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EQTC: Item List Export

You can now download a comma-delimited file of most of the items in the EQTC database, excluding some "fake" items that are used for administrative purposes. This file includes the item name, the name notes (which help to distinguish identically-named items), the EQTC item ID, and the Everquest item ID where we know it. The file is saved in CSV format, then zipped to reduce its size. A new file is automatically generated every few days, so please don't download this file every hour trying to catch our latest updates.

Here are a few randomly-chosen sample lines from the file.

"Item name","EQTC item ID","Everquest item ID","Notes"
"Craftkeepers Sleeves Material","12895","61119",""
"Pale Golden Inlaid Bastard Sword Blade","11223","58903",""
"Carved Oak 1-Cam Bow","4364","8827","linen"
"Mystic Cloak","12860","",""

If you're not sure what to do with those lines, then you probably don't need this file. =)

The file comes with no support; if you want to use it in your site or your application, you have to figure out how to extract and use the information.

If you have any questions, please post them in the DenMother's Corner on our site forums.

Click here to download the ZIP file.

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