 5, wt 5.0, VAH WAR)

Give Khala Dun Kuash (found on the north bridge of Shar Vahl at approximate loc 650, -200) your buckler. Make sure to have an inventory slot free. (DenMother's Note: he returns the buckler to you)

Khala Dun Kuash says 'You must think you're pretty tough wearin a buckler like that, eh? Well well... Perhaps you're looking to hunt some bigger game, eh? Earn a little scruff on your ears like Kuash? I thought so. I know a good place for you to start... and it's part of your civil duty. Our scouts have always had trouble with the wolves in the moor. I'm thinkin that you can start there. Maybe break in a few of the younger wolves' paws, eh? I thought so. Put your buckler back on and take this bag. Fill it with wolf paws and bring it back to me. Maybe then I'll give you a real challenge.'

Note: The Paws you are after are called "wolf cub paws" and are no drop items. They can be found on any wandering sonic wolf type (not the ones in the caves). Fill the bag with the paws, press combine, and return the result to Khala Dun Kuash.

Khala Dun Kuash says 'Well, you're beginning to scare me you're so tough! Just pullin your tail. Those were some scary beasts, eh? I thought so. I've got a dagger that helps me to deal with them. It's made in a special way to hurt the wolves more than usual. If you want one, you're going to need to make your own. I still got the molds that I used when I was craftin blades for people. If you run this status report to Bookkeeper Leaha in the Grunt Forest outpost for me, I'll go by my house and get the molds for you. Sound like a deal? I thought so.

Bookkeeper Leaha can be found in the first building of the Vah Shir outpost in the Grimling Forest

Bookkeeper Leaha says 'What's this? Why was Kuash unable to bring this to me himself? Oh, never mind... he's not worth the aggravation at this point. Run this report to Hollowshade and have Guard Kliknaw sign it as well. Then take it back to whomever you got it from... and tell that particular whomever to stop slacking. It's not proper for a citizen to act like that... let alone a Khala Dun.

Bookkeeper Leaha sighs.

Guard Kliknaw can be found at the gate at the Hollowshade Moor Outpost. Give him the report

Guard Kliknaw yells, 'Head count! Head count time!' A moment later he says, 'I'm pretty sure that they're all here. Just take this back and act like your didn't just see that.' He winks and hands you the report.

Bring the report back to Khala Dun Kuash.

Khala Dun Kuash says 'Thank you very much. I see you got it all filled out. I gathered up all of those molds for you while you were gone. You can even have this old hilt that I found with them. Make sure you keep them in a safe place. You're going to need them and the books that the book fellow Qua sells. He's got a bunch of them and a kit that you'll need. When you get done with makin your dagger, bring it back by here with your cloak and I'll show you a surprise!

When you turn the note back into Khala Dun Kuash he gives you the no drop blade mold, claw mold and hilt. The blade and claw molds are returned on a combine. The hilt is used only for your own personal Sonic Bane Weapon.

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